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Spiritual Therapy

As Spiritual Seer, Andrea Elizabeth covers all aspects when it comes to a "behind the scenes" understanding.  In the 'unknown" world we thrive energetically, but often times cannot connect the hidden parts within our current living experience and that is usually where people experience a disconnect.

Andrea Elizabeth works well with both of these variables and has come to understand the Vision needed to assist with those unknown issues  that people experience in their day to day lives. 

As a Spiritual Seer, Andrea Elizabeth honors the value of Hope and Helping Other People Everyday to increase and enhance their wellness as well as her spiritual existence.  "In helping others,  I also help myself",  Andrea says often . 

As humans, we are kept tied to so many ideals of our existence.  Most people do not even realize that they have so many other aspects tied to their current live that are happening at the same time in each now moment. Andrea Elizabeth is able to actualize your experience, and put it into terms that you can understand and create a source outlet for you to find peace in your liberating journey.

Grief and Anger are a big reasons many cannot find peace.  Anxiety is a by-product of these two unactualized.  In a session, Andrea Elizabeth assists you in finding those blocks, and teaches you ways to Transmute this Resistance as that what is basically keeping you down and tied to humanity. 

In 3 sessions, you can find a link to your calling and be rid of the shell that weights you down.  Human eyes cannot connect to the hidden realm and that is where so much baggage is held.  Come in for a Spiritual House Cleaning and leave a new energy. 



3 sessions consist of:

1. Session 1 is a very valuable Conscientiousness  Energy Upgrade/Attunement where you become attuned to the Universe and have a placement of keys into your energy field that inform the universe you are ready to go on to new and higher maximum height and to work in the higher continuum of existence.

2. Session 2 consists of an Energy Re-wiring and Moving Out of Huge Energy Displacements, Old Energies, Old Memories, Old Ideas, and any and all Ties to the Planetary or ancestral Lines of Pain you are holding on to that keep you stuck or in pain.

3.  Session 3 Continues the Energy Connection  and keeps you Balanced with useful tools to keep you in a state of Human Bliss as your mind, body and soul, are in appreciation of each other and on a pathway to Healing or Health.

Contact Andrea Today and Let your new Existence Begin

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Single Session $125

One hour Session for a Spiritual Check in.

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3 Sessions $299

3 - 1 hour Sessions. 

This Offering is a More Complete Package where you can begin to blend your Mind, Body and Soul and dig deeper to get to the real crux of the issue.

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7 Sessions $599

7 - 1 hour Sessions and 3 Months of Reiki Training

Best Offer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This Offering is the Ultimate Package. 

This Offering Contains 6 months plus 1 extra month of Spiritual Sessions, and a full 3 months of Reiki Training. 

This Ultimate Package is an Offer of a Lifetime. 


7 months of Spiritual Healing Sessions

3 Months of Reiki Training.  

This is a $500 Savings for you.

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What our customers are saying

Andrea has brought so much more behind the scene advice. I do not know where I would be today without her in my life."

- Cindy A, Palo Alto, CA

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