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Welcome to the Sacred Mystery School

This Sacred Mystery School is brought directly to you from the universe as the mystery is that- no one can give one entire explanation of life. I have been directed to help manifest and create a safe space where you can work within the divide or void and behind the scenes of the naked eye. If you are ready for a new systematic existence, check out my courses below.  Each course is a derivative of the Divine and assisted and created with the force of existence. 

These are not Beginner Courses

These Mastery Courses are designed for Divine Creators aka Master Leaders . If you feel you are Master Leader Material, sign up, and lets take the plunge together as one within the Universal Divide. 


As I have been doing this work for over 20 years, I always seen the vision of the movie terminator, where I am Sarah Connor reaching her arm out and saying the words, "Come with Me, if you want to Live".  Until this moment, I never understood. Now I do. 

Masters are Born, Not Made! 



Greetings Master Designers

This is a Clarion call to all Master Designers ready to significantly Master their timelines and to bring in specific gifts from the universe, planets, Angels, Spirit Guides, Star People and Star Beings.

Because of the veil being disintegrated within the last 2 weeks, the timelines are all running concurrently in this present time. I have noticed through my work that everything that shows up on a daily basis, people are having to continually fight through each consecutive timeline at the same time every single moment in our daily lives.

What I'm told to bring is a sort of wave or waivering space to assist you to see through the deception. This is not deception in a bad way it is a distorted view of self that keeps us from living in a continual flow through our imagination to know who and what we are at each and every precise moment.

As time keeps ticking away we lose little pieces of our self, through doubt, self-hate pain, or abandonment. Anytime those pieces pop up into our time line or space they disintegrate a little piece of our light. The idea of wholesome Soul expansion or definitive ideas of bringing in New lineage that was not tapped into before is part of what we will be doing

There are going to be precise moments that are very painful and difficult but as Master Leaders, our guides know you have what it takes to step forward.

There will be no minimal work here it will always be full board and on point, blasting forward, never looking back again.

There will be no time for a self-wallowing in pity or victimhood it will be bring it on tackling the situation and blasting forward.

If you are present enough to accept this call or challenge, join today and begin on your path to Master Designership. The time is now!

There's no time like the present.

If not now when?


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Welcome to the Hall of Knowledge

Here you will create an inter-play within the universal timelines and prophecies. Together we will create a dramatic difference in current time by efficiently opening up very particular and specific realms where you once were energetically sufficient in your magic.

In those timelines, we will begin to emit frequencies from very specific past realms where you once had particular energetic form and created from a vast album of worth. Your very specific and particular realm space will become easer and easier the more you entertain your ancient value from there.

We will also find, and open up and work from your particular "Book of Life" where you once mastered all of the "valuables". This could mean, jewels, farms, master creator, etc., what have you. Each realms will be worked within efficiency so as not to open up or create a difference in other realms. 

We will use Mastery to perform in layers if you will.

Each piece created will be placed upon the last and we will build a particular advancement in your world.

Join today, your Creation is waiting. 


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Welcome to the Book of Life

Here you will design your current timeline based upon what has been kept in your own Book of Life. 

If you do not have knowledge of such a book, the Book of Life contains each and every example of your life here on the planet. Together, we can crack the code of your life and create synchronicities and valuable understanding in current time.

All current aspects of you are also connected to other valuable lessons contained in this book. 

Come with me on the adventure of systematically creating and en-joining in your life's work. clearing out all blocks and dogmatic religion based ideas or circumstances. 

All Leaders and Masters work from their Book of Life and therefore have an anomaly of a  life. 

Restore your greatness today. Each interplay is very sacred, safe and relieving.

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Topics covered:

*Your existence before earth incarnation

*Your original existence

*Understanding you as substance

*Contact with your Star Being Family

In this course you will finally begin to understand and to accept where you came from. If you are already communicating within other variances, that is perfect. You have already begun the process. If you are hearing specific beeping in your ears, or have prophetic dreams, have a multitude of synchronicities, you are on your way.

Understand that this particular course may seem a bit “out there” for some. 


What is liberating about this course is the consistent communication and awakening of those atrophied parts of your soul that resonate elsewhere- off planet. 


Multilayers of existence co-exist in the here and now as well as the past and future. Each multilayer that we get to peel back and resonate within is an extreme valuable piece of your existence here and now.


As side note- how this worked for me was that I was connecting with the ley lines of my home planet and allowing the frequency to understand me as a human soul. I then brought back that particular sound or frequency to earth, and began to omit this sound or frequency in order for the existence of ascension. There are so many “things” we are not privity to with the naked eye as a human and what this course enables you to do is see from a higher sight/perspective the anomalies in present day and the work that you will get to enjoy and bring into your life to help yourself and others ascend. This is our soul purpose here now. If you have been directed here, congratulate yourself because I can guarantee you are in for a wild ride. There is so much off planet existence that hones in on the woke. 


I work with the star beings only on the timeline for our greatest good. Any other such dark, does not or is not allowed to see me.


If you are ready to spark up an off planet experience and communication, click below to begin.


This is a 6 month course. There will be coursework, videos, reiki attunements, spiritual tasks, automatic writing, body work, meditation, and so much more.


If you are ready to be a leader in this off planet communication, sign up today. If you are ready to work in the multi-verse, take charge and begin learning these techniques before the others else catch on.


Join Today!

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If you are ready to make contact with your Star Being Family, then this is the course for you.

This is a 3 month course working directly with the Anastasi and our Native guides.


We will consistently open a space where trust and imagination meet and they allow that energetic line into the Universe to be amplified through our connection with the Star Being family. Working with the Acturians, Syrians, Lyrans, Pleiadians and so many more. 


After connection, we will bring in values and secrets from your extraterrestrial family lineage and begin forming connections and conversations. 

If this is a connection you have been longing for, there here it is, sign up today.

Join Today!

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Class #3 Beginning Soon

Starting the Week of October 16th

A 6-week very intensive Course

Becoming part of your Soul that was once left behind


Starting Soon! Don’t miss this opportunity to becoming the Real You!


Our hologram is insightful and awaiting your arrival! Your quantum intelligence is key here.


We will re-attune you and take advantage of the lineage proclaimed to be yours and the intelligence of it all.


Then we will step back in the timelines where you need to be overhauled; everyone one is different, but this is what I am being guided to offer. And as always, whatever your higher ascended self needs, it will be brought in.


We will remove you from  old timelines where you are frozen and or stuck and remove, clear, decipher and let them be healed. What happens after this is that all other timelines will redistribute and upgrade, many things may or may not return. Health, Wealth, Passion, Love, Codes, Manifestations, Light, we never know what is waiting for us, until we do the work.

Whatever is true to you as your own nature will return. Provided you are open and willing. I don’t do it for you, you come when you are open and ready and then it begins. 

If this sounds like the you have been guided to do, lets do it!

This time has come now that vision portal is open and we are in a quantum timeline. The work is waiting!!!

Some things from the last 2 classes that have arose:


We have cleared pieces of individuals, that were still alive in other timelines such as Egypt, Scotland, Ireland, and even the Holocaust. When a person dies, either unexpectedly, or by force, sometimes their soul parts are still stuck in those effigies of their life, but they may not know it, we have went back and retrieved parts of individuals and made them whole and peaceful in their soul.


We have healed family lineage, pain and trauma from timelines and dismissed it, never to return. Loved ones have retuned to assist as well from the other side. People have found their guides, and most importantly the soul fragments that were split from their being. These are just a few things, there are so many more.

Starting Soon! Don’t miss this opportunity to becoming the Real You, parts of you are Waiting, do you hear them calling?



I will also be incorporating 2 sessions in the EES system. 

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"Let your Knowledge expand into Wisdom"

Andrea Elizabeth, KRMT

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