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You are the Destiny - Free Will vs. Gods will

You are the Destiny Ascended Master, El Morya’s Weekly Message ~ September 17 – 24, 2013 Received by Julie Miller September 17, 2013 The greatest gift given to each of you from God that is also essential to all progress on your journey is the gift of Free Will. Free Will is your ability to make your own choices, understanding that each choice you do make you are ultimately responsible for. This also means that by exercising Free Will you do pose a risk of increasing any amount of suffering but through any kind of suffering there is great knowledge to gain and through your suffering and the learning that you encounter you grow and evolve; becoming more of who you are meant to be – each of you have your divine mission. Each of you are here for one reason or another, and each is important and essential. Understand dear ones that underneath your Free Will there is also divine guidance that is supporting you along the journey that is unique and equally beautiful for all of God’s Beautiful Children. We encourage you to make use of this sacred gift and to not misuse God’s gift to you. Your Free Will, will light your way home to your true authentic self and to the Heart of God. Within each of you, is an insurmountable amount of personal power that provides you the ability to merge your own Free Will with that of God’s and to move together as One. At any time there is misuse to the gift of Free Will; blame cannot be cast towards God, as it is you that are making the decisions that affect which way you are to go along your chosen path. God is here for you, He will support and guide you, and He will always love you but He cannot make your choices for you. It is essential before you make any decisions that you understand completely what you are about to do. And be prepared that any suffering that results from the choices you make also hold many learning opportunities that lead to deeper understanding of your Self and of those around you. You are provided with many choices throughout your day. Some choices are easier, some with a minor difficulty and some with heavy amounts of difficulty. It is up to you dear ones which choices you are to make and you can always choose the easier path but regardless which choice you make; choose with your heart. Trust that God will not have you on a path that you cannot endure. He knows of your strength and courage, He is aware of what you can do and with a little push He also knows how much more you can become. Everything that crosses your path has a reason, even choices. When a hard one makes itself known, merge with it and allow God’s unwavering Light to guide you and discover the freedom when you bring yourself home to God’s heart when you willingly merge your Free Will with God’s Will. He will never lead you astray. Trust in His direction. Living as One with God, connecting by Divine Will does not mean you must go away, let go of the life you are currently living and become a recluse. You are able to be One with God and still live within the means you are now without greed or allowing your Ego to make your choices for you. When you are One with God you will not yearn for material possessions; in addition you will not need to promote yourself or need flattery because you have come to understand what it means to be humble and you accept this as a part of your nature that also connects you deeper with God. Each of you are the expression of God in all His magnificence. It is important dear ones to understand that being an expression of God is an honour and with that honour the gift of Free Will is bestowed upon you. If any of you are capable of identifying inclinations, an inner knowing that you are being led to something you will automatically know this is your opportunity to exercise your Free Will. When you are exercising your gift of Free Will, understand this means there is always a choice to be made. As you begin to work within the combined forces of your own Free Will and that of God’s Will you will realize the limitation of language. When it is time for you to surrender your will to God, it is vital that you fully comprehend what your Free Will and the difference of God’s Will. If you are unable to understand dear ones, it will make it that much harder for you to surrender your will to God. Don’t follow God through blind faith; be rational and knowing. Know yourself and understand the compelling force that is bringing you towards the sacredness of surrender. Surrender is never about giving something away or a weakness. It’s about letting go of old ways and choices and willingly allowing God to direct and guide you; trusting in His Will as your own. You will know when it’s time to surrender when you are overcome by the spontaneous warm charm of love that suddenly comes upon you. Surrendering to God is done at first by pure thought, feeling and emotion that is created by pure love. When you freely let go of your old self, you will become God’s Divine Will. If there is any separation felt, it is only because there was conflict between your own Free Will and that of God’s. There is no harm done, just more learning and learning is something that will be a part of you for a very long time. We know many dear souls are not able to adopt a more simplified life for one reason or another, yet you are still capable of merging your Free Will with that of God’s Will. We encourage you to be ambitious and for your ambitions to be stocked full with humbleness. There is no punishment for wanting better in your life, as long as your whole heart and mind is working together with God and what you receive in monetary gains you are also sharing with others that are less fortunate. Sometimes dear ones, having the gift of Free Will can create difficulties and many dear souls look at their Free Will as a weakness or stumbling block. We encourage you to acknowledge any perception of weakness and determine where this thought form came from. Through your own efforts to explore the cause of your negative thinking you will also come to the conclusion and necessity that admitting there was a weakness and you are taking the necessary measures to bring that weakness into a strength. Accept yourself, through your own self-acceptance you remove any guilt that was created by perceiving a part of you, even if it was only a thought to be weak. There is a great force, a divine power within you dear ones that is just waiting to come forth. Open the doors of your heart, and allow God’s Light to shine through every cell of your being. Choose through your Divine Will to welcome Him as He has welcomed you since the day of your birth. When you welcome God into your heart and your Free Will joins with God’s Will, your Free Will is no longer free it is the One with God’s Will. It is true, your own Free Will can be erratic and unpredictable but when you consciously choose to surrender to God’s Will through meditation every action henceforth is spontaneously directed into the right path. Through the action of surrendering to God’s Will, you ultimately become happier and find yourself flourishing into wholeness that enjoys life and all that it has to offer regardless of the strains that often met along the way. Understand dear ones, Free Will was never created; it is a production of God’s own Will. Throughout your life time, your Free Will was covered up and it had gathered dust, but through your efforts to uncover it and make it known and from exercising your Free Will you will recognize your natural self being manifested through the presence of God that encourages you to increase the beauty that is part of your life, the naturalness that is a part of you. When you truly understand that God does indeed reside within you, you will come to realize that it is not your own Free Will that matters, but God’s. When you understand what it truly means to be merged with God and to work through His Will as your own you find yourself playing a completely different tune. The music that will be flowing through your physical body will bring you joy not only to your Self but to those closest to you because that music speaks of peace, love and deep unconditional compassion. His endless love and light that will be shining through your combined Divine Will is for you to share with all others, that dear ones is your purpose. Don’t fear surrendering to God’s Will, through this selfless action you are merging yourself into a deeper and more profound Divine Life with God as your ultimate guide and director. Remember dear ones; God will not lead you down any path that you cannot overcome. Believe in Him and believe in yourself. When you join with God’s Will you understand that this is inherent to everyone. It’s not only for a select few. Because you are all capable and able to evolve you are also capable and able to become One with God. When you become One with God you are going home by following His infinite Light and warming Love. In no time you will come to understand how easily you can become attuned to God’s Will. There is no wishful thinking, only full concentration towards joining your Free Will with the Will of God. Remind yourself dear ones, you are not the master of your destiny, you are in truth the destiny. Know and understand dear ones, Love is the very nature of your whole and complete being. Love does not need to be created, but it does need to be discovered. Even though your hearts are brimming with love, many dear souls have spent much of their lives building walls around their hearts. Once you remove those walls, you are able to let God’s unwavering Light and Love in and for your own love to finally express itself through the joining of your Free Will and with God’s Will and allowing nature to flow through you and around you, never against it. You are the expression of God, allow His Will be One with yours. Don’t doubt yourself or Him, Trust dear ones. He is here with you now, holding you and supporting you. Let Him catch you like He has before and allow His Light and endless Love guide you to the Oneness you have been searching for. And so it is… I AM Ascended Master, El Morya through Julie Miller

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