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You are entering a period of deep, deep transformation


Yeshua and the Company of Heaven:You Are Entering a Period of Deep, Deep Transformation – Channeled by FranZepeda on March 2, 2014


Greetings,fellow travelers of the Light. You are so magnificent. I just want to tell youthat first off. It has been a while since I have greeted you through thischannel, but nevertheless, I come in with full forceand Light and Love to deliver this important message to you all.


Youare entering a period of deep, deep transformation. For this I urge you toprepare yourselves in a very diligent and loving manner, dear ones. You do notwant to miss the fragrant and deep and whole enhancementof your Beings as you learn to absorb and integrate more and more Light intoyour cells and overall Beings.


Bynow you are most likely becoming acquainted with yourselves as Whole DivineBeings of the Light, of magnificent creatures with so many abilities, albeitstill dormant in some. However, these abilities are waiting just below thesurface if you are not experiencing them already and they await you to embracethem and practice them.


Althoughyou have heard this many times, these abilities have never been as accessibleas they are now. As Light Quotient meets with your willingness to absorb andintegrate, you have much in store for you.


Mybeloveds, the difference with many of you now is your growing acceptance ofyour divine loving nature and in that, is a catalyst to realize and display allthe inherent abilities and perceptions that come with that complete acceptanceand surrender to your whole self, complete with allyour divine aspects becoming available and wanting to integrate with you.


Muchis in store for you dear ones; can you feel the excitement of this in my words,my loving embracing words and feelings that I am attempting to convey throughthis channel? I am so pleased to be able to connect with you again and I alsowant to say that I have never left. I am bonding and connecting with all of youas you raise your vibrations to the level of consciousness conducive to thefrequency of Christ Consciousness. We hang out together in that milieu more andmore, and my dear ones, nothing could please me more. For you see, much can beaccomplished and gained through staying in that vibration more and more, whichis your natural habitat.


Andso I want to describe for you what you can experience if you keep yourselveselevated and accepting of the incoming Light that can no less be interpretedinto pure Christ Consciousness as it meets with your already prepared groundfor growth and experience of that level: And so dear ones, I ask you to feelthe sweet golden energy from my heart co-mingling with your own, activatingmore of your consciousness to accommodate the higher realms of experience. Itis beautiful and uplifting, is it not? Feel the warmth and the power of itradiating through your body and consciousness. Feel it lift you. Feel itinhabit you. Feel it become you and your experience.


Iam your brother, and your friend and your companion in these journeys ofenlightenment that you are so sweetly and solidly entrenched in. It would takea lot now to pull you out of this beautiful state of Being, and so you live init more regularly as long as you avoid the tendency to pull yourself down to afearful or doubtful state of being. You will find it is harder to access thatnegativity as you float freely upon this new wave of energy that enhances andnurtures your true divine nature of everlasting Love and Compassion.


Iam your example, but I am also your fellow worker in these energies. You arewelcome here and we hope you stay here quite a long duration of each of yourdays, experiencing more and more of a blissful Now Moment full of potential forcreation of what you want in your life and for your world.


DearBeloveds, you are progressing along this new vein in an ever-increasingcapacity as you hone in, moment by moment, into your Heart Center and livethere, viewing the 3rd dimensional world only as a hologram and means to helpothers rise above it into the higher realm of Heart-Thinking and Heart-Actionand Heart-Perceptions.


MyLove for you now equals your own for yourselves, as you are learning to embraceand love yourselves to a larger degree, knowing that what you do for yourselvesto maintain this loving nature just enhances everyone else’s. But you knowthis. But I ask you to experience it on a new level and on a more continualbasis, not just in a part of your day, but AS a part of EACH part of your day.It is now that you are learning to integrate this new way of Being as part and parcelof your whole experience in each moment, not as a separate alternative to theday-to-day adherence to the old concepts and duties of 3rd dimensional life.


Inthis way you can transmute and transform and elevate your 3rd dimensional lifeinto that of the 4th and 5th and higher dimensions very naturally and withgusto. You are no longer resonating with that old life, are you not? You arelifting to greatness and also to new experiences that may take a bit of gettingused to. Yet, embrace and relish the pureness and substantiality of these newexperiences in the higher dimensions, your rightful place of being.


Andso dear ones, we hope you can grasp the level of frequency we are attempting toconvey, and that you find yourselves ready and willing and able to dwell thereconstantly. We love you and we admire you and we support you in so many ways.It is always for the asking and it is always just a whisper away.


Yourloving brother, Yeshua, with the Company of Heaven.


©2013Fran Zepeda. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, providedthe content is posted in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, andthis notice and links are included.




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