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Yoga - Releasing the old

So yesterday, on a Monday and having not excercised all weekend, I was not feeling like going to yoga.  Especially with the little girl who teaches it, who has the energy of a 3 year old.  I was struggling hard, and having a tough time balancing, and stretching out my back and left side. So, as usual, she comes over to help me, and straightens me out, and I began to release.  I dont know what the actual emotion or problem was, but it released, and I began to cry. Whew! I thought, finally, I thought, it is gone.  

I am curious to know what it was, so I will ask my guides to see if I can find out and share later.

I think all of this is so interesting and how it is all related to who and what we are energetically.  We are all energy in motion.  We get blocks from our emotions, thoughts, others emotions and others thoughts our entire life.  We then begin to get pains in our body and begin to "lock up" in places.  If we are willing, we can release these blocks for more of the good energy to run through our body and feel energetic.  All the time, just like the little yoga lady.!  lol

Happy Tuesday, 

Namaste - Andi

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