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Why People Don't Heal - Forgiveness is Crucial

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Why People Don't Heal   

 Myss' work as a medical intuitive has given her a unique perspective on the energetics of why people do not heal. Myss says that she used to think that everyone wanted to be healed. She no longer believes that: "Healing is very unattractive." Impediments to healing include living in the past, refusal to give up being a victim ("woundology"), and fear of change. 

Directing thought and energy to the past diverts vital life force from existing cells and organs that need that energy to function and heal. Healing requires living in the present, taking one's energy back from past traumas and hurts. 

Myss says that the only reason to nurture the past and keep it alive is because of bitterness about what happened. Refusing to forgive a past event or person leaks energy from the body. Forgiveness heals that leak. Myss says that forgiveness has little to do with no longer blaming others for the wounds that they caused. It has more to do with "releasing the control that the perception of victimhood has over our psyches." When we can see a hurtful act as part of life process, as a message or challenge instead of a personal betrayal, vital energy flows back into the physical body's energy circuits.    People don't heal, often, because they have not released the illusion of being a victim. Too often people hold onto wounds and grief longer than is healthy. 

I am attaching the article - This is the book I recently Blogged about -Anatomy of a Spirit.  And I am currently reading, Why People Dont Heal. 

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