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When the Student is Ready!!!

Lady Nada”

I am the one known as “Lady Nada”. Yes, I took over the visualization from Susan to assist with the energies present to transport each of you to their appointed place with their personal Ascended Master.

This group has come a long way. And, yes, there may be some confusion for some who have heard that I have incarnated on this planet and yet that is part of the limited way of thinking that you have in the realm in which you exist. All of us have had various experiences at different times but for us, time and distance and space are of no matter. And it is my purpose at this time to share with my beloved Sananda, in working with the teaching of this particular group in the preparation that is taking place to call you to be one of Twelve of Twelve.

As my beloved shared through James, we are indeed together at all times and yet we are also all places at all times. When you call upon us and those around the world call up on us and millions may call upon us, we are always there.

And what would I bring to you is basically to share this message that we will be working together in the sessions that are to come which eventually we see as being separate from this group. To teach the deeper meanings to those things that are unfolding. So that those of you who step forward to participate with this, well, James called it an experiment perhaps but indeed the plan has been in place for a very, very long time. And while it is yet to unfold fully, we have complete faith that those who have come together in this group and in groups around the planet have come together with this intent and purpose. To give birth to the light in a new way and to share the words that we will give you in a new and exciting way!

And as those who continue to open up on the planet yearn for more and more current information, information that applies to life now, it is no longer the time for the teaching of the old truths. It is no longer the time for the teaching of the old Holy books. For even those who have been formed as religions in this century or the previous century, all of that has fallen aside. Because it is time now for all of humanity, all of the planet, all of your brothers and sisters to have such an expanded awareness as those in this room experience and enjoy. It is time! And all of you are disciples, right here and right now. Disciples of truth. Disciples of love.

And yes, it does give us enjoyment to hear you speak of your frailties, those things that seem so human and at times seem to be hurdles to your growth but friends, this is part of the experience on this planet. And what we would say is love yourself, laugh at yourself. When you catch yourself doing something that you believe you are higher than or calling forth a higher expectation, allow for your humanity and be kind, be kind.

We do not call you forth to be perfect human beings. We call you forth to be willing to learn, to share and as you grow in your consciousness, all of those other things shall fall away one by one and not matter any longer. For life, as it is continuing to evolve, is bringing you a very different reality. And the reality that you are going to be experiencing on a moment to moment basis frees you from so much of your humanity. And the word has been changed to represent a higher, more evolved being by using the term, Hue-manity.

The three dimensional world that you have been born into, that you have learned in, lived in, been soaked up in, those things are all part of who you are and they are the fabric of your life. How can you hate them? For they give you understanding and compassion about others’ behaviors. So when each of you looks at your life and you think that there are skeletons to hide and things you wish had been different be kind to yourself and know that these are part of your growth and your opportunity for compassion because the more scarred you are in this life the more you have the opportunity to reach out to others and love them exactly where they are.

And that is the peace that it can bring to you. To just know that everyone is exactly perfect, exactly who they are and where they are at this very moment. And those in this room know that this very moment is changing and that the next present now moment will see a very different experience.

So, it is not even a matter of being patient with friends, families, co-workers, those that you love, those that sometimes bring you angst, it is not a matter of patience, it is something that you discussed in your group earlier, and it is our pleasure to drop these little nuggets into your group so you can pick them up and have conversations about them prior to these words. It is about loving yourself and having compassion for all of those around you who are exactly where they need to be. And if the information you so wish to share is shared in a tidbit and they do not bite, do not pursue it for it is not yet time for their clock to go off.

The world is changing and evolving so quickly and so beautifully. We are so proud of all the work that all of the Lightworkers have done around the planet. We are so proud of all the work that those who are working on behalf of your brothers and sisters of all dimensions and all beings. For the light upon the planet has increased so wonderfully. And all of those who are here are working in so many different ways. So many different dimensions. And you are such grand Masters! And if you could see it from the viewpoint when you trip over the stone or when you say things that perhaps you would have liked to hold back it is such a minor deal if you look at it in years in the future or thousands of years or in the infinity of the soul’s experience it matters not. It matters not.

So we who are here with you today, we who are in this room, are with you. We are standing behind you. We are standing in front of you. And we are embracing each of you with our greatest of love and our greatest of honor and respect. Just like you do not wish others to place you on a pedestal lest you fall from it, we ask to not place us on a pedestal but to know that we are here in the trenches working with you, through you. Many times as you. As you reach out to your work and to touch people on a very deep level we are working in you as you, at that time that you reach out. Be confident that as you reach to heal and you reach to teach, if the student is ready, magic will happen!

So at this time I will take questions from the group and then when we finish we will share the opportunity to speak with “One Who Serves”. Would there be questions for I, “Lady Nada”, on this day to share?

Question: I was told that I chose to stay on the surface when the rest of the Lemurians went into the Earth. Did I make a mistake?

Well, let me ask this. What does your heart tell you about that message?

That I made a mistake. I know that I stayed on the surface but deep down I feel like I made a mistake.

What we would share with you is that the life that you shared in Lemuria, there were times that you were in service and that part of you that feels that you may have made a mistake is the part of you that sits in judgment. It is still that part of you that is holding on to “maybe you are not doing it right.”

What I would share is to allow yourself to forgive any of those misconceptions that you may have within your being because the choices that are made by a soul are never incorrect. There is no opportunity, truly, to make a wrong decision or a wrong turn. What you experienced is opportunity to be on the surface by choice. To continue your path here. To continue learn and those experiences that you had in Lemuria were experiences you believed you would be able to continue to help others as you had in Lemuria.

Were there lifetimes that were challenging for you? Yes! But in all it is not that it was a wrong or right decision but is not one that would be made by a soul. The decision was perfect for you and you have accomplished what you came to accomplish and you are in the right place at the right time now. And Adama’s message to you was to assure you that you are coming home and that the homecoming will be sweet and to let you know that it is coming in a timely fashion to help you through the days to come as that healing within your own being continues to unfold for you.

Bless you.

Question: How are we allowed to unfold in our experience?

In the visualization process, the ones who came to be with you, did you feel them and did you have an experience? Sorry. No.

And that is so brave of you to share! And what we would share with you is that this is part of your journey and as you come to experience and this on a greater and greater basis, it is just a matter of practice. It is challenging in the beginning of these practices to have this. You can speak with many after the session is over today in this very room who will tell you of their own struggles to have these experiences. And yet, you can also ask them is it worth the practice to experience these things? YES! That all of those will speak to will say yes, it is worth the striving for.

You, my friend, are one who has such a strong, good heart and a strong rational mind and that rational mind is here to be softened, let us say. It is here to be softened with love and understanding and acceptance and to know that the tools are here for you to continue to expand and experience more and more of these types of things that were brought forth today.

You are going to learn how to use your imagination in ways you have never allowed yourself to dream of before. And you will come to see that the imagination is what creates the realities not only in this world but in all of the dimensions. And as you learn to experience your imagination in a free and childlike way you will experience more and more of the visual and the other aspects because what you are looking for my friend, is to see it with your physical eyes. What this group has learned over the months and months of being together is to see things through the spiritual eye, that third eye. It is an “in-sight” that you have that you experience these visualizations through. It is not an outer sight.

And so you are in the perfect place, with the perfect people to be able to help you and to guide you and to share the techniques that they have used to be able to develop this “in-sight” even more thoroughly. But know, dear one, know that you are surrounded by those who are with you and what your Ascended Master shares with me is to tell you to watch your dreams because that is the playground they can play with you on at this time. Listen and hear for the dreams because they will be coming to you and reminding you to remember the experience. And from there you will have more of the imagination and that childlike wonder placed within that you can understand and pull for greater experiences. Does this make sense to you? Bless you.

Question: I would ask that you help me see what I do not see. I want to be of service. My imagination sources here there, up and down.

What we would share with you is that it is amazing that your imagination takes you up and down and right and left. How many people would love to have that experience because they cannot allow themselves that imagination? So, be kind to yourself. This playground that you have, my friend, is all of the possibilities that you are seeing in all of your various lives and dimensional selves and what they are doing and what you are striving for is to reach in there and pull one of them for closely for clarity.

And what I would share with you, is yes, we hear your call and we shall be with you for each case, if any of you call, we will be with you. So let us join with you and be with you. But let us also say that these are marvelous times and what a step you have made to come out and join this group and to share with this group indeed, that is a safe haven to share with and to be very much the person that you are without judgment.

So let go of the judgment that maybe you are not doing it right. Let go and be, again, kind to self. And we will speak with you during the week in other ways during your meditation times but we will suggest to you, just so that you have a tidbit to take with you today, is that you continue to open for the mission in THIS life and the concentration and the focus and allowing for the synchronicities to take place such as that which led you to this group. And know that your guides, and angels and all those Ascended Masters that you have been working with are in joyous chorus around you because you have made a step outside of the world that you built for yourself. And now, that is the first step into service. Do you understand? Blessings to you.

It feels as though someone else has questions and I am not one to be feared (chuckles) I am happy to share with you and be with you.

Well perhaps the questions will wait for “One Who Serves”. It is my Divine pleasure to be with you today. Know that this is not a singular visit for I have been with my Beloved many times when he has come to this group. I stood beside this one as she has channeled Sananda’s messages and I have stood beside or behind James when he has channeled Sananda.

So we have been with you many times over these months and we have been so pleased with the growth and the understanding and the depth and now the reaching out into the broad world that this group is doing. We are proud of each of you and each of you is experiencing more of the voices the Ascended Masters, the voices of those who would come through the channels of this group and that they come to you as well. All of these speak of your growth and the raising of your vibration. Of not questioning but being willing to open up and to listen. To listen to that voice that is not your’s and you say, “This could be real!” and at that instant that builds more and more opportunities for us to share with you more openly, one to one, in a very personal and very deep way.

And so it will be my pleasure to continue to attend to this group, to share with this group. I am not taking the place of “Ashira” who is the main one who has come through and led the group this far. But I shall be with you on a basis of when I am called upon for me to share in the messages that are brought to you and I shall be more active with you and with James and with Sananda’s teachings so that he and I share as the complement from the masculine and the feminine energies just as Susan and James have been prepared to serve in this way and have together to serve, not only this group, but those who shall come and those who are out in the world that they shall go to.

All of my love, all of my blessings. Call upon me and I shall be there. Thank you.


This is Sananda. Those, what you call scriptures, those teachings, those new ones that have been given to you or are being slowly disseminated throughout this group, they are important for you to follow. Not only for yourselves but for those you will reach later, those that you will be involved in spreading the light to. For that is what they are. They are meant to spread the light. They are meant to spread the knowing of each one who is reading, as they read these new scriptures they begin to realize that it is not meant only for the few, it is meant for the masses.

All of the learning, all of these things that are being given to you, through you, are meant for the masses, not for just one. Many of the things that were ascribed to me, that I said, they are not real and they are not really what was meant in those times. They have been changed and altered to fit those who would wish to be kept in power in those times. And even today, even in this time, they are still used by the various religions, various churches that are supposedly created in My Name.

But I tell you now that this was not the way it was meant to be. The way it is meant is the way it is given now through Catherine May, my scribe, the one who has been chosen to bring these new ideas into the masses, into the population of this planet. And you, those here, are ones that can begin to work with these. I am giving each of those groups, each of the Twelve, these same scriptures, these new ideas and new ideals to begin to work with.

I am asking you, each one of you, to begin to work with these in the ways you can, in ways you can understand. And as you begin to work with these, they will begin to teach you, they will begin to reach you at the levels that are needed for you to decide if you are going to be one of the Twelve here in this room, if you are going to be one of the Twelve sitting at the table. You will know after you are studying these different scriptures if it is meant for you, for they will call to you just as they have called to James.

I am asking each of you now, each of you to reach deep within yourselves and begin to look and see what is the calling to you. If it is a calling elsewhere, so be it. But if it is a calling to reach to the deepest levels within your being and become the one who becomes the teacher, becomes the student who becomes the teacher. Now you may be considered students, then you will be teachers. But please understand that you have all been teachers before. You have been the teachers and I may have been the student. Do you understand? It goes around and around and around. Nothing stays in place; it is constant movement of consciousness.

So I am asking you to do what you feel called to do as we continue with these various readings and scriptures. If it calls to you, then you respond to that call, as you have been called to come into this lifetime. Just as you have been called to volunteer and volunteer you did and found yourself here now after many, many lifetimes, many, many travails and many experiences. At times they took you to the deepest, darkest reaches of what you might call “Hell”. You have been there and you have risen from it.

You have also been in “Heaven” and you have come down from it. But now you are at the very moment where you will be at a decision point. You and all the others on this planet will be coming to a decision point. Do I move or do I stay? All will be making this decision at one point or another.

That is my message at this time. Next time, I will be here as well as the one “Adama” will be here addressing you about Mt. Shasta, about working with the energies there and about those who might make the trip there and all that goes into this particular part of your journey.

I am Sananda. All my peace and love be with each of you.

“One Who Serves” Hello and greetings to you! This is “One Who Serves” if you did not figure that out already. And we are here to assist here in the end, to bring up the rear you might say. We are always the caboose bringing up the end here (laughter). We are the ones that kind of wrap it up!

The times here are coming very rapidly and all of those things that you have been wishing for, hoping for and planning for are on your doorstep now. You will be beginning to hear the knock very soon. You have heard the soon, you have heard the imminent, you have heard all these things but we can tell you that at some point it will happen! At some point soon, it will be here. At some point the imminent is now, you see?

So, we can say all of these things and have fun with you and have joy and all of this but at one time, that moment will arrive and that moment that Sananda has spoken of here that decision moment will be here. And you will be looking at the same decision that Stacy had should I go into the mountain or should I stay on the surface and you will have the same type of decision. It will be different certainly, not in terms of calamity or disasters coming, but in terms of what is my next step? Where is my journey taking me?

Many will find themselves moving into a journey that may possibly take them away from this group and that is OK, there is nothing wrong with this. It is just simply a stop along the way you might say but a very important stop. For as you stop here with this group you begin to find out many things about yourself that you did not know before. We know that several are experiencing this already especially in terms of finding the communication coming to them from other sources but please understand that it is not the channeling or this type of communication that is important, it is important that you find your communication with your own higher God-Self. That is the ultimate. When you have that you have reached the pinnacle you might say.

So, we are going to step off what we call our soap box now and allow for any questions that might come, if you have some here.

Question: I got the Ascension codes of “E,F,G” and I think they are musical notes. Should we have music at Mt. Shasta?

Where does music come from? Yes, within your hearts! It comes from within your heart. That is the source of music. That is the source of melodies and tones. So, to your question find it within your heart, it is all there. It is telling you to reach within and look within, not outside yourself but deeply within yourself and hear the melody within. That is what it is telling you.

You see? Not be concerned if it is the note of G or the note of E or the note of F or whatever they might be. I don’t even know if there is a note G, is there? See we are taking much of this through the James here and he has very little information about music, very little. Probably don’t need to go through this one so much, maybe find a musical source.

We are joking here of course. It is only through the channels that the messages come through to resonate with this particular channel. That is why there are some who resonate with Metatron who at many levels is a very high level consciousness that works with geometric patterns and very high energy vibrations and all of these things. Sometimes when people read those channelings they have no idea what he was talking about but it is because he could come through that particular channel that has somewhat of that information, an engineering background and things of this nature, you see? Cannot get blood out of a stone, you see?

Question: The soul cannot make an incorrect sense however; can we make choices that are more beneficial to our path vs. less benefit to our path?

To your understanding of the soul, the soul cannot make a mistake you might say, cannot make a wrong decision or a right decision because what is the soul? It is neutral. It is the God Source working through that particular being, entity, spiritual consciousness. So, it is only at the level in which you find yourselves in terms of three dimensional, in terms of duality where there can be a right decision or a wrong decision or a right path or left path, you see?

So, to remain neutral, to stay in a balanced position and this indeed is why the Sananda and Lady Nada are now beginning to work together because of the balance here, the need for balance, the feminine and the masculine, very important here, to bring this balance to not only those in this group but to all, to all people all over the planet. It is the need for balance.

There can never be a wrong or a right decision because it depends on that one particular one who is making those decisions and what their truth is, you see? If there is one who says it is a wrong decision and another one would say that it is a right decision, which is wrong or right, you see?

It is only when you work with universal laws that you can be a right way or a wrong way you might say but we never like to use that kind of terminology. Positive, negative all this means duality. But if there is a universal law and you are going against the flow of that universal law then we would guess you could say that is a wrong decision and you would know that in yourselves, each one, when you may make what is a “wrong” decision it may feel like you are going against the flow, you are going up against a brick wall, you see? And you cannot go through that brick wall can you? (No) Yes, you can go through that brick wall. It may take a big sledgehammer but you can break through it, you see?

So, to answer your question directly, there is no wrong or no right, it just is based on that particular point of consciousness in that particular moment. You see?

Question: As attached as I am to people here, I guess that brings some clarity for. I want to go into the mountain at the time of the decision so to speak and not stay behind this time.

And we would say to you in terms of looking with a different point of view here. When you say go into the mountain, we know what you mean in terms of being in a safe, secure location where there is only peace and love and wonderment and joy and all of these things and certainly, that sounds wonderful. Who would not want to do that?

Or you can stay on the surface, which is what you did. But you can look at it in a deeper meaning. You can stay on the surface now, each one of you, you can stay on the surface of your being now, in this duality, in this three dimensional understanding, this illusion you have created here or you can decide to go within. You see the significance here? In the mountain, go within yourself, find your deeper level of your being, your God Source that is reaching out to you and saying I AM here and I have been here all along and I have never left you. It is you who have left. I AM. You see? But in reality, you have never left either. You have never moved away. You just think you have. Your mind has created this illusion that says I AM not connected with my God Source, therefore, I am less than. But you are so much more than! Please understand that.

This idea of attachment, yes, let go of all attachments, everything. Yes. But how daunting does that seem when you begin to say that? And you say I can’t let go of all these attachments, what are they, insane and nuts?

And we know that. We know that you can’t let go of all your attachments if you think about letting go of all your attachments. But guess what? You are letting go of your attachments every time you say, “Go with the flow. Be in the flow. Let go, let God.” And you have let go of more attachments and as we gave to the James earlier, the more you work in these types of terminologies to let go of those things, the next thing you find yourself is in a higher vibration and as you find yourself in a higher vibration you are now having less of the attachments. And you find yourself in the higher vibrations yet, letting go of more attachments. And the next thing, you have no more attachments. You are there. You are at the higher vibration. You have reached the pinnacle. You see? But it is not the pinnacle because there is a long way to go after that.

This is only the beginning of the end or the end of the beginning. You bring clarity to your own illusion. No one can bring you clarity, only you can bring it to yourself. We can show you the door but you are the ones who have to walk through it. We so love that quote from “The Matrix”. Or James loves it and it is constantly there for us to pick from.

Question: The surface and the mountain are the same?

In many respects, yes. If you let go and move out of the illusion, that is correct. If you stay in the illusion then it makes no sense to people. It is there for you and has always been there for you. Just click your heels three times and you will be there. Not so far off that “Wizard of Oz” movie! Any further questions here?

We will release with this. Please, please as you are continuing to work with Sananda and Lady Nada and all of the rest of us, please take what is being given to you and hold on to it. Do not take it in and say, “That was nice and that was wonderful”, and then push it aside. Do not do this.

If you wish to fully move toward the Ascension process and be one of those that when this “Event” comes that you are in a good place and can feel it and can be wonderful in it and feel the joy within it. And you will see it as a wonderful moment. Or you can be one of those that when the Event comes, they will feel this love vibration and they will push it away and they will say, “This is not real”. It can be either. Take this with you and be who you are!

Begin to spread the light if you wish to be one of these at the table, and then begin to work with it now. Begin to spread the light now, wherever you go be yourself. Do not fall back to that lower vibration that you might be involved with. You might walk into a room and feel the lower vibrations there. Do not become a lower vibration yourself. Either raise the vibrations in the room or leave. You see? Do not let yourself be brought back into the muck in the quagmire here as so many do. Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.

Channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco and James McConnell

Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and authors website is clearly stated

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