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Welcome March

March is a month of seemingly hectic realms of infinity. Around and around we go, yet where we stop no one knows as the energy of the past winter has a grand foreboding of the future energy of springtime. Sprig time brings in new resilience energy with the foretelling of newness in the air around us march sometimes means more wet weather therefore calling for more of the unveiling of the tears of heaven so to speak. As heaven clears its light calendarlike, as do we as well. March comes in like a lion’s roar and sometimes tiptoes out like a sweet summer breeze. Its ebbs and flows are as natural as the sunlight glistening off the blue waves of the water. Tumultuously in and sweepingly out. Allowing our body temperature to begin to ruse and begin to capture the meaning of the spring time element. Awaken my friends your soul says, as we have been asleep and hibernating. Awaken to the bliss that has been commonly known as winters sleepy tale. Once forgotten, and now again alive. Alive with tenderness and beauty and blissful knowledge of newness abound. The endless possibilities all look like a new morning snow clean and ready for fruitily. Once again, we become alive with the harvest of life and we begin to allow our spiritual body to lead us into the world of springtime of joy of radiance of bliss. Once again, our souls awaken as though the butterfly from the golden chrysalis. It has been transformed from a watery goo substance into a beautiful hue of wonder. It knew not of this beauty at the beginning of the process, however is now grateful for the journey. Alas we are free, once again to become joy and beauty abound. I honor all that have reawakened and give a loving kiss of grace to your soul.


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