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Using our God eyes

I had lunch with a friend the other day who said that he found someone who he was so attracted to and dated for a bit, until he realized that the other person was so much more attractive than he was and he began to act and get jealous, so he called off the relationship.  I thought nothing of it for awhile, then I began to realize how my friend has no idea of what the attraction was in the first place. She was attracted to the light within him not the outside "package". Or both, I am not 100% sure. I have know my friend for approximately 20  years and he is courteous, kind and funny and lots of other things.  Why wouldnt someone beautiful be attracted to that.  He is her mirror in some way, I believe. What I am trying to say here is that people seem to not realize that they are the light of beauty inside, that they are a child of God and deserve nothing less than the best of anything.  Whatever it may be.  I know if I share this with him, he may not understand, so I thought I would blog it. I believe that as a child of God, we deserve the absolute best of anything, whatever it may be. Love, Beauty, Trust, Kindness, Joy - the list goes on forever.  Its so difficult to explain this to people and get them to see past the walls of judgment they have put up because of societys view of how people should look.  If we could see the God in each other or the Light, life would be so much less judgmental and tragic.  If we could use our "God" eyes instead of the materialistic eyes Life would just be easier. All for now, Andrea

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