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Using Flower and Crystal Elixirs to relieve pain

I have been reading bout these for awhile.  and I came across this book written by a dr. who quit his practice to practice plant and flower remedial medicine.  he found that the elixirs do not use the physical part of the plant or flower he found it used the energy behind and operating through the plant.  They are used mainly to help with negative states of mind.  He found that when he put a flower on his tongue, he  was to experience the exact state of mind it needed to serve to heal his current state reinforcing his homeopathic training and its primary axiom, that like cures like.  His name is Dr. Edward Bach of London and he practiced in 1930s.


The do not conflict with any medication being taken because they are absolutely benign. 


Every flower and gem has its own personality and own vibrational frequency, and its own life energy pattern.  Though each have their own unique function and effect upon the iindividual using the elixir.  a study of the flowers and gems their colors shapes, etc, can asist you in determining its enery pattern.


In its energy pattern the elixir taken fromthe flower and gems is used to alter, transmute, ore create new vibrational patterns for the individual ones that will assist the individual in achieving particular functions and purposes. 


These elixirs assit with healing, but not just removing the physical discomfort or suffering, but it will allow us to come to terms with the significance of the illness.  Most times there is a deeper level if suffering of the physical pain, it usualy begins with a negative thought, then it digs in and begins to effect us spritually, and after it has festered awhile, it becomes physical.  That is why these are so helpful in chaning the negativity.  If we head it off at the pass, it wont cause us physical pain. 


Well it makes complete sense to me.  and i will continue to research this and get back to you more information.



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