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Universal consciounsess

All changes occur within Universal Consciousness, the Universal Mind. In this sense, all change is indeed internal, as there is nothing "outside" of consciousness. There is no outside; thus the concept of "inner reality" is that which your great mystics have first and foremost taught to humanity. Your Gandhi didn't say, "Sometimes you must be the change, and sometimes the change must occur from without." No, his teaching of "being the change" is solely about inner reality, as he was an ardent student of non-dualistic teachings such as the Bhagavad-Gita, that clearly teach that ALL so-called experience is indeed "inner," meaning that it occurs within consciousness. Gandhi considered himself a devotee of the great Bengali-Indian saint, Anandamayi Ma, who also taught that all perception and experience is within consciousness, without exception. There can be no external changes, for there is no actual outer reality. This you already know in your higher levels of thought, yet may indeed still deny the obviousness of. Gandhi knew that each apparent "individual" was perceiving and experiencing his/her unique world, that in this sense the individual IS his/her own world, which is literally never the same perceived world that another person experiences. Thus, his teaching of "being the change" is actually much more metaphysically profound and deep-seated than most humans currently understand, as Gandhi is indeed one of those rare souls who are known by some as a "transcendental soul." However, this of course ultimately means nothing, as you all stand on EQUAL GROUND. It is simply a reference to his soul's particular evolutionary (reincarnational) attunement of consciousness, and nothing more. Likewise, your Jesus didn't teach, "Well, you know, sometimes you must seek the 'Kingdom of Heaven' within yourself [within your consciousness, he meant], but other times you must seek outside yourselves for it." That would be absurd. Jesus saw no "outside," not spiritually. Yes, he certainly had physical eyes and physically perceived an "external" world, yet he did not buy into the mass human belief in "outside" reality. He KNEW without a single doubt that all change, all action, all experience, all reality, is within consciousness, that reality IS consciousness. This is why it is recorded that he essentially taught, "There is nothing from without a man that entering into him can defile him." (The King James version of the Bible at least has a very clear interpretation of those particular verses, which some later versions had the actual meaning of the verses altered. Jesus was obviously teaching "law of attraction" and accepting 100% responsibility for your own state of affairs, your self-made personal reality.) Jesus went on to say that it is only what is INSIDE the man (the person) that may defile him. It is of no surprise to us that most who "quote" or speak of Jesus almost never mention this very important and central teaching of his (not even most Christian ministers), for it "scares the bejesus" out of most of you! For you know that if you were to accept it as true, then you would have to let go of your precious separatist thinking of "This is inside me and that is outside me," as well as the strong beliefs in "victims" and "victimizers," and the erroneous idea that "others" may "cause" you harm, which is impossible according to Universal Law, and most of you feel that you struggle with this. "Partially" accepting Universal Law is not really accepting it at all, for your mind would be "divided" between accepting total self-responsibility and also wanting to blame others for certain circumstances in your life. This is fence-sitting, which is attempting to "serve two masters" (Higher Self and lower ego). There's only ONE Master, and It is your Divine Self. Know this: It need not be this way. You can indeed let go of this "struggle" against yourselves, your resistance to the Divine Truth of your Infinite "Inner" Being, and indeed this is a destiny that you all share. When we say "inner" and "within," it does not refer to an actual "inside" as you would imagine one, and we see no opposite to the inner reality that we speak of, for it is actually all-inclusive and all-pervasive, being INFINITE/ETERNAL. You cannot deeply understand compassion while simultaneously holding onto such dualistic/polarized concepts that claim, "This is inside and that is outside. This is an inner change and this is an outer change." You are all really above such nonsense, whether you accept that you are or not. Nevertheless, the Divine Truth of you never changes. Consciousness simply IS. Experience is not about "inner" and "outer," yet it IS "inner" in the context that your "Higher Self" and "great mystics" speak of, which is totally different than your mass human consciousness' perceptions of "inner" or "inside," which you almost always see in opposition to an "outside." There is no opposition in Divine Consciousness. Opposition doesn't actually exist. You only *think* it does, hence the law of perception must give you an experience of "separation" and "opposition" to match your belief. There are no fundamental opposites, only *apparent* (illusory) opposites. Your Buddha also didn't teach anything relating to an actual "outer" change, and his core teachings CLEARLY reflect this understanding of the "Inner Being." Your mystical teachers and high-level spirit guides only use the basic concepts of "inner" and "outer" sometimes for teaching purposes, because verbal language is obviously dualistic in nature, thus it is utterly impossible not to sound contradictory at times, as far as perception goes. These teachers (as reflections of your True Guru, your Higher Self) were/are helping you to psychically transcend heavily dualistic focus, which must occur gradually, as it cannot be forced upon you by higher consciousness, in exchange for a less-dualistic self-perception and worldview. You always act in your own "self-interests," simply because you always act from a basic sense of "self," of being, of "I AM." Those of you who claim to act "selflessly" are mostly attempting to deceive yourselves and others in such a claim, which really makes no sense, for EVERYONE acts because he/she believes that the action will give them something, a particular feeling, a result, a sense of satisfaction, etc. There are no exceptions to this. It is impossible to act without a "self" and a sense of "self." You cannot act and expect nothing in return. The mere idea makes no sense whatsoever. Your great mystical teachers were not teaching such nonsensical ideas, which come from those of you who do not understand the original teachings, only because you would not deeply understand yourselves. Your Buddha did indeed teach about the SELF, the Atman, the Paramatman, not in reference to personal identity but in reference to the Infinite Divine Being. And "Nirvana" is indeed a spiritual reference to a state of Divine Consciousness, which one may also call "God," if so desired. Your Higher Self and mystical teachers ARE teaching, however, the relinquishment of your "low-level" sense of "self" that is fear-based. You cannot have experience in the multiverse without a self-identity, period. A self-identity is required to experience ANY DEGREE of not being the Infinite One, the Infinite God Itself. God is without an identity of "self" as you would conceive of a Divine Self in your terminology, although the two terms ("God" and "Divine Self") are used interchangeably by high-level teachers in some instances. When mystics may suggest that you act "unselfishly," they are not saying you must denounce your self-identity and its desires. They actually mean to act from your "Higher Self" and Its higher desire, which is to give freely, which is without fear of "loss." They mean, "Give freely without worry," while knowing that "giving freely" DOES entail an energy exchange between "giver" and "receiver." They also know and also teach that you are both giver AND receiver, giving unto yourself that which you are allowing yourself to receive from your Higher Self. "Ask [the Kingdom within you] and ye shall receive [from the Kingdom within you]." And finally, we shall mention here your own most-enlightened human science that clearly reflects the metaphysical fact that all experience, all change, occurs WITHIN consciousness. And consider this: "As above, so below" really means that Universal Truth is just as true "above" (in the "higher realms" or "higher dimensions") as it is "below" in your so-called "physical" reality, in the "lower-vibrational" dimensions. Notice that our interpretation of "As above, so below" is not the version that most of you are familiar with! Ours is the "Higher Self version." :) We are not interested in giving you the same old tired concepts that you have had "shoved down your throats," so to speak (from within yourselves, not from "without"), from since you entered the human experience, meaning those many concepts that are heavy with dualistic and separatist focus. No one "else" is responsible for your upbringing, not even your earthly parents, but your "parent" in terms of your soul-consciousness is indeed responsible for it, and true responsibility has nothing to do with blame, as we have often said. "Blame" is usually a fear-based concept (except when the word or basic idea is used in a higher, love-based context, as to refer to your innate spiritual responsibility). We could indeed extend this subject for another hour or so in our channeler's writing time, if he simply wished to continue, yet he has decided that this is enough for now. We thank you for YOUR reading time in examining this material. Amen. [Note: Additional material has since been added to the body of this message. Thanks.]

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