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Ultimate Truth

***The God-Magic Series***

"There is no greater realization than that Divine Truth which is experienced through love."

Most of you think of "truth" in terms of your likes and dislikes, rarely considering that the Ultimate Truth is God Itself, your Source Reality. It is no wonder at all why there is so much sense of confusion in your world, when the masses mostly associate "truth" with worldly "laws" and opinions of "morality," while simultaneously almost never really honestly considering that there is such a reality as a Supreme Truth that is wholly loving and totally unbound by limited human perception.

Supreme Truth Sees No "Lesser Truths"

The Supreme Truth is simply the truth of love, the truth of joy, the truth of infinite freedom. It is not a limited religious nor political idea of truth. It is not an intellectual or philosophical concept. It is beyond words and definitions, beyond time and space, being eternal and unchanging. And even though we say It is "beyond," this doesn't mean that this Supreme Truth is "out there" somewhere, for there really is no "out there" nor "in here." The Supreme Truth of all is here now; It IS the Eternal Now.

It really makes no sense to claim to believe in something greater than your human experience, such as what many of you may call "God" or "Source," and then at the same time believe that "truth" is something that is held personally and individually. God, which IS the Supreme Truth, sees no persons nor individuals. This is what is really meant by the biblical statement, "...God is no respecter of persons." Source Reality sees no separate beings, thus It cannot love and respect you on a personal level, for God is not a person. God only "sees" and knows God. The Infinite does not and cannot perceive "finity."

Supreme Truth is Always Itself

The Supreme Truth is unchanged. It is the "Uncarved Block" that Lao Tzu mentioned in his Tao Te Ching. It is totally unaffected by your belief or "disbelief" in It. It is not the "expanding Source" that many "New Agers" speak of, for the Supreme Truth is timeless, thus It obviously doesn't expand nor contract. Many of your "Lightworker" perceptions of "Source" are very limited, barely broader in scope than your "fundamentalist" Father-in-the-sky type of religious beliefs in your world, although they do account for "multidimensional reality," which is a definite improvement of your "collective human attitude" in regards to your Divine Nature.

God, the Supreme Reality, is beyond expansion, thus so are you in terms of your true essence. Your Spiritual Essence doesn't change. How could It, being infinite/eternal? Can Divine Love change? Divine Love is not a form, It is not a "being" as you typically perceive "beings." And Divine Love is the only love that exists. What you perceive as apparently different expressions of love does not mean that there are really different types of love, which is absurd.

The Highest Purpose of "Personal Truth"

Your "personal truths" are only healthy when they are beliefs that are in alignment with unconditional love. The Supreme Truth Itself is not a belief, while your "truths" are obviously beliefs, even if you may think of them as "objective facts." We perceive that many of you are very often caught up in intellectual declarations of "my truth," which definitely have their purpose in your journey of awakening, although the ONLY real purpose of personal truth is to express Divine Truth through your thoughts, feelings and physical actions.

Your personal truths are originally intended to express the Love and Light of God. This was/is the ORIGINAL intended purpose of the human project (not regarding the genetic experimentations that were done, but the original soul's purpose for human existence), and it is crucial that you remember this in order to "master" your human experience.

Realization of Supreme Truth Occurs Through DEEPLY FEELING Oneness/Love

Your realization of Supreme Truth, your awakening to your timeless Source Reality, only occurs through an alignment with your Higher Self's deep feeling-sense of Oneness and Divine Love. Supreme Truth transcends even "multidimensional reality," for God really has no "dimensions," ultimately. Your journey into "higher dimensions" only exists for the purpose of you expressing a broader awareness and beingness of LOVE. There is no "knowledge" nor any type of experience without the core basis of love. Many (actually most) seekers try to gain so-called "knowledge" without actually long-term acknowledging love as the basis for creation.

With so much attention given to the mental distraction of focusing heavily upon what many of you feel is an "objective, physical reality," this delays your broader realization of your True Divine Nature, which is your/our Supreme Truth. In fact, when you contemplate and meditate upon a sense of Oneness that transcends "yours" and "ours," you happily see the foolishness of the "unconscious" negative obsessions with perpetuating the illusions and feelings of separation.

Remember How Powerful You Really Are! (Acknowledge Your Ability to Express Joy)

As we mentioned in a previous article, "going for the ultimate" is simply an attitude and practice of "allowing your human mind to be a holy servant of your True Self." This represents your core purpose for human incarnation, being a clear expression of joy. Remember, ALL OF YOU entered this world with eagerness to have a human experience, if even for a few precious minutes (as sometimes occurs), and there are no exceptions to this. Even your "Hitlers" were once newborn infants that expressed a light and easy sense of joyous eagerness and curiosity (most of you forget this!).

The simple and obvious fact here is that you have CLEAR PROOF (if you accept it as such) that your Original True Nature is benevolent and pure (no matter what karmic programs you have running), and that your ability to radiate and extend joy is INHERENT and INBORN to who you really are. Forget your birth name and birthplace for a few moments, if you will, and focus on what is REALLY IMPORTANT, which is not your labels, titles and artificial identities that you concoct and make such a big deal about.

How about perceiving your human self as an expression of JOY that is increasingly learning to share itself more purely and freely with all of creation?

We like that one very much! Amen.

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