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pleiadedolphininfos_ Brenda Hoffman_ Are you at your Transition ‘whatever’ point_ May 14, 2013.pdf Last night I had a dream of re-birthing.  It was as tough I came out like a new born baby with the gel stuff all over me.  Yuck! Then today I read this article.  The new energy and the eclipses this month are transitioning us into a new arena of energy.

In my morning meditation, had a vision of the souls that are awaiting my completion of this process as well as the Divine Spark Certification process.  I am beginning a new training so to speak of learinng to connect with source and to continue to help other souls in need of healing.  Not sure what that will look like in 10 months, but am so excited, and my dream last night just reinforced my path. 

Stay tuned.


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