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This week!!! Wow

This weekend I attended an ascension workshop, or shift workshop with Beverly and Carla.  I am so amazed by these two women.  They are gifted in so many ways and they share their knowledge and time with us so that we can eventually share with others.  And become more enlightened in doing so.

I was able to release some "issues".  I wasnt exactly sure what they were, but I know I released something big and began to cry as a result knowing I have taken it to a whole other level.  Well, this week has been difficult to say the least.  I have had anger, sadness, and anxiety.  I havent had much contact with these 3 ugly sisters for a while, so I had to ask for some help from others and my guides.  Oh, also, I kept  having the feeling or idea that I needed to go to a phone and call my brother Rudy, who has been dead for about 19 years now.  Thats really what sent me over the top, emotionally.

So I asked for help and my guides told me to ask him what we need to talk about.  He basically just told me that he is watching over my daughter who is  in Chicago, becasue each time I long distance Reiki her, I see a bright yellow light around her, and he said that he is that light. Now that is so amazing.  And it brought me some peace.  

I am also attending a Divine Spirit class this weekend, so I may be clearing to receive more healing and knowledge.  so exciting...

All for now!!! 

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