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There is only WE – The I AM


What isunderstand or known as the invisible universe is also equal with the higheraspects of your mind…the part of your mind which is God-like and of the visibleworld which you live – it is the outcome of so much creative activity thattakes place inside the mind that has evolved into higher consciousness andawareness of the universe inside of you and outside. All your creative activitytakes place within your Inner Self that is deeply connected with the invisiblemind. Understand that the universe around you and what is inside of you isliving, it’s very much alive and it is part of every living thing. Youruniversal mind and the divine mind are one and the same, when you say or read IAM THAT I AM – this is your acceptance of your own universal mind existingwithin the Spirit of God…the ‘i’ in this simple affirmation expresses yourwholeness and brings your Christ Mind into complete likeliness to God in allyou do in all actions, thoughts, feelings, words and will. Just think ofyourself being an extension of God’s Mind…it is this reason that contributes toyour creative ability…there is no ‘us’ when you are coming from your universalmind, there is only ‘we’. Understand dear ones everything thathas been manifested owes its entire existence to the creative principle. Yourown consciousness and awareness is intertwined with the masculine aspect ofthis sacred principle. Each of you sets in motion the creative process everytime you think and what you perceive yourself to be. Now try to understand, theintelligent side of the creative principle is feminine and it is what gives youyour purpose within the intelligence to become what your consciousness declaresas being necessary and what your consciousness sees its own self to be. Theintelligent side aspect of you does not ask questions, it quite simply becomeswhat your consciousness believes, this is where you get the saying, “What youthink, so you become”. Comprehend all the God-like attributes are the onlyingredients God needed for the creation of all matter, of all things solid.Wherever you go, and everything you see, feel and touch is God and it is insidethe universal mind that you are capable of manifesting anything your heartdesires. Just think, every time a child is born,the universal mind of God bestows upon their living body wholeness and theability to express itself from its God Consciousness if the young babe is ableto access its own inner self. Yes, right from a young age you are given thepotential and ability to bridge a connection with the higher aspects of yourmental body and with the Universal mind of God in order for you to function asGod, with God-like qualities and with His attributes in every aspect of yourlife. As a young babe, you are given a name, then you begin to work at beingthe dear soul your parents created, in their image which prevents you fromfunctioning from the ‘we’ perspective. When you are aware of already being thecreative Divine Mind where you move throughout your journey as anindividualized expression of God’s Universal Mind working collectively as oneyou clearly demonstrate the I AM THAT I AM personified and this dear ones iswhat each of you and what each child after you has always been able to become,but it takes realization to bring this into actualization. Just think, from themoment Jesus was born, His parents never shielded Him from the truth of Hisidentity, they made Him aware of the very fact that He was the embodiment ofGod. Right from early childhood, He was made aware of the fact that He was theSon of God as a result every step Jesus made, He moved within His own ChristMind. Unfortunately dear ones, the mind each of you has been born with onlyallows you to function as the person your parents created through the name theygave you, until you begin listening to your heart and coming eventually to therealization that the sacred ‘i’ that is within each of you is the wholeness ofChrist and it remains dormant until you bring it to life through consciousawareness and from your acceptance that God is the I AM that is within you andyou and God are One. There are so many that walk this earthstill that do not realize the God they are searching for is not going to befound through external sources or from hours of worship in temples or churchesas the God they are searching for already exists within the I AM that isalready a part of their divine and universal minds that is connected throughGod by God. It is your own taught belief that you are the very person yourparents created the moment they gave you a name and this very act is whatprevented you from moving within the consciousness of total Oneness with God.Every single one of you is a unique individualized expression of God’sUniversal Mind – the I AM THAT I AM. And each of you are also the unique andindividualized activator of the Creative Principle that is balanced with thefeminine and masculine attributes of God. Remember each of you sets in motionthe creative principle every time you think. Understand the I AM that is withineach of you is God in action every time. When you come to this realization andwelcome it make it complete each and every day as part of your character youbegin to set in motion a spiritual rebirth where your ways of living and beingare dramatically changed as you attain higher awareness of your total self, theinner and outer universe becomes One with all and with God. It is only when youcome to this realization dear ones, knowing and accepting the I AM as being Godalready a living part of you can you effectively begin functioning in aconsciousness of Unity and Oneness that is the Christ Mind. God is your truereality dear ones and He is a deep and profound part of you. The sacred andfundamental truth dear ones is that you are One and God is that very One. Yetit is the ignorance of this fact of who you truly are that creates theperception of what you think you are and this is how your beliefs divide youfrom this Unity and Oneness with God and the universe. It is essential for you to try andcomprehend that there are two different aspects of God, you already are awareof the universal aspect but there is also a personal one. It is well understoodand accepted that the universal aspect of God is also associated with theuniversal power each of you has and can use at will, whereas the personalaspect of God is the dear soul, the person of God, moving as He Wills anddirects through gentle nudges and guidance that is readily accepted. The universal power is also known asyour mental power, it is part of your divine nature as God intended during thetime He created each of you. And it is the power within each of you that is areflection of His omnipotence. Many of you already understand that you arecreated in the image of God and within you holds the universal aspect, the mindof God that shines within your own spirit. Even with God being a living andbreathing part of you, you are the creators of your reality and direction whichyour path is to take. You are meant to rule your life and we encourage each ofyou to welcome this notion, as it is not an idea of whimsy. We witness so manynot taking control of their life and often they go in circles or they createillusions based on untruthful perceptions. Wake up and come home to the I AMthat is a part of you, embrace it with all the love you can muster and becomeone with this divine and sacred part of your Self because when you do you arebecoming one with God and the Universe. We encourage you to think as yourthought and knowledge being as One. Understand that your thought willeventually lead you into knowledge and your own knowledge will influencefurther thought. Now try to comprehend that choice is merely an illusioncreated by those that are in control for the ones that are not. In order to bein control, you must know. It is in the knowing of how things work and tocompletely understand what is happening that provides you the deeper andenhanced awareness of the controlling dynamics of your reality. And it is yourawareness that will propel you into a position of being a dominant and majorplayer of your life instead of being a game piece on a board game. Think of your mental power as beingyour spiritual power because the Mind and Spirit are one and the same. When youhave the power of the Universal Mind dear ones you can achieve all miracles anddo great and marvelous things. Your personal power is natural because it is aninnate part of the natural laws. You may think that only certain things canchallenge the natural laws but that is because you are seeing things from onlyone perspective. Understand dear ones; natural laws are present on every planeof reality – within the physical and mental planes as well. Everything that isconsidered supernatural is really quite natural when you are able to grasp witha full understanding of a multidimensional universe. Remember, all things within theuniverse is connected with the universal mind of God, which is connected to youthrough the I AM. Nothing exists without this connection. It is the UniversalMind of God by which all things contain has life in the form they were createdto hold. Don’t forget dear ones, separation is just an illusion, a trick of theEgoic mind, as you come to realize your Oneness you come to know each of youare All One. You can always use your mind at willand that all your power is found from within and is always within your control.As you gain Oneness with God and the Universe you will develop your mentalpower through visualization techniques, affirmations, meditation and other waysthat will have a great and positive influence on your total life and will helpraise and maintain your higher levels of consciousness and not just foroccasional outbursts of mental power but for continuous expressions of the Godthat each of you are.


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