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The Spirit World


Spirit World


The world of spirit isthe plane where your loved ones travel to once their physical body dies It is aplace similar but, also very different from the earth plane. All of your lovedones travel from one place to another in their spirit body there. They can movevery quickly in this body because there is no concept of time on this plane.So, when they travel it’s instant.


Your loved ones oftenchoose to live in a home which is similar to what they have lived in duringtheir previous life. Yet, the visual of their home and of the outside groundshas a sparkle and a shine to it very different from the Earth. There are trees,flowers, grass, water, and animals in the world of spirit. All that is thosepresent have what I shall call magical powers, they can create whatever theywant in an instant. They can travel in an instant, too.


Many of them choose tospend time there learning and growing. Others spend time as a spirit guide formany of you on the earth plane. They are assisting you and leading you uponyour path to become the best that you can be.


Life in the spirit worldis broken up into numerous planes. Those highly evolved individuals are in oneplane, while more less evolved are on another plane, and so on and so on. Ifthey wish they can evolve while they are there, and move upwards on to a higherplane. Each plane is considered a level of consciousness and all others on thatplane vibrate on that same level.


On the spirit side oflife there is also a special location where individuals who are preparing toincarnate go to. They counsel with the elders, their guides, and their angelsto create the plan for who they wish to be born to and the lessons they wish tolearn. There is also much time spent upon deciding what other spirits will bepresent throughout their life. All of this is important for the growth of theirsoul, especially at this time. There are many opportunities for spirits who arepresent on the earth plane to evolve their soul so that it can ascend. Thevibrations on the planet are high, many are spiritually awake, and this createsmultiple opportunities for growth.


The spirit world is yourhome. The spirit world is where you always will return from a visit to theearth plane. Know that the earth plane is your place to learn and to practice beingin a physical body and all of those lessons that come with being in that form.It is very different from the spirit body. You can learn and grow at a wholeanother level.


Enjoy your visit to theplanet Earth and know that many from the spirit world are with you. They arehelping you grow and assisting you upon your path. When you have completed yourmission in this body, you will return to the spirit world and be with all ofthem. You are missed and will be welcomed with open arms when it’s time for youto return.




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