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The significance of physical ailments.

In my practice and within myself, I have found that after a time, mental and emotional issues that have not been addressed will start to become a physical ailments.  And If not taken care of will sometimes make us ill for the rest of our lives.

I write this now thinking about a person whom I had a healing session with who had cancer. I could see the black square of cancer in his body, and the funny thing was that as I put my hands on his head, I could feel the flow of energy, and as I put my hands on his fee I could feel the flow, but as I put my hands on his stomach where he had the cancer, I saw in my mind’s eye a black box and the flow went around the blockage.  I told him, knowing how sick he was, omg, you have got to forgive these people or you are going to die, unfortunately it was too late and he had manifested this cancer space within his liver and eventually died soon after.

What I learned from that and countless other healings is that our thoughts, our emotions and our feelings, if negative and self-destructive, will cause physical illness in some way shape or form.

We get little hints within our realm of our person, when our body becomes tired, or we become depressed and keep looking for the answers outside our self.  Honestly, the answers are within our self and our person. If we sit long enough, get quiet, and take a conscious look at this physical ailment, I believe most of us will be able to pinpoint the beginning of this ailment. And from there you can begin to change your thoughts and feelings about it using positive thought, affirmations, and self-love. Seems silly, but I can tell you from firsthand experience it all works. It’s so simple that people think it won’t work.  People think that other things can help you overcome a spiritual obstacle, but the bad news is that it won’t. It will put a band aid on it, but it will come back, manifested in some other form, illness, phobia, etc.

I urge you today, to scan your body, look for any specific feelings or perceptions that need to change and take charge of healing your life.  It can be done.


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