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The Queen and the Crown

The Queen and the Crown

So superfluous.- Something that is more than needed or unnecessary.

Having the understanding of the Crown inlaid within the Queen seem unnecessary, doesn’t it?. At what point does one say, oh, wait, I have enough, or I have enough, give me more.

On all accounts, there is no right or wrong answer, however in spirit, the latter is one of concern.

How can one supreme nation, or being always seem to need more, or assume the need to be privy to more?

We on the other hand (in form) or human, always feel that there is never or will never be enough.

As a queen with the crown, she single handedly held on to her commitment, through all, thick and thin, and in return, she has renounced her son as predecessor.

What has any of this to do with us? You might ask? I am being told it is the end of the cycle. The end of days, so to speak and we of command origin have paved the way to sanctity and or honor.

Those to whom have heard the call and proceed to act upon such call have heeded the warning and masterly felt better after all of this went down 2 or 3 days ago.

And in the middle of the heap of the challenges, came forward to better the human race. You all know who you are!! You are all part of the allegiance to better humanity and the feminine presence all together as one or WE.

Our WE, as we call it, formed a new alliance and the Queen is literally at the procession. She held space for all of those to create and to take form and now she is free to illuminate. Her fantasies were always of ones to be enlightened and sovereign. And she did just that, as she passed, she allowed her feminine reign consort to come forth and bring new light into the bitter old world of patriarchy.

She literally shattered the old Matrix in which she was told to hold onto the feminine Divine Presence. No more are any of the women held hostage, or prisoner, or even in slavery energetically. Thank you Queen!

Her passing formed an alliance or allegiance to hold space in awe of our new world order. The first page is ready to be written and her assuage is of a feminine expectation of divine war if you will.

We are begin catapulted into an existence of heaven where earth and the above life interact, and the WE of this is Golden.

Grab your capes and crowns ladies as we are already provided for, we no longer have to watch and learn, we already are. Know this. Abraham Hicks has been saying this for years; thank you for everything I have please give me more. So easy, yet so hard.

It seems unrealistically possible, however the bars are off the prison, and the queen has put the key in the proverbial treasure chest, and freed us. And all the treasures are OURS! ASK!!!!!!

A bout a month ago I channeled something about the divine matrix, read my previous blog.

At that time, I had no idea why, but now it makes sense. Also 2 days ago, I got a very loud blue beep in my ear, and I heard the words, “It is done”, or “it is over”. And I saw the page of a book turn with a clean page, and I knew at that time things were going to be difference and change. I didn’t know what, until the Queen and King George, her father popped in yesterday to school me.

I have worked with King George before on my What if you were God book, while in Australia, and my Creating Wealth Course, where he brings in a beautiful velvet blue frequency as we are working on creating wealth. I never really realized the significance of him with my until now.

So, ladies, put on your crown, ask for more and be part of your WE. Your We, will come to you in you meditation, ask who is with you as you bring down the presence of the Crown and sit with it. Write it down and have them be with you for the coming days, as we lay the Queen the Breaker of the Matrix to rest.

RIP – Queen

Blessed be.


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