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The presence of God 2013

I have been home from working for about 9 months.  It has been a spectacular year spiritually.  I have been to so many spiritual places, and have had the pleasure and honor of getting in touch or being in or living and touching and feeling the presence of God.  More than once.  I have done this in meditation during my Divine Spark Healing Classes, during my times in Shasta, Colorado, and Sedona as well as Scottsdale.  I feel so blessed to even be able to talk about this becasue I know that I have been in touch with some extraordinary peole places and spirits.  Oh, and dont even get me started about the John of God meditation healing clinic or the many people who have trusted me with their spirit as well as their children to be a part of their healing needs this year.  So, so, So. many many gifts have been bestowed upon me.  At do not even let me begin to talk of my two beautiful daughters who trust me. 


So many profound moments in 2013:


One of my healings, I beganto speak with a womans deseased husband, and they got to make peace through me.  Wow! no words for this!


Shasta where I was told by the violet flame, and the teal flame, which I believe to be the Lemurians that I was now "activated".  Didnt know what that meant at the time.


At my job where I got to take an entire band of native american indians home to grandfather. No words for this either!


Divine Spark Healing Classes, where I was taken up to God, or spirit, and learned to let my spirit, my sold and my body, each heal each other.  Absolutely no words for this.


#2 Divine Spark Healing Classes where I was taken up to God, and brought hime down into my body and could feel this presence and beginning to vibrate gold and knowing that I am the universe and notihing is impossible.  incredible


#3 Divine Spark Healing Classes where God/spirit healied eache and every painful feeling, thought, memory, hurt done to me, hurt I did to others every single painful experience in my life was healed and I was taken to a place in my current life before I was able to realize what this life was about. The place was when I was about 4 years old, it was a hot summer day in Bryte CA, and my brother and I were playing in the circle we lived in off Bryte Avenue and we were just happy getting wet with the hose outside our little duplex.  That was the happiest time of my life before everything "got real".  I go to this place when I need peace now..


John of God - I was touched by an angel, literally, this lady healer was the honest to god vibration of god, but how did i know this, becasue we are all that vibration I belive when we get here, but we jsut get lost.  I sat in the healing cirlce and my karma of my past lives ere literally taken off of me, and i was healing.  I also felt the mother mary presense as well . 


Sedona/Scottsdale, AZ - In Sedona I met my spirit guide, and huge presense of a native american navajo, very very huge.  he met me as soon as I drove in, and conselled me and schooled me on how I need to use a shorter verson of the 12 steps and the 7 arrows for healing and to read more about native american indian healing.  I also downloaded information there from shasta.  In Scottsdale, we stayed on an american indian burial ground and was able to take many women and children home to Grandfather.  I also held the energy and let them go through me to God.  OMG, absolutley no words for this at all. 


I met a sound healer at the ancient future center.  Kelly Ann , she is a reincarnation of st. terese.  he pictture next to the saint is so uncanny, she is wonderful.  the uses sound and bowls and lights to heal you.  this is literally out of this world. 


Reiki healing cirlses by Elizabeth Andrea Fulmer - we have the same two frist names.  This incredible woman has worked hard to put together circles, workshops and just get togethers to bring reiki healers together to help learn and fellowship.  Next year I am taking Reiki Teacher from her to be able to initate people into reiki.  So excited. 


If I have left anyone or anythinge out, I aplogize, my hands are hurting.. lol.  more to come. 


Happy Holidays





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