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The perception of Truth

Master Lao Tzu ~ The perception of Truth ~ Excerpt of a readingchanneled by Méline Lafont


My fellow traveler of Light, it is with so much power andappreciation for your being that I am bringing you this message. Feel my wordsflow through you as a gentle breeze and a flow of energy that allows you topick up the essence of your being. You are Love, for Love is you!


In many Earthly incarnations you have been transforming into everyway of your being and that brings along a requirement of adaptation every timeyou do so for your embodiment is one of a vast formation that is not sofluently moving along as it is a stiff energy that needs time to melt, so tospeak. As you transform yourself into a deeper Divinity of your being in suchtrapped light energy that has formed your Earthly creation; the human body, youchallenge frequencies and creations that are either soothing or hard for yourbeing.


It is merely the perception of it that challenges you through itall, for in true honor and in truth all is just a flow of energy that floatsthrough All That Is, including you! The way things are perceived forms thecreations in life and that reflects in your reality. The reason for you feelingstuck in this lifetime has merely to do with the perception of your own truthand the truth of others. Once you see through this all and truly see what'sbehind it, you shall acknowledge it to be a simple perception that is thereforenot your truth.


Perception is what gives so much confusion in lifetimes as whatyou perceive you take as truth and there are many perceptions, therefore manydifferent truths. What is seen or felt by another you does not have to be yourtruth or you. And because you also take another one's truth and perception foryour truth and reality, it drives against your own and that makes you feeldoubting and feel stuck. You start to think that your feeling and truth is nottruth because another one perceives it differently, but in true honesty thereis only truth. It is only perceived and experienced in so many different waysand levels.


Now you can set aside those perceptions of others, including yourown and start to just feel what you are. Feeling does not mean the forming intowords what you experience or do, it does not mean to think with the mind or tryto grasp all of it. It is a state of being where you are the stillness insideof you and where you can connect, tap into energies and states of being withoutany word or formation that comes from you. It is pausing the mind and the youin this formation and to just accept, embrace and to enjoy all that is, tosurrender and to really BE.


It requires a lot of Self Mastery which by the same token means toreally be the balance with not too much of this or that. To really express youin all the infinite and in the freedom that you are without any lack of,

control of, limitation from and creation of... It is the way ofbeing where all can be all at once, you can be all at once.


Now, do set aside your fears or worries about your Earthlyproblems, they are not problems but self created distortions that are perceivedas problems. You have free will to create and be whatever you wish to be. Soset your focus and energy to that what you wish to achieve and be in life andbe confident, strong in this so that it will be your reality. Than surrenderand go with the flow without any hesitation. Don't hold on to the feeling ofbeing stuck, as is said before it is only the perception of this that allowsyou to experience and create just that.


What you worry about is what you hold on to and what you hold onto will exactly be that what is brought on your path. Always be positive, belove and be joy! Every now moment is a blessing in life, so embrace it and makeit a new one every single time.


I am Master Lao Tzu,I embrace you!

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