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The Light Journey

The Light Journey “We are the Circle of Seven with pleasure today to talk about life’s journey. So many multiple journeys you all take through your series of lifetime learning and growing and expanding your light and your wisdom up and up. We watch with delight as another soul gets ignited and sparked remembering their connection to the divine. Remembering the mission they have laid down for this lifetime. Remembering from where you came allowing you to further your progress ahead into the light. The light really is a good way to describe life’s journey. Finding each and every opportunity to move forward into a space of light. Lightness of thought, of action. Lightness of foot so that we all tread lightly and lovingly upon our mothers beautiful pastures, lightly in the manner that we cling to the material possessions we have around us. So light can mean many things but it is a good way to be moving on your journey – Having a light mind that takes ideas with love and joy and allows them to merge with ideas gently flowing and moving light energy through your body. Your body through the eating of lighter foods to allow the mind to be clearer and more connnected- therefore allowing the mind to have the loving connection to source that we all desire- that state where we feel infinitely one and connected to ourselves and in fact we feel connected to the entire universe when we connect to source. So, dear humans – keep at the forefront of your mind this journey of light - Becoming more light – Becoming more light in your being but also light in thought, in action and deeds. Lightness in also the manner that you are lifting the minds and hearts of others also. Helping them to view themselves from a different angle. Helping others also to be bathed in the light- Up and out of the density of earth. Earth where it is so easy to become stuck with the so called realities of life there. Try to remember each day of your journey the word LIGHT. Am I becoming lighter? – Am I becoming more filled with light? How can I achieve this more completely, more frequently and joyfully? Light minds require light thoughts. Light thoughts can and often are described as high thinking. Thoughts of gratitude, appreciation and love are high thinking. Find ways each day to increase your light and to lighten the impact you make on our mother earth. Find ways to remember that the more you shine, the more others can see their own light too. There may be some that try to dim your light, but just continue on your path and let go of heavier thoughts, actions, people and places. Things that drag your mind and your light down. Gently let them go and rise up into your own light. Practice love, appreciation and gratitude for all of life. Even though simple to say, keeping your light high can be on some says what feels to be the hardest of tasks, therefore very valuable too. Surround yourself when possible with light minded people and energies to ensure that your journey forward continues and like birds flying in the sky you can support and lead each other if things get tough. Remember your light brothers and sisters here waiting to help you always. We love seeing you shine and we are here to help. In loving service- The Circle of Seven”

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