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The Hopi Rainbow Prophecy

Rainbow Tribe Channel


Grand enjoinment my lady

Exacerbate your own realm by inviting in Hopi

Invite and ground us into our existence as Aswan

We are not visitors, we are thee and thee our thou

Reunification today on this day of pride and equity

Our former illusory self’s are over

Bequeathed onto you all this day is a world wide lineage of our pride and our lineages and our rainbow prophecy

We are creator gods if you will and the like

We honor our creed and our sanctity

We own our prestigious lineage and we are free to run and be wild once again

It is an honor and a prideful day for all

Let it be so

These prophecies of our lineage are written

In the stars we are all one

And in the eyes of creator we all existence as the same and pristine exact soul

Our realm is your realm and your realm is our realm

Let us not decide who to love or who to be in contact

Let creator decide

Let creator be within the oneness of it all

Let creator bring peace and love

Let creator understand our vision

Let creator be our main focus

Not separation of or in man or woman

Let us be one full of love not hate

Love wins

Hate destroys

This is the lesson of the land

Let us be one and focus on the main idea of love and light, this creates rainbows

See the heavens come alive with the stars of tomorrow as we now sync our existence within the rainbow clouds

These seeds of the morrows are ready to be planted and successfully risen

Let it be so

A profound effect will happen tomorrow be ready and able to withhold and withstand its power

Stay strong in your electric field of love

See it open it close it behind you

We are one

We as one

We are Aswan

We are the holder and providers of the new realm of existence

Let it be so

Keep it simple

Don’t mask your gayness or pride they call it

It s not a withdrawal but an Anglo Saxon realm we are her to uphold our land to succeed this old terminology

We are the providers of this new realm

The Hopi are pride

The Hopi are precision and the Hopi are as one

Let it be so

Again keep it same;

Love is the answer

Love is al there is

Love it terminal

Love is truth

In Hopi our dreams are our prophecies

Let it be so that we return through the eyes of Hopi and creator and we offer a way about and into our lineage

Allow for us all to be one

Creating deep inside Hopi presence within your heart space

See it feel it open it and allow for us or our tribe to be allowed in and to be one with in your heart or our “Pride”;

It is all a misconception as to whom to love Andrea

We love all, we are all one, we are Hopi

Our tribe is your tribe our connection is your connection

We anoint them all in whatever size shape and form

Even the little ones

Our ideal existence is hope coming from love in our own hearts and to allow the hate to diminish where it stands

Our keepers of light are in the realm of Hopi and we now open the lineage wave and send it to honor all of you introspectively within your own heart space

Identify our realm as you pray to creator

Identify our smoke as you light a fire for creator

Identity our religion as you assimilate hope within your heart or realm of desires

We are Hopi we are light as we are strong

Begin to feel our presence around and in all thing relevant only to you

Wind down the day with Hopi

Begin the day with Hopi

And create a space for Hopi throughout the day as we are not a martyr we are a song in your heart of light an love

Decision are made from this space, not old lineage or hate speech

We are divine intelligence running through your bones

We are Hopi nation

This is our creed

Be one with all things alive and passed over

As Hopi traditions are alive and well known to all nations



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