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The Holy Ones -that which you put your consciousness upon grows

The Holy Ones -that which you put your consciousness upon grows 1 November 2014 - 11:00pm |  Sacred Scribe Channeler: Sacred Scribe Excuse us if this message appears elementary to seasoned consciousness workers and the term ‘seasoned’ includes those newly awaking and practicing conscious living, or long time practitioners of conscious living. For in fact you are ALL seasoned at this game, you are only at different points of progressively letting go of the 3 dimensional imprints you all received since birth. These were from family, friends, society. And for the most part these imprints were never meant for malice. As you heal each imprint, even the ones you saw were full of malice; you will be able to simultaneously see the wounded aspect of other-self in the ones who did inflict pain. And from that perspective you will find yourself to gently and ever so graciously forgive and release that timeline, that pattern, at least from your perspective of your part in it. So remember when we choose to take on a physical body we choose to become limited consciousness forming itself a ‘separate’ reality within a still fallen world. Much can be forgiven from this perspective. But now is the long awaited time for the opening up of all to ALL. So we encourage you to observe that from the smallest microbe to the largest world event that which you put your attention upon grows. Your consciousness is that powerful. Which is why we wish for you to be aware of this and try to impart this message now. Consider for a moment with us now, the history of the collection of bacteria in your intestinal gut lining. There are thousands and thousands of varieties of bacteria in your intestine, and every person has a unique composition or community of these bacteria. The beneficial ones contribute to your uptake of nutrients especially essential micro-nutrients. As well, in every intestine of every person there are some potentially harmful bacteria. But in a well composed intestinal system the presence of the beneficial bacteria in balance with the potentially pathogenic bacteria mean that these potentially harmful microbes don’t overwhelm the body under ‘normal’ circumstances. Humanity have even learned to take some of the beneficial bacteria and utilise them in fermented products such as Kefir. This is where you grow the bacteria outside of the body by fermenting and reintroduce it to the body for greatly improved health and well-being by boosting the population of what bacteria your body finds beneficial. Varieties of Kefir stemmed from and resided in conscious societies such as Monasteries and with communities how worked with the land and were deeply connected to the Mother Earth. Can you see that co-creation from a level of deep inter-connectedness was happening in the life story of the Kefir cultures? These microbe populations were treasured and consciously nurtured. If not nurtured , if forgotten about, in favor of putting consciousness elsewhere, then contamination by harmful bacteria that are always present in the air, present in small minute amounts albeit but present everywhere, would colonize the good preparations and the whole lot would have to be thrown out. This art of co-creation was all but lost in modern times by preparation of dead and fake foodstuffs that fitted in truth the needs of a self-serving hierarchical society that gained almost complete dominance of overall workings of society, needs of the Human as a construct of a massive World machine was put first, rather than the Human physical body itself and everybody had to participate in this reality to one extent or another. The bacteria were still present in modern humans gut, but in a far depleted and less bio-diverse state, thus allowing the few potential harmful bacteria to gain footholds frequently, multiply and cause immune system failure and many diseases. Cancer and autoimmune disease are but two examples. This suited the society that was and still persists for a time, the society as machine the presence of harmful bacteria suited, for your society could create an illness industry as well to ‘combat’ the illnesses. We do not judge in any way this reality construct, we only see from our perspective the effect of where Humanity chose to put its focus, its awareness on. But we feel the discomfort of denial of the needs of the Physical body, and rejoice in your deepening awareness, of your deepening consciousness of the power to choose that which you create. So raising and expanding your awareness now from the story of conscious co-creation with microbes, and the subsequent removing of your collective consciousness for the most part from this hugely beneficial partnership within creation, between such tiny beings and you, let us remind you that Humanity may utilize their powers of consciousness upon their individual reality and their collective reality. These powers that are truly God given and truly an aspect of God most high, the Creator in You. Humanity puts their attention on anything and it grows. We repeat what you put your attention upon grows and multiplies. It is given creation. This is why Humanity so often paints itself into a box, so to speak as in the prior example. For they forget to remove their attention from that which they do not like and take attention to a better alternative. This is the time to be even more open to using your consciousness to see everything around you as a potential boon for your life, and for Humanities. Not only should you make a catalog of what you desire and enjoy seeing in your life and in the collective existence of mankind now. And put your attention there. But you must be brave enough to entirely open to the universe speaking to you through anything and everything. That is the calling for the ones who wanted a grand adventure when they signed up for this existence. If your attention is grasped by something, even something small and seemingly insignificant, an animal, a phrase, an idea; then don’t let it go till you have sat with it in your full consciousness. Revelation is the time and it is everywhere.

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