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The heaviness

We are a group of awarenesses from many different galaxies. We are here to help you understand the importance of what is going on in your body and surroundings. Your body is detoxing heavy chemical densities in order to ascend in the near future. 5D consciousness is already part of your inner and outer reality, but you are now integrating it more fully into your body vehicle in order to manifest it more of the time and express it more fully than ever before. That is why you feel so heavy. the density is coming out by the mountainful. As you move forward you will be guided by us and many others in how you can move more swiftly and effortlessly. A phase has ended for you. it is true. you will find that from now on many miracles shall be present in you immediate reality and that other people shall treat you with more loving kindness and respect. that is because you inner Self, your real Truth is shining out like you have never experienced before in a body. We will now tell you about the future of your planet from our point of view. you planet shall rejoice in the very near future for its time of darkness has ended. More and more people will want to know the truth about things for themselves. People will wake up. You as the wayshower will have the opportunity to help and assist those that want to reach inside themselves and find what is real. There will be a wave of awakening on the planet. For God has spoken. The heart of man shall wake up and people will truly understand what they have done to others and the planet in the last few decades and centuries. They will want to make amends, and so a new age of prosperity and Love will begin. The earth is now ascending too, she is already in 5D consciousness and just waiting for humanity to step forth and claim their right to live happily and freely. And the dissolution of karma continues with ferver and will not stop untill all of humanity has broken free of its bondage. There will be a new felt balance in the air, as if the air is cleaner and lighter and you will be able to breath again. the vegetation will seem brighter and the sun will shine more brightly than before. the polution in the air will dissipate and you shall see the beauty all around you. And we are not talking just about you. All of humanity will begin seeing this and begin to wonder what is happening. For the felt sensation of this will be so much different than all that has been experienced untill now. The forces that have kept you all in the dark will let go of their hold, just like that, because they will understand that there is nothing to hold onto anymore. And yes theyknow that the more they try to hold on the faster they will perish!! That is the way now. we have told you our view of the next few months and this process will continue on into the next years with so much joy to be had. we shall now take leave. call on us for any little thing that needs to be healed, loved or held and nurtured. we thank you for your continued dedication to the divine plan. in Truth, the council of 12

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