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The Healing Process - Holistic perspective

Healing comesin all forms, mental emotional and spiritual.  Grief and loss are terrible.  This article explains why we should try to heal our pain.

The Healing Process

In Energy Healing similar to psychotherapy the client is viewed from a holistic perspective. This alternative form of therapy ventures deep down into the energetic level of the patient beyond the limits of linear space and time.

As people move into health, they often experience a bumpy ride. Sometimes the improvements are instant and lasting, but quite often the patient might initially improve, and then the symptoms might get worse. Energetically their field is clearing, but their tolerance level to their emotional pain becomes less, so the awareness of the condition increases as the experience of their imbalances becomes more acute. Healing is a cyclical process, which carries the person on a spiral journey deeper and deeper to the root of the problem. Each cycle requires a deeper level of self-acceptance and the willingness to go further.

Healingyou_ Energy Healing.pdf (PDF — 1 MB)

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