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The Concept Of Threes Will No Longer Be Necessary

(Note: these messages were given during our weekly Prepare For Change group in Glendale, AZ on June 7, 2015)


(Hieronymus belonged to the Peripatetic school, though Cicero questions his right to the title. He appears to have lived down to the time of Ptolemy II Philadelphus. His philosophical opponents included not only the Academic philosopher Arcesilaus,[2] but also the Peripatetic Lyco of Troas who was hostile towards him.[3]

Hieronymus is frequently mentioned by Cicero, who tells us that he held the highest good to consist in freedom from pain and trouble, and denied that pleasure was to be sought for its own sake. There are quotations from his writings, and from his letters. Diogenes Laërtius mentions two works: On Suspense of Judgement[4] and Scattered Notes.[5] It would seem from Cicero,[6] compared with Rufinus,[7] that he was the same as the Hieronymus who wrote on numbers and feet. He may also have been the author of a work on poets, and a commentary on the Aspis of Hesiod.)

Hello. I am Hieronymus. I am from Ancient Greece. You can look it up! I was this person in one lifetime, one of many lifetimes. But this one was in Ancient Greece and information is available for you to look up. We know your affinity for having names for those who come forth. So this is the reason we did bring one forth. We were going to come as unspoken and unnamed and that was not satisfactory to this one. She wanted to know who she was allowing through.

And so, I bring a message of threes today. A message of threes. In your world and in your consciousness and in your trainings, three has meant many different things. Three can mean communications to some ways of thought. Three can be dastardly. Bad things happen in threes. Deaths happen in threes. Automatically, these things come to your mind, do they not, when we speak of three?

Yet, there is a whole other side to what you have been indoctrinated about threes. That is what we choose to blow out of the water today!

In threes, you have known the “Father, the Son, the Holy Ghost”. The “Holy Ghost” at times, in some capacities has been considered the “Mother”, grace, energy, the healing part of “Father God” triad. Three is also the physical body, the mental body, the spiritual body. It is the conscious, the unconscious, the superconscious.

Can you see where I am going? There are so many different aspects that come in threes and why is that? What is that? Much of it comes from the very ancient concepts of physical body, of mental body and of that spiritual aspect that is not contained “in the body” any longer.

And so what we would share with you today is that it is time to let go of that middle third. What do we mean by this? As you move on your Ascension Journey as we are told you have come to see this, the Ascension Journey will remove that middle part.

Many think of the subconscious as the “gateway.” Many think of the subconscious or unconscious as that part which has been poured into without a lot of your critical thinking and then it arises in your day to day life. It arises as the belief systems that you have taken on without much conscious thinking. Those belief systems that have been adapted since your infancy and even during the pregnancy of your mother.

And what we are moving you to is that understanding that the conscious mind will be functioning in a very different way after Ascension. You have been told that you will manifest things immediately because your gateway will be gone. That which blocks you now will be gone and there are other parts of your body that are being switched on. This is important for you to grasp. For those of you who have heard of the mentors who will come, this is a part of their message.

The “Father” represents the creative spirit, the creative urge. The “son” is all of you. All of you in the physical form. It became necessary in this 3D world that people wanted to hold onto the idea of a savior. The “Christ” savior is not only a part of “Christianity” that has been fed to you it is also part of many, many religions that have been formed over thousands of years upon this planet. It has been given to you that you needed someone as an intermediary between you and

“God”. That is falling away.

Even the one known as “Sananda” comes to visit you, this group, in his own being and has brought you messages such as this. You do not need someone else as an intermediary. You do not need someone else between you and God. That creative urge is YOU and in all of you! This brings to you the strength and the hope for the future for as you have been taught to believe and then see; I bring you the message that you will believe and see in one fell swoop!

That is exciting, is it not? And scary! There have been many different instances that have been discussed with you and others about that which is instantly manifested. This is something you will have to get used to. Something you will need to learn. It will be a new experience for you

The concept of threes is no longer necessary. The concept of having the gateway in the middle, the person you go through as the intermediary between you and your creative higher self, that God-self, that “Highest Self” will be gone.

We want to touch on this as well. The “Creator”, the “Father”, we believe that you in this group has come to see and it has confused many, that there is not one Creator but there are many Creators and there is a Supreme Creator. There are many Mothers but there is one Mother who gives form to that which is created by the “Prime Creator”.

Many on this planet have fallen in love with one Creator God as was written of in many of the Holy texts. You will see that Creator God has been swept away too for that was all erroneous information. YOU are the Creator Gods! You are positive Creative Gods and you have lived many lives and experienced many things. Sometimes you have not been so positive. Sometimes you have helped others in lives that have been difficult.

When you move out of this realm of 3D you see things in a very different fashion. And you will see that there is not the same polarity in other dimensions. As you rise in frequency you will see that it is no longer good or bad or right or wrong. It just IS. This is part of your experience.

So know that in a very, very short time, all of you in this room will be having those experiences that you will be thinking of something in your mind even fleetingly and see that creative urge manifest immediately in front of you! Because that middle “Holy Ghost”, the “Holy Spirit” that is grace, that is the freedom of manifesting whatever you want without judgment.

You have experience that in this world. Sometimes you have liked what you created and sometimes you have not. There has been a time lag many times. All of this has followed the rules of this planet in the experiences you have had. But as those rules are taken away. As those rules are removed and you move into the New Age, you will not only see new technology, you will see you own abilities rise in ways you cannot even fathom today.

I try to paint the picture for you so that you will know you are the one in charge! You are the one with the thought. You are the one receiving the energy. You are the one experiencing the manifestation. And it will be a joyous day, we promised. When you see that conscious mind of yours recognize that there are no more breaks, there are no more time lags; there are no more instances of waiting for things to happen in your lives. All will come and you will develop sensibility, the wisdom and the understanding to control this ability and you will find yourself having it every single moment of every single day.

I look forward to coming to you at that time so that you might see me and you might understand the truth of what I have shared with you today. Understand that these are shifting sands that you are walking upon and as the sands shift and the energy of creation upon this planet shifts then too you see this shift from periods of time, difficulties with people in not understanding to full realization, my friends. Full understanding. Full capabilities.

We are going to leave this with you today. Should you have questions during the time of questions, we will have Ashira answer for us. We will remain in the room. We will be in the room.

We give thanks for this opportunity to share this today. And we expect that we shall be visiting you once again during your Advance that is upcoming in August for many things shall be revealed in that weekend. And many things will be changed by then as well. We bless you.

Let us “Ohm” to prepare James for receiving.

“One Who Serves”

Greetings to you. We love how you harmonize and have melody coming through in your “Ohms”, it is gorgeous! Beautiful!

For those of you who don’t know, this is “One Who Serves”. And we are here often with this group, one of you regulars here. We are one of your “core” group, are we not? And you certainly are a part of this “core” group and we wish for you to understand many things that are coming. But before we do this, we wish for you to look at all the things that are happening out there. Those things that are occurring that are just beyond most people’s understanding and that they can see. They do not have the eyes to see or the ears to hear yet, at this point. But you do.

You, yourselves, if you look carefully look at all those things that happening or in this case, are NOT happening. Look around the world. Do you not have the technology to blow up the world? You do have that, correct? But has it happened? No, it has not happened!

Do you have the technology to create a virus to spread across the entire planet? Yes! That is there as well but that has not happened either. Do you have the technology, we mean mostly the “Cabal” here, the Dark Forces to create weather patterns and to direct weather patterns? Yes! But have those weather patterns been sent to other than small situations. It has not been spread across the planet. You see?

They can direct earthquakes and they can start volcanoes but these things are not happening! All these things that were planned by the Cabal have not happened and they are not happening because they cannot happen. That was part of the old timelines. The ones they were working toward to bring these changes about to bring the utter destruction of the planet. They were going to be gone either deep within the planet or they would leave and go off planet and save themselves. They would let those of you left here to defend for yourselves and they were going to come back when they could and pick up from there.

But none of this has happened because it cannot happen. So there is no need to be concerned. No need to have fear. For all those things that are coming up, the Jade Helm and all of these things, none of these things are to be a fearful situation.

Yes, the Cabal wanted this to be and they were planning for it but it is not meant to be that. Have no fear! Everything is in the Plan! Everything is part of the Plan and is being worked out to the betterment, not the detriment, but the betterment of the people of the world.

Be of good cheer, my brothers and sisters! All is happening as it needs to. It is maybe not as fast as you want it to but it is happening. So, allow it to be and know that as you are in your training and positioning, you are going to be in a position when the moment comes, the moment arrives, that you can be there to assist, to assist those of us. To assist the Galactics as they come down. To assist the Agarthans as they raise up. You will be there to be of assistance in whatever way is needed at that time. And, yes, each one of you has a certain mission that you have been preparing for, it is not yet revealed to most yet, to some it has, but to most it has not yet been revealed but that is coming as well.

So, be a little patient a little bit longer but be expectant because these things are going to happen and you are going to be caught up in it when it begins. OK?

Do you have questions now for “One Who Serves” or “Ashira”?

Question: I have a question that Susan asked me to ask “Ashira” and that is about the 120,000 antelope that were killed in Kazakhstan last week. What can you share about his?

“Ashira”: Thank you for making sure this was brought to the group. We appreciate this deeply.

We know that this came up in your conversation this week. What we will say to you is that this was not a man-made situation. Yes…this was a soul group that came together with an opportunity to leave their bodies easily and effortlessly and move into “Hollow Earth”. They have taken their parts and are now grazing easily beside the unicorns and the dragons and all of those you would find inside the Earth.

This seems like a tragedy but it was a group decision to come in and to do this at this time. In part, everyone is wondering what killed these beings and there are many things that are a part of awakening those who are upon the planet. What happened to a mass number of creatures such as this? And they are indeed, odd looking creatures, are they not? They look residents of ‘Hollow Earth”. They belong there.

So, even though it pulled on the heart of this one, (Susan), and pulled on the hearts of many, please know that they did not suffer, they did not die in pain or strangulation. They simply left their bodies to take their residence within. You will be able to see these creatures again.

We know there were a few left upon the planet. They did not choose to make their exit at this time. Those who have humanitarianism feelings toward these animals may embrace the surface and save them. It is another part of opening the “higher heart” upon the planet. Does that make sense?

“OWS”:Wonderful. Would there be other questions here?

Question: This past week I have had a piercing pain in my right eye. Is this related to my family issues or is it of a spiritual nature?

“ASHIRA” : Greetings. As I come and I heard you speak of this situation, it will share that it is more about your spiritual journey than it is about your family. Your spiritual journey is that you continue to have your chakras open farther and farther up your body and outside of your body. As those energies continue to move through your Ascension Journey as St. Germaine brought to this group during the last Advance, know that this will pass! Do not put any fear or concern into it or put any energy into that which is happening with your family for those are indeed separate issues.

We may suggest that you increase your water intake to continue to move the energies along within your body and to again, remove your fear and concern. Yes, we understand that many of the, St. Germaine was very specific about not calling these symptoms, but many of these things that you will feel in your body, and this is to the entire group, many of those things that you feel, the body reacts with a sensation of pain. It does not know what else to do! It is not familiar with these energies and it is not familiar with the shifting. It is not familiar with that which is happening within each and every body in this group and for those on the telephone. The body responds with a pain reaction and twitching.

All of these are part of what the “symptoms” are. So, bless it, release it and thank it. We know it is hard but thank it for making you aware that you are up to this level of manifestation along this Ascension Journey. It is continuing higher and higher and we bless you. Indulge this but a brief time longer.

“OWS”: The only thing we wish to add here is, as Ashira has said, go with the energies. Allow the energies to move through you. Know that is all it is. It is just new energies coming into your body just as they are into the planet. You are the planet and the planet is you. So, allow for these energies to come through and do their thing. OK?

Question: How are our chakras going to operating once we are into the 5th dimension?

“OWS”: Yes. Your chakras are already being affected. Your lower chakras that have been with you where you have been residing over these many lifetimes are moving up. The energies are moving up further into chakras beyond this. All of this is part of the Plan for your Ascension. You will be experiencing many revealings and many remembrances coming to you as the lower chakras kind of let go a little bit so that you are not operating at those lower charkas anymore. These memories will come back for that is where they reside, in these chakras.

These memories will come back to you and it may already be happening to some here. It will be memories of this lifetime and of other lifetimes. They will intersperse. They will come at different time and in different ways. These revealings will come to you but this is only the beginning! There will come a time where you will have the great revealing coming. It will flood in and you may not know what is what here, in terms of your past lives. They will all come together and you will remember these things.

Allow for the process to go through and all is happening for a reason here. Does that answer your question?

Any further “Ashira”?

“Ashira”: I would only had a bit of levity in terms of the fact that we know that you would love for us to draw you a diagram and say, “Here is where you. Here is where you are going. Here is what it looks like and here is what you will look like at the end!”

But we cannot do that for it is an independent journey. We talk about this to many groups but this particular group and the people on the phone and those who read these messages, we see you more in the beginning of this journey that all of you are on. We see you reaching back to help others who are at different stages.

We would love to develop a roadmap for you but because it is such an individual experience it is difficult to do that. But, we are happy to visit with you individually and share with you just as “One Who Serves” has with this one.

All of these trips, all of this journey, all of these steps are important for you and we are glad to be your cheerleaders! Thank you!

“OWS”: Thank you. Do you have more questions here now?

Question: I feel that I have lots of monkey chatter and I feel stuck. How can I move through this?

“OWS”: Yes. One of the things that occurs when one works more with meditation is that they being to get the experience you speak of, of being stuck. And this is something that you will move through. You move through effortlessly, that is the key here. Do not put effort into your meditation other than to do it and allow it to be whatever it is going to be. Do not preconceive what will happen or what should happen. Or anything of this nature. It just is. Allow for this.

This is the go with the flow. The more you do this, the more you let go, what you are called being stuck will free up quite quickly. Does this make sense to you? Any other questions?

Question: Concerning the mentors. I want to understand their guidance.

“OWS”: When the frequencies are right and the timing is right here, the mentors are to assist you will be revealed to you. They will be assisting you to continue on in your Ascension. When? Of course, it cannot be given here because it is not yet known. None of us here knows it. The Galactics do not know it. The Agarthans do not know it. The Creator himself knows when this will be as to the timing here. The consciousness of mankind continues to increase and going toward the Awakening process which means you are growing closer and closer to that moment when these things can be revealed to you and all opens to you. All of those memories we spoke of here earlier will come flooding back to you. It is all a part of this. And as this whole process continues on you will begin and already have it happening, see the DNA and pineal gland and the high heart functioning are all occurring at a more rapid rate here. You may not know it or feel it but that does not mean it is not happening.

Allow for the process to take its way through you and be where you need to be and all will take care of itself. OK?

“ASHIRA”: We would add that the mentors are already within your circle. They are already visiting with. When their energy is known to you as the process in being now, when they appear to you, you will know them, they will be your friends! There will be a familiarity! It is not like building a new relationship. It will be like having the one who has loved you and is working with you now, show their face and you will know that they are the ones you will walk with in the next part of your journey. Thank you!

Question: What about crystals for meditation and does the size of the crystal matter?

“OWS”: There is much that is going to be revealed about crystals. Some is already coming out in bits and drabs. It is coming out a little bit at a time here. But there will come a time where more will come out about crystals and the use of crystals. The memories will return to you about the use of crystals in Atlantis and Lemuria and even beyond this.

The size of the crystal or the color of the crystal, anything of this nature is not of any concern yet. The answer to this question will be revealed to you at the right moment. For now, just be with the crystal. Allow the crystal to be with you. Feel its consciousness. Merge your consciousness with it. This will be the best way to utilize it now. But there is so much coming that is coming back from the Atlantean times specially that will be used in your new technologies you will be learning. Anything you wish to add here, Ashira? No, it was perfect!

Then we release channel!

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One!


Greetings again, this is Ashira. It is my pleasure today to bring a message about all of that in the world which seems so confusing. Yes, 7 or 8 billion people have 7 or 8 billion ideas about what is happening every second moment of the day. Do they not? For each comes from their own experience, their own perceptions, their own understandings.

This is a time that there are a lot of talking heads out there. A lot of people who are coming to speak to all of you through traditional media, through alternative media, through different website and different modalities such as YouTube and the websites and Facebook. Everywhere you look somebody has an opinion. How, do each of you maintain a center point and yet, keep your ears out for information?

This is part of the joy we have with this group coming together on a weekly basis. Getting information out to other and we are so pleased with the different ways this information will be disseminated. For this is a place where people can come and find a centered point. This is a place where those who do the channeling are not selling products. Or not trying to find a way to support themselves during this time of their mission. They are blessed with opportunities in their lives to make the money they need to make to make sure things are taken care of.

We are not blind nor are we stupid. We KNOW as we look upon each of you each week that you have LIFE that you are still dealing with in this 3D way. Even though we talk to you each week about maintaining a 5D consciousness we know that there are realities in each of your lives. There are car payments and insurance payments. There are medical bills and mortgages. We know this. We love you. We know this.

We encourage you as much as is possible for each and every one of you in the room, on the phone and who are reading these words, keep those parties who you allow into your consciousness, into your world, into your heart to a minimum. Do not allow 7 billion people ideas thrust into you. Maintain a firm bearing on the direction you are going.

Know that you are on this Ascension Journey and there are many things that can be difficult. We have talked about these before such as the aches and the pains and those things that your body interprets as pain; things that have come to bear upon your body.

We have also shared those things that can help that have been shared through people in this group. Coconut oil and diatomaceous earth, water, organic foods. All of these things that have come through this group have been inspired. They have come through those of the group who have spoken of these things. Not only the channels but those of you to help you and to assist you.

We don’t expect those with whom you work or are in other part of your lives will understand what it is that you are doing. But we encourage you to be of good faith. To support one another every week in this group. Know that this is a base and a centerpoint for you. To measure that which you have heard during the week against that discussed in the group for consideration. For truth to be heard and to be felt. To know that which this group is striving to do on many different levels are all important parts you are playing right here and right now across this planet and into the universe.

Look at all of those who have come to speak with you in the past two year. All of those in service to you, to share with you, to help you. To love you.

We give thanks for you for we know that you are the feet on the ground on this planet. You are the ones spreading the light and the love. Even if you do not share the truth verbally, you share the truth of who you are! Every moment of every day.

This is mean to be a cheerleading talk for you. To share with you all of that which we bring in gratitude and appreciation. For knowing that even though you may have asked for this, many of you in your seats are wondering why. But we tell you too that the time is here that many are changing. When you have the opportunity to join this group each week, you will see that they are changing. And have more faith to move forward in the weeks to come and to know that when you are awakened even more fully that your joy will lead you to be of service to others. Not to get out of here!

You have come for the long haul, my friends! Not to just serve in the moment but also to serve in the future. Know that everything is in the Supreme Plan! Every step you take is part of the Supreme Plan. Every meeting you take in is part of the Supreme Plan.

We know that Susan has shared this with some of you before. Test what you hear! Test the message! Test the people! Are they of love? Are they of light? Are they of separation or are they of unity? For as you move into the rising frequencies, more and more the frequency of unity will take you even higher! And that is an important part of the message today.

Look through those lenses when you hear those talking heads speaking to you from whatever direction. Measure them for unity. For love. For light. Know who you can take into your heart. Know who you can keep. Keep a waste basket container for those you question and measure them again in the fullness of time.

We give our thanks to you. We give you our love and our blessings. Namaste.

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco

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