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Talk with the Sargent


After dropping of Julia this morning at school, I got the idea to drive to the fruit stand in Davis. So driving there I noticed it was unually not crowded on the freeway and my drive was smoothe and peaceful as I came up to Eppies a hurst gets in the lane next to me. Now, obviously I am going to follow this car, right. So as soon as I see that there is a casket with a flag, I got a gigantic pain under my left rib as thought I had been shot or something, then i could smell ...the inside of the casket and a spirit said to me where am I, I am not dead. I then heard his name and called him leuitenant, and he corrected me and said, no, I am a seargent. I cannot remember his last name, but he told me it. So I said you need to go to the light, God and your family are waiting, and you have work to do. So I raised my light up to help him pass and he left, along with manyh other souls that were trapped in that hurst. I hope no one freaks out, but this is my work on the planet, and its all for the greatest good. Gods Grace is in abundance. Happy Tuesday.

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