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Sweat Lodge with Ishmael and Nathaniel- The Star Children

Yesterday as I was wainting for the sweat to begin, I started a convesation with a lady from Britian. Who happened to also be a Reiki Master and she said she just up and left and came here and was travelling a round goign to places and seminars, etc. I told her welcome to my life, as i have been epecially guided this year to get away and travel and spread the frequency. 

As we were talking, these two little boys came and were staring at us, and asked their names and the first one said Nathaniel, and I said, oh thats an Archangel Name, he said, yea I know, then the smaller boy came up and said, my name is Ishmael, and I almost fell backwards. I have been working with my teacher and we are working deeply with the Archangels. 

The energy of the sweat lodge seemed a bit off, the chief seeded a little dismayed, and I am not sure why I chose that word. But in the lodge there were at least 3 children, and a very magnificent mother energy as there seemed to be more female goddess elders and others in this particular lodge. Next to me they called the lady the  magical healer or something like that. The sweat seemed short, but thorough. as we got out I saw a lady who waas pregnant coming out of the lodge and I thought Star Child; the Start Children were very present in that sweat as well as the mother and goddess energy. I needed to be exactly at this space at exactly this time.  And i made a friend from England.  I finished the evening drumming on the mountain not caring if I looked crazy lol. Peasce be to all. 

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