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Sunday Healing Circle West Sac

Healing circle.pdf Come by Sunday for a nice meditation and relaxing energy wash. If you are feeling restless, irritable, dissatisfied, just plain sick and tired. Come by, good feelings are guaranteed.  :) We meditate for about 45 minutes to one hour (which goes by like 15 minutes), and you will feel energized and refreshed afterwards.  

Come on by if you can, what have you go to lose?  An hour of television? Just sayin!  Center for Spiritual Awareness Teen Annex across the street on the left of the center - 3120 Freeboard Drive West Sac.  Turn by the Squeeze In and turn right on Freeboard Drive.  Go all the way down to the left as the road curves park in the parking lot and come in for some relaxation.  

Hope to see you all!!!!!

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