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Sunday February 10th Meditation Circle

West Sac Healing Circle.pdf (PDF — 140 KB) Please come to the meditation circle.  We sit in a giant circle, and bask in the light of the spirit, and get to feel each others beautiful energy emanitating from one another.  While meditating, the energy healers will walk around and put the hand over your head and shoulders (only if you want them to) and help to clear your energy blocks and get recharged for the week. 


come on out, see the flyer for details or come to:

It is located at: CSA Teen Annex located 1275 Starboard Ave, West Sacramento, CA. 95691 Circle Dates: February 10, 2013 If you have any questions, you can contact Jennifer at is my e916-524-3010 is my cell phone number.

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