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Steak and lobster or peanut butter and jelly

So today I was thinking of others and how they seemingly dont know that there is so much more to who they are.  The dont know that there is so much more that they can be.  Yet settling for comfort overcomes the ambition to actually become something different.  If that makes any sense.  I believe if we were to see others as the light that they are, and be examples and/or mirrors of that light, others would be able to see past their darkness and want to be more.  We can have a peanut butter and jelly life or a Steak and lobster life.  I believe that carrying excess negative energy keeps our light dim and keeps us sad and depressed.  I find that taking salt baths and using salt bars to clear my energy seems to help me release that heavy energy.  Then I can begin feeling refreshed and light.  ttfn

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