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star children

Star Children: Learn the Colors by Nikki Pattillo OmTimes Star Children are children who have been sent here from all areas of the Universe to help our Earth including all living and non-living things on it. They possess psychic, spiritual and other extra sensory abilities. The Star Children are here to bring peace, topple corrupt systems, and shift dimensional consciousness. They have come here on special assignment in a rebirth into a higher dimensional Earth. Star Children – Indigo Indigo Star Children started arriving during the 1970’s and have distinct warrior personalities. They will stand up and fight for what they think is right and what they believe in. They also know when they are being lied to and manipulated and will not comply with any system that may be limiting or dysfunctional. Indigos also have little or no tolerance for dishonesty. They are here to show us that the archaic systems in schools, government, parenting and healthcare are not healthy and must change or we will continue to fail globally as a civilization. Indigo Star Children have access to clairvoyance and healing abilities and they are naturally more intelligent, sensitive and clairvoyant than most children. To find out if your child is an Indigo, ask these questions: Traits of Indigo Star Children 1. Did your child come into the world acting like they own the world? 2. Does your child have a feeling of deserving to be here? 3. Does your child have difficulty with discipline and authority? 4. Does your child refuse to do certain things they are told to do? 5. Is it hard for your child to be patient? 6. Is your child frustrated by ritual-oriented systems that require little creativity? 7. Does your child see better ways of doing things? 8. Does your child refuse to respond to guilt trips? 9. Does your child get bored rather easily with assigned tasks? 10. Does your child display symptoms of ADD or ADHD? 11. Is your child particularly creative? 12. Does your child display intuition? 13. Does your child have strong empathy for others? Star Children – Crystal The Crystal Star Children began to appear on the planet from about 1990-2010. Their main purpose is to take us to the next level in our evolution and reveal to us our inner and higher power and have access to gifts of clairvoyance and healing like the Indigo Star Children. They function as a group consciousness rather than individuals, and they live by the “Law of One” or global oneness. They are also advocates for love and peace on this planet. The Crystal Star Children are incredibly sensitive, which stems from the ability to feel universal consciousness. You won’t be able to hide anything from these children. You won’t be able to lie to them either, as they will know immediately what the truth is. It is important to mention that Crystal Star Children know what is in your thoughts and even more importantly, what is in your heart. This is another reason why they are so sensitive. Some characteristics of Crystal Children may include: Traits of Crystal Star Children 1. Have large, communicative eyes. 2. Are very affectionate and forgiving. 3. Begin speaking later in life, but often uses telepathy or self-invented words or sign language to communicate. 4. Love music and may even sing before talking. 5. Are extremely connected to animals and nature. 6. Are often very interested in rocks, crystals and stones. 7. Are extremely artistic. 8. Are highly empathic and sensitive. 9. Draw people and animals near them and love attention. 10. Often have good sense of balance and are fearless when exploring high places. 11. Often see or hear angels and spirit guides – both their own and others’. 12. Dislike high-stress environments with loud/sharp sounds. 13. Dislike bright, unnatural lights. 14. Sometimes show healing gifts at young ages. 15. Don’t react well to sugar, caffeine or unnatural foods/chemicals. 16. Dislike fighting or refuse to keep an argument going very long. 17. Are easily over-stimulated and need to meditate/be alone often to replenish themselves. 18. Don’t usually have trouble with fear or worry. The Crystal Star Children are moving into our hearts and upgrading our energy systems. The Crystal Star Children are helping us to claim our power and open our hearts, and to anchor ourselves firmly in the new energy grid and the concept of oneness. They are teaching us to accept our spiritual gifts as our birthright, and to see the creation of miracles as a normal activity. They are teaching us to honor our planet and ourselves and to see the beauty, wonder and joy of all creation. Star Children – Rainbow The Rainbow Star Children are the third generation of special children that have come to help humanity evolve. Different from the Indigo and Crystal Star Children, Rainbow Star Children have a few more interesting characteristics. The Rainbow Star Children are generally born in the year 2000 and above. The few Rainbow Star Children that are here today are born from early Crystal scouts that were born in the 1980’s. As many people might have experienced, the Rainbow Star Children bring joy and harmony to their families. Unlike the Indigo and Crystal Star Children, the Rainbow Star Children are born to smile, which is accompanied by their huge hearts that are full of forgiveness. The Rainbow Star Children generally recover from the state of negative emotion quickly. This is also an important key that they hold – emotional mastery. Rainbow Star Children are psychic and have the ability to read people’s feelings. This gift is usually revealed as they grow older. Rainbow Star Children are psychic. Beyond this and perhaps more so, they have strong wills and strong personalities. Their gifts do not stop there. They are known to be natural healers and instant manifesters. It is said that whatever they need or desire they can instantly manifest. As would be expected, they have a connection to color. In fact they resonate with the colors around them. They are drawn to color, colorful surroundings and brightly colored clothes. Their energy is expressed in other ways too, as they are high-energy children. Their enthusiasm is demonstrated in their creativity. The Rainbow Star Children are thought to be the builders of the New World using Divine will. Characteristics of Rainbow Star Children include: Traits of Rainbow Star Children 1. Parents are lightworkers. 2. Do not choose dysfunctional families. 3. They are all about service. 4. May have big eyes like the crystal children, but they are totally trusting. 5. Entirely fearless of everybody. 6. Bringing in the healing rainbow energy previously brought through Reiki, Qigong and other hands on healing. 7. Have very strong wills and personalities. 8. Be very high energy. 9. Be very attuned to color and color vibrations around them. 10. Have passionate creativity. 11. Love bright clothing and colorful environments. 12. Bubble over with enthusiasm for everything in life. 13. Expect instant manifestation of whatever they think/need. 14. Have healing abilities. 15. Have telepathy. As the other Crystal Star Children grow older, they will be the peace-loving parents who birth the new Rainbow Star Children. The Rainbows being born right now are the scouts, and the large influx of Rainbows will occur during the years 2010 through 2030. The purpose of the Rainbow Star Children is to complete the final stages of the foundation that the Indigo and Crystal Star Children have made. The three sStar Children, Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow, each have a specific task. The Indigo Star Children are to break down the paradigm of the traditional thinking. Then, the Crystal Star Children will build their foundation on the broken paradigm. Finally, the Rainbow Star Children are here to build on to what the Indigo and Crystal Star Children began.  

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