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Spiritual warfare

Finding out the truth that the love in which we seek outside of our self, is really the pathway inside to find the love of god.  The love of god is really all we need and really all there is. Nothing more.

Today I was able to the best of my ability as a healer  clear the grid of "character defects" that has held me down my entire life.  I also realized that my family of origin as well as my children suffer from these as well as well as my ancestors.  I hope we get relief from the old thinking and behavior soon.  Its a spiritual struggle, even when we think we have changed.  I am reading more about the christ consciousness more and more and about the christ grid of light.  I saw a huge dark dreary grid and cleared it out, and filled it with cyrstalized light.  I hope this helps.

Last year when I went to Belize, I received a Christ Healing not really knowing what it was, so hopefully it is continuing so that I may be relieved of these defects that block me from god.

I dont know if this makes sense, but I needed to write.


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