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sorting yourself for ascension

Archangel Metatron:

I want the whole world to know that this week is a crucial time in your development toward Ascension. The energies continue to flow powerfully across the planet, awakening the crystalline potential of your DNA. For those who are ready and open to the movement to higher vibrations, it is a time of great growth and change. For those who are still doubters and sleepers, not so much, as you like to say. Either way, all will be experiencing incremental modifications.

We have created this plan together, of course, with input from all involved. The arrangement is perfectly designed to allow each soul to ascend as quickly as you feel you can. Some of you were aware before you came here that you would be hampered in some way, either through a lifetime of training in negative thinking, or because you have previously not yet reached high levels of development. Whatever your preference, there is a "track" for you, and your HIgher Self will be directing you accordingly.

It is very different here in higher dimensions than on the ground in one way. There is absolutely no competition for high positions of responsibility or "power." In fact, it is impossible for a soul to travel to dimensions of a higher vibration than they are adapted to; it is a matter of acclimating to the atmosphere of each dimension, one by one, as you practice and learn throughout many, many lifetimes, just as you advance through one grade to another here. Steve Beckow has written about this dynamic very clearly in his short e-book called "Negative Alien Races." Do not be alarmed by the title. It is reassuring you that you need not worry about them. They are not being allowed into the Earth's vicinity any more. You are a planet in ascension, and are under the protection of the Galactic Federation. No worries.

You have been told before that each level of vibration requires effort and physical adaptation. This is true whether you are in a human body or in you soul lightbody in higher dimensions. For instance, if you are a young soul who has begun your lessons and have achieved the transition from, say, the 5th dimension to the 6th, it is an occasion for celebration and congratulations. The 5th dimension is the starting point for all souls. One can descend to lower vibrations if one wishes, although it is an effort for us who are used to the lighter atmosphere above the 9th. This is what we have done to manage the transition to life on Earth in this current time.

Even the most ambitious soul cannot rise to a level higher than they have achieved by the work of learning to raise themselves to the lighter vibration. So, you see, as in Heaven, so on Earth. Those of you who are used to traveling through higher dimensions will not find it unfamiliar or difficult to be lifted by the incoming energies at this time. Those who are resistant, or those who are less experienced will choose a slower path. This is fine. It is not a race; all will be accommodated in the end. However, we do encourage you to take the fastest and highest track you are able to achieve. This will speed the process of Ascension for all.

Now, Dearest Ones, cooperate with your Higher Self to work out your goal. It is important for everyone to focus on lifting themselves now, regardless of how high your end point will be. This Ascension is for everyone who is here. Those who have chosen a path of darkness will be given the opportunity to awaken, and their path will be one which goes only as far as is appropriate for them. You see, it protects everyone this way. If you have achieved a high level of development, you will not be bothered by sight-seers and gawkers by the proverbial busload if you are working in high dimensions. By the same token, those who are comfortable and well adapted to the 6th dimension will be given the work appropriate for their rise to the 7th, no more.

You are all students of the School of Soul Development. This is our primary interest and goal in every lifetime. You will notice that people are now sorting themselves out by levels, to form groups to work with those who are at their own level. We have programs for everyone. Some who were reading these messages in the Who Needs Light? family have "opted out" at this time, because they sensed the content was becoming more and more challenging and difficult for them. This is fine; it makes it possible for us to continue to raise the bar for the rest of you. You have noticed that these messages are more psychologically oriented and more intricately constructed than others. This is by design and by previous agreement with the channel, who has been trained for this.

This sorting process means that for those of you who are Ascended Masters from higher realms in your previous experience, you will be feeling more and more isolated in your day to day experience. You may find your friends and family "falling by the wayside" from your point of view. They may choose to deride or mock your interest in spiritual development, distancing themselves from your discussion of the things that are dear to your heart, a deep part of your present identity. Do not condemn them, or try to slow yourself down on their behalf. Search instead for those who take for granted what you are feeling now - the urgency to be of service and to hone your Self to be the finest tool for God's work that you can possibly be.

We have provided you with many websites, many channels. Kathryn's colleague, Gabriella is overseeing a page on Facebook (now is the time to overcome your prejudice against Facebook) to provide a meeting place for those who are on the fast track to Ascension. It is called Healing for Ascension Tour Group. The medium of Facebook is well adapted to creating an interactive resource for likeminded people to meet, in fact it is the best use of this "modern" tool. We do not restrict its use to "social media networking." It can be used in a far more sophisticated way, to connect our Lightworkers on the ground with one another.

You see, I am acknowledging your progress and encouraging you to continue to raise yourselves, and we are giving you all the tools necessary to do so. An Ascended Master does not remain isolated, nor does s/he complain that others oppose them. Of course others oppose you; it is the normal response when someone is confronted with something they do not understand or feel as you do, and they are still firmly entrenched in the lower dimensions of Earth's duality.

Free yourselves now from all regret, all pain from the experiences of having been "rejected" by your fellows. Know that none of it is personal; it is simply the way human beings are responding to the challenges at hand. Take your own path, with joyful anticipation that you will encounter others who will embrace you and recognize the common ground you will tread together from this point on. It is a truly heart-warming experience to work with others who are experiencing identical challenges to your own.

Imagine yourself in an enormous ballroom. It is a great celebration, and everyone is invited. Use your radar to hone in on the dancing partners whose energy feels compatible with your own, since in this hall everyone hears the music they prefer. There are no restrictions, no rules to follow, nothing to prove. Some in the great hall will be waltzing with great sweeping gusto, others performing "electric boogie" moves, some practicing a carefully choreographed group two-step, and others doing the odd gyration you have called "twerking." Do not judge what the others are doing; move instead to the group whose rhythm lifts your heart and inspires you to join in the dance.

This is your time to shine, Beloved Ones. Widen your circle; reach out to make contact with others you have not preciously known. It is a time for sorting, aligning and offering comfort and inspiration to others. Be of service by bringing your message, but if others refuse to accept you, move on. Be an explorer of possibilities, a detector of deep feelings. Some of you do not yet know each other, for you have not advertised yourselves as Great Masters. Great masters do not do that, of course. They simply do their jobs as God has asked them to do and leave the commentary to others. They teach by example and by being transparent about what they feel and how they see the world. This is the most effective teaching style - one which Socrates made famous, and which remains still as the way to Truth. Do not confuse it with lecturing or intellectual gymnastics. The Socratic Method is a state of being.

We ask you now to make yourselves more visible. Present your view to the world simply, directly and with feeling. This is not the time for intellectual argument or fact-finding to support your opinion. Speak of your personal experience, your deepest feelings, and your Love. Make the story of your soul journey interesting to others by telling it in person. Everyone loves a good story. Make your story of Ascension real and accessible to others by showing them the joy it gives you to be alive, the thrill you feel when you awaken to each new day. The Faith you feel in your heart will be apparent to all. You need not give it a name, God, or even a reference. Tell the world of the rising energies on the planet, and your experience of exhilaration and lightness as you absorb the gift of heightened vibrations from the Cosmos.

Join with us, the Company of Heaven, to express Love, Compassion and unlimited Understanding to those you encounter along your path. Each chance meeting, every syllable you speak, and every step you take matters in the fulfillment of the Great Dream of Ascension.

You are our team, our beloved Brothers and Sisters, and we love you without end.

Your Partner in Ascension, Metatron.

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