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Seeing the good in you

So many people are blocked or think that they don’t deserve good. 

So many people come to me and get a healing then call later and say, this healing was great, but I don’t believe that it is going to last.

This made me begin to think?

Why do we think we are not worthy of good. What are we afraid of?  Then I think of the saying, our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.    It is not our darkness that scares us, it’s our light that frightens us.

Why are we afraid of our good?  Who or what has blinded us from our power?  It seems that deep down we know we are light, or God, yet we fail at all levels to see it.  It is time to lift the veil.  The veil of forgetfulness of who we really are- we are children of God.  We are all made in Gods essence.  We have the capacity to manifest anything good and bad, yet we doubt our self and will continue to doubt our self unless someone tells us different.  Well here I am.  Viola!!!

There is a different way to view our self.  We view our self from the standpoint of a human being, when in actuality we are a spiritual being.  A manifesting light of God.  A being of light.  Power.  Powerful. We have power. We have the power to heal, we have to power to love, we have the power to create.  If this is not magic then what is it? 

Magic and Miracles

Our magic is apparent to some and available to all yet it’s a secret. We think that only people of money or great success have magic, yet they always seem so sad and lonely.  Sometimes the people who seem to have it all, are really the loneliest.  They lack the capacity or willingness to seek something greater than them self.   Or they lack the ability to form relationships with others, they lack-brotherly love. They often lack to ability to see themselves for the god that they really are, they lack self-love and self-honesty and self-truth. The characteristic of God I believe.  People live in the seven deadly sins and make a success of themselves, but lack the characters of God that are the building blocks to joy.  You can have all the material things in the work, yet be joyless.  That seems so wrong.  How does one go about find the magic that is within themselves?  Most times I would say to be still and know that you are God.  It’s in the stillness.

Stillness of thought, mind and body. Sit and just be with yourself.  You are the answer. Love and joy come from within a loving soul. Yet we often feel that we don’t deserve things because we have bad thoughts, ideas behaviors which have come from society and our family.  It’s time to take charge and live the miracles of this lifetime.  The miracles are that you have the power.  You don’t lack the power, you are the power.  You have what it takes to create miracles in your life simply be being still. Well that’s the beginning, there is more work to do.

If we are living an unprincipled life, then how can we have any discipline within.  We must first discipline our thoughts and feeling about our self.  We must begin to love who we are.  Take all those negative thoughts and turn them to positive, then say them to yourself over and over until you believe them.  Take all those negative feelings you have about yourself and turn them into a positive feeling and feel them over and over and over until you believe these feelings about yourself.  Then try to see the world though God’s eyes.  Turn and look at yourself the way you think God sees you.  With total and complete unconditional love.

See the love he has for you and the beautiful being he has created and loves with all his heart then ask them to help you love yourself as he loves you and feel the love he has for you over and over and over daily . Then practice being still and knowing that he is god and his is within you.

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