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Last week we went to Sedona, AZ.  As soon as we drove off the freeway, on the road to Sedona, an Indian appeare on my right.  He was with me the entire trip.  I did not point this out to John as he was driving and I didnt want to startle him.  lol  I also kept getting sharp pains in my back.


As we got further down the road I heard "Welcome Home" and I began to tear up.  I felt at home, literally.  The vortex places were good, but crowded.  I am finding that I like my company more than lots of other people around me. 


I took an entire day to go to 3 places to meditate alone.  I got incredible healing, messages and my guide showed up  a Navaho Indian.  He was kind of pushy and tried to give me some "things to do".  I told him I wasnt ready and if he thought they should be done, then he do them. lol.   My greatest message was that I was to bring people to God, but to keep it simple, and do not judge.  I think I can accomplish this. 


I was vibrating the entire time here.  Not the usual feet and hands heating up and vibrating, but my entire being was vibrating at a beautiful peaceful feeling. 


Good Stuff!




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