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A post from awhile back


We have just heard of a man dying of alcoholism, loneliness,who was one of the funniest men on this earth. Although he was wonderful, how many more people suffer in silence?  In this world of universal consciousness Iurge all of you to say something.  Saysomething to that person who has nothing behind their eyes.  You don’t have to be a therapist, or eventheir friend, just say hi.  Or how areyou or are you ok.  Take that extra stepand acknowledge god, acknowledge the God in them and yourself and become onewith our brothers.  I found that we havestopped caring so much that people are falling around us like fallen soldiers ofhumanity.  Can we all just take a step uptoday and love our brothers, who are dying around us one by one, of suicide,alcoholism, depression, drug addiction, illegal and LEGAL. Am I right?  I see it all the time people who are so numbthat they can hardly speak or understand what I am saying.  This literally breaks my heart.


I took the step a while back when I saw a friend, who was obviouslydying.  He gained so much weight I thoughthe was going to die of a heart attack right there.  As an energy worker I could see that he wascarrying someone else’s insanity and dysfunction, as I have known this personfor years.  And I had to really askmyself, if it was me would he say something? And the answer was yes of coursehe would, because he had the courage that I sometimes lacked.  So I said something.  I email it, as I have trouble with confrontations,but some days later he responded with: I don’t know how to answer this but Iwill respond later. 


Some time passed and he said thank you to me. Thank you forcaring enough to say something.  Some days later, I saw his daughter who I have known since she was little and she told me that she was moving in with he dad and he is making some changes to hishealth.  I got tears in my eyes, as I knew that God had made me speak up and say something.  So, I just want you to know, please just say something.  If you are compelled to, say it.  We can make the change and we can be thechange.  So that one more person doesn’tgo unnoticed in whatever it is they are suffering from.  Because I found the courage to say something,someone helped themselves.  I feel thatsometimes people who don’t believe that they deserve good, just need that extraloving word or hug, or just send them love. Love really does heal all.  As Love is God.


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