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Sanada- Christ Consciousness Message

Sananda: Dear Brothers and Sisters, I bring you greetings from the entire Company of Heaven this Holiday Season. Of course, many of you know that my birthday was actually in the spring, but it doesn't matter. We all celebrate at this time of year. These celebrations go back far beyond the time when I came to Earth during the Jesus lifetime. We like to think of it as a time to celebrate the rising of Christ Consciousness on Planet Earth. Christ Consciousness Is the Will, Mind and Love of God For those who have been trained by their religion to think of the name "Christ" as mine alone, let me explain. The Christ Consciousness is the expression and realization of the mind, will, and heart of God. It is the knowing within oneself that we are here to represent God's Love. I came in that lifetime with my wife Mary Magdalene, who carried the Christ Consciousness as I did, and we were surrounded by our loving family who all supported and carried the Mission to uplift and inspire the people of Earth to Ascend. It was our hope that the great effort at that time would usher in a wave of compassion, good will and a deeper connection with God. It was the hope of the Company of Heaven that we would begin the rise in consciousness that would usher in the New Golden Age at that time. Unfortunately, the backlash against our teachings by the ones who coveted their power over others led to the distortion and falsification of the simple and direct message of Love we brought. And so, in the time since that life, we have all continued to incarnate at various times, with the same intention of bringing Peace to Earth and all her people. Yes, all of you reading this message have been a part of the Mission in one capacity or another, and we are here again to finish the job we started during those days in the Holy Land. This time, we have the help of so many of our Galactic friends, and the dedication once again of the entire Company of Heaven. We are wiser to the ways of the dark ones, and have worked steadily to remove their influence as 4 th dimensional overseers who would have interfered once again to stop us. This Time Nothing Will Stop Us Today, December 22, 2015 is the beginning of a new era. It will herald in the New Golden Age you have so longed for in a very... well, obvious way. The programs we have all worked so hard to bring to fruition will seem to "suddenly" come into view in your daily lives. The next few days will bring changes that will enter the consciousness of humanity in a gradual, quiet way at first, with little fanfare. You who have been with us through the building and creation of new economic, political and social systems behind the scenes will not be overwhelmed, nor will you see the changes as something to fear. You, Beloved Brothers and Sisters, will be the ones who will soothe and comfort those who are just now awakening. It will be a new phase of our Mission together to bring through the Light of the New Earth, to teach and to raise up our fellow humans to be able to accept the goodness and the freedom we are now introducing. Yes, it will be frightening to some, because they have staunchly held to the belief that one must always prepare for the worst, and it has made them suspicious of the best life has to offer them. Bringing in the New Day through Gifts of Kindness It may be surprising to you who have worked so hard and held your faith foremost in your minds and hearts to find that you fellow humans are somewhat reluctant to accept the great blessings we bring forth now. It is natural for them to be suspicious and frightened of change, even if that change brings them abundance and freedom from all that has enslaved them in the past. It is now our work to help them learn to acclimate to the good times. What a pleasure it will be to surprise your friends and neighbors with gifts from your heart, true gestures of kindness, just because it feels right, and it expands your own vision to see others find relief and freedom. Do not be daunted by those who would question or diminish the Light of your generosity. It is to be expected that there will be some who cannot immediately understand the goodness of what we bring. It will take compassion and a deep sense of the long-range goal we all hold: to uplift all of humankind to Ascend to a higher dimensional life together. Above all, Beloved Partners, be patient, move gently, spread your Light with equal parts of Joy and Forgiveness, for not all will understand our Mission in the first days of our great celebration. Some will not believe or trust that the blessings we bring come truly from Mother and Father God. It will seem impossible to them that such a monumental shift in their day to day lives could come because of Heavenly intervention, since they have lived so many days in the grip of darkness, slavery and pain. We must show them by our Light and our presence that such grace is not only possible, but is now the natural result of their own deep longing for freedom and for Peace on Earth. This great upsurge of Light is not a mystery, nor is it a surprise for those who understand the science behind quantum energy. We Are One Joyful Family We have created this, Dear Ones, by the combined energy of our hearts and our will. We have proven the simple rules of physics - the simple Laws of Energy and Matter. We cannot be created, except by the loving will of our Creator. We can join our energies in a way that creates as our beloved Creator intended. We cannot be denied, and the result is a magnificent, Cosmic realization of Truth: We are One, and we endure. We are the Children of God, and we prevail because we are the Light. This day, join with me and the rest of your family in the Company of Heaven Beloved Ones, as we meet together as One, builders of the Rainbow Bridge, the ones who will herald this new day, and who will create the most beautiful celebration our dear Planet Earth has ever seen. We will laugh and cry and embrace one another, and we will never forget the Joy of this precious time we have shared together. I am your brother, Sananda. I love you eternally.

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