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Reiki healing and a cat

Since I have updating my website with the animal information for reiki, I thought I would include what happened today at a healing I gave.


The person I was working on works with animals, and has them in her home as a doggie daycare/kennel. 


As I was finishing the treatment, her little kitty came in and started going crazy, started shimering his tail and looking up in the air as if somethinge was there on the ceiling and he began to continuously jump up and down on her and myself and she could not get to my hands fast enough.  By the end of the treatment my hands are usually very warm and the kitty just kept putting his head in myhands and jumping up and down and rubbing on her feet, the mine, then up and down and back to my hands.  I was so incredible to see this animal react so lovingly to the beautiful Reiki energy.  I felt like the kitty felt as though I was his momma energy.  It was so cute.  Just thought I would share.





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