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Written for the Millennials because of the high suicide rate and fear for the children. G

As a Spiritual Medium I am chosen to do many things to assist here on this planet. This article, by far is the most important calling of my life.

These children have been called star children, indigo children, children of the stars, rainbow children, diamond children etc., there are many names written for and about them. I have been called to write about the children of the universal millennium right here and now. The children who are confused about who and what they are. They have a deep inner confusion, yet have no idea why. And from a society standpoint they are different. What they see in the mirror does not substantiate what society says they should be therefore they are different. In easier terms they don’t fit in.

Fitting in

Recently during a meditation I was taken to a place called the 144

During this meditation, I was able to actually see different children and see their struggles. They have a sort of different weave about them, not quite like our DNA weaving but a sort of wrapped up tight wire looking space where each strand has its own facet. As I took each facet, from the children and took a look at what lit up for me. Each strand had its own diverse haunting. It gave me a good indication of what is really going on. As I looked at these strands one by one each struggle was absolute so different than the last. Not one was the same struggle. I believe that each struggle is inherently different a way that we are looking at this battle too singularly, we must broaden our eyes. Almost like the fly with many eyes to see all facets and determine their core cause. Listen and learn from these children as they are literally the new tribe of the nation.


This new tribe of Millennials have a different discord than any other generation. They came here to bring in the light and or life of Jesus. Not necessarily Jesus the Christ, but Jesus the enlightened energy. The discord they feel is one of rather impunity as it’s as though we have broken a promise to these children. They offered to come here to rejoice in their presence and in the presence of God so to speak, and they get here and its as distasteful to their pallet as any bitter taste of dirt. Leaving a literal sense of bad taste in their mouths. Their contract here as they looked down from the heavens down onto earth was to lovingly bring the light of god into our world and as a contract they all thought that what they were vibrating at the time of this contract validation they would have as they go here, however they were not told, as none of us were that they had to re-find their own vibration, and the vibration of love in order to share it. They are pissed to say the least. They are confused and heartbroken and cannot even tell you why. They have no words for this communication whatsoever. however one can only hope that they find out quickly before they all leave our planet.


The Freedom Fighters

Has anyone noticed with fight in these young people? Their couth, their lack of motives? They are generally and religiously lead solely by love. Love of man, love of people, love of animals, love of earth. These are the children who are literally fighting for us and it seems no one is paying attention. Their fight for love is so much more dangerously involved than anyone has ever even noticed. Has anyone payed attention to the suicide rate in these millenniums? Does anyone care? Their struggle is real and the fight is indignant. It is an in dignified fight for their life and their planet. They have literally come back to take bake their soul life here on earth and not one head is turning to see that. They are struggling within their own fight of fights. They feel denied of all and any human existence. They walk around in a daze of embarrassment, lack and denial. Denial of their truth which is “how can I be here in this terrible atmospheric layer of filth, greed and denial. The sheer death vibration has one under siege with a hatred of life. Their life. Has no one noticed the wave of terrorism, which is sheerly caused by the wave of hatred of life, here on earth. This beautiful wonderful magnanimous crust of delight. It has so many unearthed secrets that no one has any way of knowing or understanding. This is their crusade. To save the earth and not necessarily its inhabitants. They literally want to bring back the old, they do not want the new, they are and have been denied their own soul birthright. They want freedom. Freedom of conception, freedom of choice freedom of religion. There is none of that here. There is only hate and greed. The lawlessness of the issues brought up are literally benign to them. It is a literal shitshow of how a nation or all nations can gloat and tithe for their own well-wishers. They are literal well-wishers for themselves. As it turns out our nation does not want to help others, it only wants to help those who have put themselves in power for their power for their own nation. The people here of this earth and this country or for any county literaly have no say. And that’s what they are pissed about. The see it, they know it, they despise it and do not want to capitalize on it. They want their old earth back and I believe they all have the power to get it.

These children come with such super powers of their own that once they become or get charged or recharged, watch out, the revolution will begin.

The Solstice of the Revolution

God forbid these children are allowed to conquer their own fears by simply being. Well within their being of their own soul, they carry the light or life seed of determination and fight. They are going to fight their way to spiritual liberation and freedom. They have seen what happens when people are kept down, and they simply despise it. They despise it from the bottom of their core. How can many already know this so young? Oh, they know, and they are ready to fight for what they simply believe to be true. One can only live under a cover for so long, and they are ready to literally rip the top off.

One way will be to become more enhanced spiritually and literally. With the literal name of Christ they will come in numbers greater than ever thought before. Their fore pride will become more and more consistent with the love thy neighbor as they self-regimen. It has been put aside for way too long, and they are here to make changes, literally kick butt and take names. They are sick and tired of this and or these lifetimes of hate and destroying one another in the name of Christ or greed for that matter. One can only become chosen by becoming all that is, which is the co-creative one. The ones of man god and peace. This peace is what is their drive, not hate. They know this peace and resonate it greatly and are available to retrieve it at any time. One does not simply have to look outward to find what is within they say. Just be is their motto.

So, the beginning of the end is upon and one must have to say in literal terms. What has happened, people are greedy, some are lazy, some dis recompense and all are liars in their eyes. They see that our words do not match our actions, and they find this unacceptable. So I say to you today, be ready as the dawn of time is now. And the children of the stars are ready for a revolution, a soul revolution. Each and every one of them will continue to climb their own stairs to the stars in their own way, but will keep up with the millennial guidelines which are to uncomplicate their life here so that others may come in at a later time. Rid this planet of the discord and unmanageable train of thoughts of the people. They may have come later but they are not too late. The dawn of time is upon.

The Dawn of Time

As we awaken each day, these millennials get stronger and stronger, I believe the internet helps, especially than when they were trying this in the 60s and 70s.

There has come a time finally when the forces of the young can neither decipher or uncover any more lies. Our country and our country’s country is finished. The war of the discipleship is abound and its coming for us all. Heaven help us and all that are here to survive.

Heavens Discipleship

If one has chosen to come here, one has chosen a path. Each path leads to a different calling, yet of the same virtue. It has to be one of both defeat and rising. As they say, if it easy, they won’t learn, but if it is hard they will remember. Remembering, however is the hardest part. Learning the lesson is the easy part.

The soul spinner

I have said that each soul has its own retainable adherence to one’s empathy. This empathy has to do with a sort of ejaculated providence of haste as no one really sits back and asks the questions. How is this going to affect me or others. They simply say or do with little or no introspection. Introspection is a timeless gift of wisdom and empath-

These millennials are not of the deviant nature they are pure live light and charisma. Each has their own way of delightfully entertaining us. Here to be sure for others to live a peaceful existence, they will sort of put them self out there in harm’s way for life.

I have written this for those who would like to reclaim their independence.


Given the changes or chances of being heard, and seen and fought for I believe these children are going to change the world. I am offering this channeled information to those who will understand this message and I will now share with you the part of the puzzle piece that is missing from the lives of these children, this world, and the materialistic, almost masochistic society.



Reiki and the Millennial Child

Written for the Millennial Children, Parents of the Millennial Children and Children with any other diagnosis or the lost children who seemingly wish to disappear.

Reiki assists with the turmoil, the unnatural ways of these children and their behavior in your home and or household

The rush of excitement in these children as the reiki energy naturally penetrates all that is abnormal to them and makes it normal. These reiki waves are of a systematic energetic wavelength that penetrates their abnormalities well within their mind space and allows the great universal energy to divide and conquer so to speak. It has a way of immaterializing the material deciphering the undecipherable it’s a language and it is ancient and penetrable. The reiki waves are as immortal as time itself. There is no language for these ancient wavelengths, just a sense of being or belonging. It all must do with the coagulative demonstrative division of their own indivisible timeline remnants, and these remnants become increasingly material.

Their message to me is that each individual human becomes more and more divided amongst themselves and is sort of living a shattered life or has a shattered perspective. They see their world as a shattered mirror almost. Their eyes or brainwaves copulate mainly indecision or indecisiveness as their language used in the upmost indefinite space of time. What they are saying or yelling or spewing out is really their own language it just has its own wavelengths

The Reiki Energy is able to decipher just what these children are trying to convey. Their ideas or communication can almost be equated to the dolphins or the whales. Both of which are highly intelligent mammals that speak their own frequency. I believe that Reiki can help us to rise to a level of listening, understanding and resonating with vibrations or languages unknown

Reiki can assist and alleviate some of their inabilities or to bring together the conjuncture special divide. This great divide may once have provided them a sort of safe space of living, however once attuned you and they can do your best to come together well within the confines of an almost oneness of peace tranquility and mainly love. When living from this love space, one can only attract and feel love. If living from a divided space of broken mirror images, then one can only live a shattered existence. When these children are given Reiki Attunements and are allowed to become open to the life force energy that is Reiki, they will find a new science and a new endeavor within themselves. I cannot say they will take up their feet and walk again, but I will say you both will have a new communication that will be above mainstream life here on earth. It is a universal consciousness communication that is adherent in many other realms of the universe. Realms I believe these children reside. It’s almost as though their bodies are here, but their mind and soul are elsewhere. I also believe that making this universal connection, will bring in a conjecture of hope for all involved.






















Honestly the list could go on forever. In so many words, Reiki gives you life. It gives you a human existence within a spiritual body. It assists you in communication on a different vibrational wavelength than just what is apparent to the human eye. It gives you a higher communication for life.

I believe reiki can assist with our children who are trying to communicate with us, but cannot. Some may be due to not knowing why they feel different or some may be due to their limited physical and mental handicaps. For the parents of these Millennial Children, Reiki will also remove your mask of guilt, denial, anger, and the like allowing peace back into your family life. It will bring in the natural forces of nature to allow healing to take place, and even help your children thrive more fully. Communicating in this realm of sort of indictment gives you a way to alleviate all normal life as you know it and begin living it from a higher plane of existence. the possibilities are endless. So, I urge you to begin today.

Each Reiki class builds upon the last. Below are Reiki course outlines in my own words and my experience with each class.


Reiki I

The Reiki I class opens the gates of the universe. This class consist of 4 Ancient Sacred Attunements. Each attunement has its own specific purpose. The first attunement opens up your crown chakra to the universe allowing the universal life force energy to begin flowing. The second attunement begins to align your upper chakras. The third attunement begins opening and aligning the bottom chakras. And the final attunement allows the life force energy to flow continuously through your space. Opening up communication to the universe and your higher self. This first class allows your body to begin adjusting to your old perspective as you lived before. It allows new self-communication to become more apparent and useful in your daily life. It may or may not allow your other gifts to begin awaken as well. These gifts could include, clairvoyance, mediumship, past life remembrances, a knowing of other existences and even a higher communication with other sentient beings the list goes on and on. And the possibilities are endless within this universe. A sacred symbol is provided in this class for your use.

Reiki II

The Reiki II class allows for healing of past present and future. Reiki also allows for healing of deep emotional hurt, abuse, and pain. There are two sacred attunement given in this class. The first one will balance the yin and the yang of your body or right and left energies. The second attunement fine tune the energies and allows them to fit perfection within your space. This class is very deep and intense. You are given two ancient symbols. The first symbol allows you to tap into the past present and future. It sort of builds a bridge within time. It allows healing to take place even if the person is not in your presence as Reiki energy has no time and no space. Its wondrous nature allows you to heal your ancestry, your timelines, your future as well as your past. This is an amazing experience. The second symbol allows a deep inner emotional healing of past emotional upsets, abuse, addictions, precepts and the like. It allows them to wash away the past so to speak. This class is amazing.

Reiki III/Master Class

Reiki III Master Level Training Class attunes you to the Master Energy of the Universe.

Becoming a Reiki Master is being able to Master all Universal Guidance to enhance your life and to fully live a path of truth.

In this Training Class-

You are given a Master symbol and taught how to give a Reiki Attunement. Not the same attunements as the classes but an attunement to assist others in opening up their consciousness to the Universal Life Force Energy.

This class gives you the power of allowance to assist others in ways no one else can. It also keeps you on a higher level of continuous learning and living. This class gives you higher ideas and precepts to live and abide by. I believe it literally allows you to walk with the giants of the universe.

After becoming a Reiki Master, you will be in total allowance and alignment with God, Spirit, the Universe, and yourself. As we are literally all one. At this Master Level, you are able to have a clearer picture of who you are and what you wish to become.

Karuna Reiki I Practitioner

Karuna Reiki I Practitioner works with the sacred sound of the Universe together as one unit. This training allows the love from an unbound sea of love to totally and compassionately open up and allow you to create from this wisdom, a healing space that has unlimited possibilities as well as the potential to heal universally. In this training, you will receive 4 ancient symbols that will allow you to heal and clear deep cell memories from both this life and the past. Create clarity and open your heart to compassion. Your awareness broadens while opening up to other dimensions of the Universe and connect to loving compassionate energy. It will assist to break negative patterns while restoring natural balance to your life. All you to heal at very deep karmic and causal level restoring love, truth, beauty and harmony. It will restore your love of life as it heals issues of the heart.

Karuna Reiki II Practitioner

Karuna Reiki II Practitioner further enhances your work with the sacred sound of the Universe. It allows a deeper connection to the unbound sea of love to totally and compassionately open up and allow you to create even further from this wisdom. Again, a healing space that has unlimited possibilities as well as the potential to heal universally. In this training, you will receive 4 ancient symbols that will allow you to acquire the mystical and spiritual knowledge through feeling and prophecies from God.

Karuna Reiki I/II Master

Karuna Reiki I and II Master class has a level of intenseness all on its own. This class allows you to receive the sacred attunement process to attune Reiki Masters to this lovely healing adventure. Allowing the universe to literally kick start your life. It will be as thought you flatlined and have been given life once again. Working with the Karuna Master Symbol as well as the sentient beings, the Bodhi vistas of the past and the Karuna matrix of the future. Aligning with this natural beautiful Karuna reiki master energy will honestly give you the world. I have no words of the joy I have in using each and every one of the gifts I have been given.


Karuna Practitioner classes are very intense. With the 8 new ancient symbols the possibilities for your life will become endless. My experience with these classes allowed for a much higher sight, almost as though I was shot up to 100 stories and given the ability to look down into one’s space getting a different perspective than just the earthly perspective. I was allowed to see a person’s makeup for their universal matrix, allowing for an even deeper perspective of healing to take place as well as seeing their DNA make up and being able to allow it to light up and even heal that part of their ancestral line. Now I am not saying this will happen to everyone, but the possibilities are honestly endless and feel assured that your life will never be the same.

Reiki Teacher Training – This is an Optional Class ONLY if you wish to be a teacher

Reiki Teacher Training is a 9 month course. This course will give you the teacher perspective for teaching Reiki and allow you the privilege of learning how to give class attunement to students to open them up to the universal life force energy. Not everyone wishes to be a teacher but it is quite an honor and privilege. It takes commitment mentally and physically. One must be ready for this and will have the knowing when it its time.

Reiki Conclusion

Having read the explanations of the reiki and its benefits, let me express to you that there is no way that you could ever go wrong in taking any or all of these Reiki Trainings. Even if you take them and do not practice them, the universal life force will still be very prominent in your life; bringing to you opportunities you had never had before. If you are having trouble fitting in in life, with society as a whole or if your child is disabled, or a loved one is ill or sick in ways no other help has been successful, or you do not agree with the answer, you will now have a different perspective and a new energy and the faith to give it another go around. You can assist in healing yourself as well as your loved ones. Reiki allows for a wholeness to take place where before there was a sort of brokenness. There are no boundaries to where love can go and heal.



Karuna Reiki Master Teacher


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