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Past Presidents and Leaders on the 4th of July

This channeling came in yesterday, and it took me the day to spell check, etc. ​Some of our past presidents and leaders our or country are very concerned with our welfare and have come together as a voice to give us a message.  The told me I would be their voice, so I will let you know more as it come up. I have tried my best to only edit words I couldn't understand so this channeling is as organic as I received it. I hope you enjoy. Its easy to just read line by line as a conversation, as I ask them questions, etc. ​ July 4th, President George Washington So this morning we are allowing in George Washington our founding father who has may words and has had many words but no listeners so to speak   so now without further ado Good morning Mr. Washington How are you this day I am a bit peaked Andrea Why Well in the beginning I felt as though one should always stand up and be counted as each person mattered and in this day and age as I step in it seems no one is counted and everyone is overlooked Do you think that if you had known this you would have created something different perhaps? A way around  this or a way of liberty within the pursuit of happiness Perhaps but seeing each man and child discounted for who they are not is very soul deafening and rather voracious. It’s almost like a subterranean way of living like some  people aren’t even allowed to walk free on the streets.  It’s as though they are bartered for by their master so to speak.  They still walk around in chains.   It’s the chains of these so-called liberty and or justice Mr. Washington sir What has come of our country and the greatness it used to hold and I feel like the citizens are in greet rebel and even danger perhaps Is there a way to uncovet our nation? And if so how Well I will let Mr. Lincoln step in Good morning Mr. Lincoln How are you this so-called Independence Day of 2017? I ask you the same question Oh what is going on Andrea We are aware of the incomings, and the danger is pretty high pleas lay low There are many faceted beings coming in Are they bad or good? Inherently bad this ay Andrea stay focused and low to the ground Ok Am I to do any thing No just pray and be focused Wage a war upon the unholy this day Andrea we are winning but only from the underlying belly of the beast Stay focused strong and keep your foothold Its going to be a bumpy ride Ok I got this loud beep and write this.  A beep so loud I have never gotten it before it’s the galactic federations ships Ok So can anyone show me for sure you are here. Manifest something for me this day please So I don’t think I’m crazy   We usually canty endure the space but ok How will I believe this all to be true if not? Ok Thank you dartanioin you are helping Ok so Mr. Lincoln what are your words   Well Andrea it seems ones are happy I am speaking well is it ever right here and now to speak the truth Everyone keeps everyone down and censored What are your words about trump Ohh I am  so sorry and apologize to this great nation for this person He is an out of control ape who has justified is his existence by torturing small children by tithing the rich into the rich and creating a fortress of hate and disparaging wages Andrea keep up your work as you are our link There or here We are inherently working with his misgivings and are almost tortured by his business sense We all really feel responsible for this man or beast His family is torturous as well as his siblings, if he has any This man is laden with hatred for all others other than himself and his apparent suicide is prominent His genes are torturous Mr. Lincoln any word for the people of the united states Well people of this great nation become more united in your ways of undoing the chains of your fortress, step out into your own birthright. Your own birthright here is one of untorcherednness. Your soul must  remain intact as when others seem to fall out, you must stay full strong and centered in your  space as if not we all die at some other level of despair Can you all  rally together this day and forgive the past as it has been a reckless endeavor for all Be one together under this nation we call god and under the guise of liberty Show all your respects to the flag and not this current leader Hes not a leader he’s a crucifix What does that mean He crucifies anyone who is not like him He feels he is outspoken enough that he is untouchable He has a sort of rat race going on below or beneath him hand his ways are very tumultuous to all Get up and on away from this noise of revolution as he will create chaos God speed andrea Godspeed Thank you, Mr. president,  My pleasure Have you word for my work specifically Well andrea we come only those who are understanding and can put the worlds plain simple and fully on the paper of live Your gifts are a tremendous wealth of knowledge and help Give us all the blessing of allowing our words to be  published in such a way that one can only communicate fully with  the space within l can do this but all are unaware, not unworthy but feel unworthy I understand Helping is the first step   The real first step is taking off the blind folds Really see the world And its inhabitants Not even beginning with the us They all have problems, yes, but almost white color problems All over the earth there are far worse Can you give me examples and what to do? Surely, I can help Our mere existence here or for us to even need to come back is literally a hellish feature As we only said we come back if you were all in need And you are so here we are Kennedy has some  words Good morning Mr. Present Andrea greetings to you and yours Your work is indelibly nature to you and we wish for a favor Of course will it hurt, lol No not a tall Our words are bound by an ethical time in our life where we had to be masked so much and many times Mr. king says that  in all our endeavors we had many spiteful rages against man , man of all  color  and nations, and forever more there will be spite and indirectly or in directed spite toward all  nations of color For whatever the reason the white superior race felt obligated to deter the humans into this way of life as it’s a race ,race, however coming from a place now of truth a place of real honest to goodness trust, we all must rise up for our future women and children and give hope to the world Mr.  King, it feels so hopeless here I tell you Ms. Andrea we know we see and we feel It’s so heartbreaking and illuminating to us all here We all sort of wait and watch it play out Knowing it cant be good Even our own brood knows there can be no winners in the end The old Calvary has sort to had to lie down their guns and take it or take one to the head. So first of all Lets  see where you are in yoru space my dear Its been a hard week has it not Yes so much so that I have felt disastrously sad and weary We know And we apologize, we had to sufficiently adhere to our strict rules and and yor souls rules as so if you would write for us Its an almsot quickening of the entire nation of space Its un lament is or has a way of  identifying the few who can manage I understand So having said that Let get going Ok So first Or toward this This nation is heading toward an almost oblivious attack on china with the intervention ways of determine how when and why we our our forefathes were never mentioned in our newest peace speech Its like our hard work never existed Ok I see you all siting around a huge table Yes, we are Even Lindon Johnson I thought he was ill or evil Somewhere but hes here as wel The bill Clintons of your time sort of ambushed our presidency and we are here to sort of take it back We give to you the assimilated words of our forefathers intertwined with our historical wisdom are you ready. Yes   Cumulatively we all say in our own words together at this time: Dear country of once great divide We come today and bringing to you and yours a family message As we all sit here accumulating ideas for your fathers or fore fathers we have gained inner knowledge or warnings of the following Arms are not a race for war The arms today are a race for cash This cash formidably winds up on the pockets of the legislature whom then relates their so called bought words that flow from their soul into the house of representatives and then creates laws based  on the flow of money Its not the people who they care bout It’s their love of the money and the government and the arms and the wars Whomever said that wars are necessary is the most irresponsible human being in earths history to denounces the life of the people The people are what’s necessary not wars and war mongers Give of yourself this great nation standup be tall and begin foraging through all the books, terms, laws, money hounders and see exactly where and to whom  this money goes, its not the people of the united states this money is paving forward elsewhere so that it keeps the minds of people there busy and so the underlying workings and being forages and almost traped of grandeur Once these old traders die off the truth will beknow and the us will be bankrupt and owning to china We are living on borrowed money and time and international radical uselessness It has been bound for many many years And the US cannot be open to any new radicals because we have  nothing to offer Our advice is this Get up Show up Divide the properties into 5 nations North South East West Government But using a tactful way of government We fully offer and pick our representatives based on our home towns Not by unilateral divide This mockery has gone on long enough and each small town should have its own voice That’s why we would go around to small towns and congregate around them They are the back bone of this country And they are literally dying In all aspects of life Get off the ground and go and give these money mongers a run for their money [the time is now We thank you all for listening and decided doing something different The congress can last forever as it is foraging a or their own inner death They will be falling off one by one as soon as they age and limits are up Bring in new life and allow them all love How Who them a new community of heart Not to be negative but easier said than done. Really Yes We did it Yes and you were killed Not to be rude But our legacy stood strong and lasted for a long while We all believe that people still believe that our words are still true, Andrea we did it And so can you and everyone else Ok so knowing our world now Why would I make any difference Well let us all speak  together Andrea We are of honor and dignity and great satisfaction that you can and for with will understand our business It’s a manifestation of  our truth our honor  and our great foundation Give us the satiation of assisting and helping you Be grand in you endeavors just as we had Ok I agree but How and what Wil l I be  doing First allow all of us each and every one to give a speak Ok Then carefully write each endeavor as such that no one can nullity your work Ok Each one of us has such information that once unnnnulified you Ok so again why me Do  we really need to back into that Ok I get it I know why me but will anyone else believe me Oh they will believe you with what we bring farther. Ok fathers I understand.   The words of the wise By: Dr. king President Lincoln President Eisenhower President Kenny Bobby Kennedy President Washington And al surrounding forefathers who wish to keep this great nation in tack. Or how it was supposed to be, let’s say. We the people on the 4th of July 2017 wish for you to know the following data or information We speak fully and truhfully and truthfully through and by andrea so that she can fulfill her own mastery of sorts She has a will and way to communicate and almost manipulate and bend the timeline so that we may bring in words Thanks to Einstein and his  work along with taking time off his sabbatical we are all enjoying this time together on the same timeline We have never before been able to communicate so fully and masterfully until now We will begin On this day we bring forth on the forth, literally, and new option for your world We bring in a sort of almost subterranean way of thinking We see what is happening on the above ground level, lets take a look underneath it Let’s see the great foundation of this country and the forefathers thinking about it First and foremost Our own grand nation was thought up to be a great bright and loving truth We assimilated in our writings ways of becoming stronger as one but essentially or eventually become divided by skin, color race gender, etc. This division is a power play for many and most See it today as the wall was the first and more most thing that  your president wanted Only his nation of whites is the correct living species We shall and will give you first the untruths All the rich men are very poor They are in spirit, poor in endeavors personal and poor in their own ways As they look in the mirror they hatred pours out of their eyes In other words Hillary was a bad example of the way we treat women differently They picked the trump over her just because she was a woman It’s not to say that she was the best candidate But the reasoning behind all this is that We see that the white man is still in charge And we all agree this has been the ways but we do not always agree We just wish to point this out Secondly Bobby speaks Hello andrea Secondly Our great nation of well doers has literally gone to the wayside for more than a thousand years now we have lived a helish existence All the woman and children an  blacks have been  literal slaves to this white man Give him money and he will bash everyone My words on this are that Keep America great by feverishly working together as one nation under one nation and without leaderhship See a democracy sort of way that all votes  must be equal and just until somethings reached That is the only way leaders don’t work, look at hitler True My son has ways and is working on this please please back this child He is of great and true greatness within We put all our eggs in one basket on this child Please assist him fully Thank you, bobby, Tell my wife I love her still and shes a great mother and has her own ways of good within God speed Thank you bobby I almost said Mr. president as you would have won In the 60’s you guys sure had it rough Yes we did and nonetheless we aspired You did very much so This brings tears to my eyes and I feel sort of cowardly toward all this As I have aspired but i do nothing You do plenty Allow this space  to be removed and go forward Ok   Dr. king says the following Andrea I had a dream and I still do today The people of this great nation all come or came together in such a way that we lost exalvished a democracy of kind minds and hearts It’s a dream and we should all have one as we are all of the same beating heart Allow all of us in today on this nations day for sprayer Please bow your heads on this great day of nations We are all one in the same and have great glory and homestead within On this great day of celebration for our great nation please become more aware of your surroundings and become the master of your own tierney of your own heartfield world If we all live first within, the we can all live first without It’s a nation of one under god for god in the heart of god Please please please all become more heart centered, instead of self centered as we are literally dying of a sort of terminal disease of the nation and with the head of the nation biting the heads off each and every one of you Please on this day say a prayer of forgiveness for this man as he knows not what he does and love love love thy neighbor as yourself  be kind to one another and especially be kind to yourself and this great nation of lovers of today Truly be one with all that is in order to rise above this spiked nation of heresy. Glory be to god Dr. King Thank you So beautiful My wife kids and grandkids are of the upmost to my heart and I must never give up on this great nation. Amen Mr. ford Has word Our greatest endeavor has always been the heart of man himself We have hidden the answers of our own kingdom within this great kingdom All we wish to bring in today is that We ask that you all look within your great hearts of hearts and become away of your light and love for one If you all stand together no once can fall alone God bless this great nation of  lovliness Thanks be to god Mr. Regan Hello I am here to say stand up for the glory of this nation or you all  will suffer in great slience this thatthis  nation  cant win not their individual Stay stedfast strong and vigilant in all your endeavors Stay together like glue As this great nation is not dead yet Live on great nation of the united states Live on  

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