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Past lives

Past Life Therapy, Trauma Release and the Body.pdf (PDF — 10 MB) Past Forward Rule_ Top 1...pdf (PDF — 1 MB) Many times our past lives carryover and hinder our current lives.  I have spoke about this before, but I am done some healing on myself and have found some great articles I wanted to share.

Recently, I had an etheric healing and found that I had hurt others in my past with my powers.  The people were around me wanting me to tell them that I am sorry for hurting them and others.  I did not hurt them of my will I was under someone else's direction, as far as I can figure out. I have been able to release my past life heaviness and try to move on to what I was put in this lifetime to do.  Help heal the earth and the American Indian spirits that are stuck here.  How do I know this, because they come to me in droves looking for help.  Plus, I work down the street and live by Indian Burial Grounds.

I did not know this before.  I guess that since becoming somewhat enlightened, the spirits all saw my light and all lined up for help.  Let me tell you, there are many.  Not just in Sac, but they are coming form other places.  I got a message while meditating the other day and the name Rancho Cucumonga came to me, along with some visions of places so I trusted it and looked it up on the internet.  To my surprise (not really), there is a stretch of highway called death highway or something like that- the 210 highway.

Anyway, since its construction, there have been multiple deaths on this short stretch of highway in a short period of time.  Guess what, its built right on an Indian Burial Ground.  So I was able to help release some of the souls of the Indians as well as the buffalo and animals, which I did not know I could do.  AS this all sounds crazy to you, well, you should be me.  My purpose is just this, and thank god I found it.

I attach a couple of articles of past life information for your perusing.

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