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Pain Management -We are all one

For the past 4 weeks or for the past 5 years for that matter I have sufferered from neck and back pain.  These past two weeks, have brought me to my knees with pain. I finally had to get pain medication from my dr.  That was on the 4th and on the 6th, I had a Divine Spark Training class.  I went a little loopy from the meds, thinking this may not work, I may not be able to connect with source.


WE went to the upper chakras, the 8-12 chakras that no one really speaks about.  I got to go to each one, and see what was there, and if it needed healing, and I aligned all the chakras together, 1-12.  When I got to the 10th, and asked if it needed a healing, and to let it be done, it instantly went down through my neck and back and began its work.  Its as though it took the drugged, loopy feeling body, and discarded it.  The pain was  minimal as the end of the alignment, and as of today, I am pain free. 


I did go to another training class on Sunday, Saturday was just a refresher of the first class I attended, and I have written about, so both of these training classes, which work with the chakras, have cleared  my pain. 


Its not actually that simple, as the 10th chakra also deals with the separateness.  Separateness of us with others, with God, and with ourselves.  So I had to look at my judgment of others, self and God for that matter, I had to release all judgment, past  present and future, and let the separateness go and become one with God.  In doing this I realized, we are all ONE.  And it is our Ego that keeps us separate.  Our ego makes us judge so that we can keep separate and not be one with God and Man.  I had this huge realization, and have been doing my  best to live in the oneness of all things.  We are literally God, with skin. right. 

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