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Our Founding Father Speaks for the Healing of our Nation

My guides have pointed out to me that our nation needs assistance.  One of our founding fathers came to me and said you have got to do something to asssit our nations capitol for this is not what we wanted our nation to be.  Everything is mixed up. 

So he said that there are ley lines under Washington DC and I knew this from prior research, the sacred geometry of our nations capitol was built as such using astrology and sacred geometry. I also reserch the ley lines and thee is a long earthly power line that goes from New York, through Boston, through Pennsylvania, Virginia Maryland DC and down all the way to the Mexico Pennisula where there is a pyramid.

So I focused my attention and began to send healing energy. There are layers and layers upon layers of so much in that area, greed, hate, discust and the like, so I did my best to clear the energy, the the energy of the entire US, We need so much spiritual help here. Our country was built upon the essence of God, and it is so lost. I ask that you pray of our country, and if you are an energy healer clear off our country and the world. It can hurt. Below is part of my channeling I received from George Washington. In my last trip to Pennsylvania, he spoke to me and said he was dissapointed in our nation, so i am not at all surprised he came through again: 

Here is my channelling: I didnt reaize it was so political: 

Guides speaking: The earthly lines; from our forefathers, they sort of constructed a planetary circular cusp so to speak and within this sort of cusp there were many natural and unnatural truths of our nation

It holds within it a time of justice that at one time was prevalent, and not it is inherent; the lines ha e been mixed up as well as trampled on when it comes to the equality of man himself

Me: Right

Guides: And their fortitude nature  has been butchered to the point where no one is in charge of all or many the cat is in the hen house so to speak, and it taking adventitia of all who he can and all who can help him gain further control; let’s work on that; completely ratify this and these people

Me: How

Guides: With help from all of the above; the forefathers are ready to assist

Or ancestors are already to assist, the angels are ready to assist; god is ready to ass

Me: So how and what to do


Lay your hands at your heart

Resonate the land of the free for a multitude of ranges and of time

This will not only enhance our communal fortitude but grant others to do the same

This is a the most necessary of things to do this day be frank and wit

Cut in

May we cut in?

Yes George Washington carver?

Carver was and is a place of the township, It has come and gone

We precisely are here to endure your fathomable endurable path my lovely

What has been done is simply unprocessible to us

Your country is in deep need of deep and nourishing faith

It has non, absolutely none

Lincoln tried when he abolished the slaves but still the others we more powerful

The most powerful ones are still doing the same thing

They must be stopped how

By the undoing of the political party that has wasted all or time and money

The republicans

The republicans sand the democrats always seem to fight, but they are all on the same side

There interested bear only fruits to any and all of them

This part or parties are disparaging

Well sir what can I do

Assist in the healing of the nation

Help the nation heal

And gain access to their hearts

That is the only way we you are going to survive this

We will guide you

And as I did the healing they did guide me. Along with the angels, our ancestors, and our plenetary guides as well.  the universal beings do not want us to be at war, they are doing their best to assist our planet in peace. 

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