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Oneness with the God Source within you. Mother Mary Energy


Answers From theMasters – Begin Wearing Your New Coat of Love - “Mother Mary”, “Arabella”,“Sananda”, “One Who Serves” “Ashira”


4March 2014 - 5:48pm |




James McConnell

ASHIRA Greetings. I am Ashira. Welcome all and indeed, the heavens have opened and the invitation has gone out far and wide for all to come join this group today. Yes, Mother Mary, as she is known by many of you has come to share her energy and spirit with you this day with a message. And so close your eyes and we are going to use an exercise similar to the exercise that was used last week. The energy is perfect for this. So, in your mind’s eye, extending out that vision from your heart, not through your three dimensional eyes but through your heart, feel her presence now in this room. Imagine she is standing in the middle of the room. And as she stands she moves around as if on a pedestal, not to be better than you but for you to have a vision to be able to imagine her. And her arms are wide open and her countenance beams on you.

  And this room is filled with her blue love. This energy ray of perfect, clear blue love filling every corner, every space of the room. As you breathe, replace that golden light with her blue light of healing and love. Her perfect love. And see as she connects with you, very deeply touches you on your heart and smiles with you. And she wishes to share her message with you this day.


MOTHER MARY Beloveds in this room and all around who might be reading this and sharing this message today, I bring you love for that is all that I am about. Love, is indeed, all that you are about. Love. And these are the times that are about moving back into the state of love that is perfect in every way. Perfect for that whole being that you are and that you express. The perfect love that overpowers darkness, indeed. But even more than that, all of those who have had this deep love of power and the excitement that power has brought in this dimensional world, have been washed away. And you see but a shadow of it in your room and in your hearts and in your minds for it is only a shadow, a reflection of the past. For the new reality my friends, my beloveds, my brothers and sisters, the new reality is that the power IS love. And that power of love continues to remove the barriers that were set up falsely in that world you have left behind. And yes, even though it feels real to you, the message that I bring to you today is that it is no longer your reality. And while you all may be waiting for that heaven that you expect to manifest, it is already manifested. And it is but a short distance for you to be able to see it through different eyes, through different hearts. To say yes! To love.

  And in my touching you very deeply today, very personally, by being able to be here with you, that you take this with you and let my love wash over you each and every one. Wash over you for your healing at the very deepest levels, bringing up to the light anything that holds you back from knowing truly who you are as divine beings of love and light.

  This is the time now. These are the blessings that we bring you. Indeed, I am no better than you. I am no more than you. I am you and you are me. Just as you are all parts of one another and in one another. For the Divine Father, Mother, Creator Spirit, whatever you choose to call that Being which IS, has its reflections in every single one of you. Every single one of you is a part of that wholeness and a part of that love. And it is only the limitations that you accepted by living in the world that you have manifested your life into that hides this from you. And it was by choice on your part. We know that makes you laugh and wonder but it was here that you chose to be at this time and these are glorious times.

  And I promise you that by saying yes! my friends, each of you will see through these new eyes that have been given to you. And it is but a realization on your part to be able to see into the new world of light and crystal and dimensional shifts and kindness and compassion and sharing and caring and love. So all of those I bring to you today with the message that is already here. You are no longer waiting for that new time to approach. It is here for you.

  And so we will continue to have our energy here with you today as you continue to share in the messages of others including one who is known as my son, and you shall be blessed for you are blessing others with your ears and your hearts and your attention. And we give thanks for that. And we bless you with all of our love and all appreciation for who you are and what you bring to this very exciting moment in time today.


ARABELLA Well, you’ve heard from my friend, Obeediyah, you’ve heard from him several times. I am, Arabella, Arabella, from the kingdom you would call the Devics, the Elementals. We decided it was time for our people, yes, we call ourselves people sometimes too (little giggle from Arabella), to share with you information about the times that are now. You spoke earlier of the children who can see those of us of this vibration and indeed, not only children but many, many people are seeing the fairies, the elementals, the sprites, the elves, all of those pixies who share the task of taking care of the world as it is, has been and will be.

  And we will continue to take care of all of those aspects even when the new experience, what will be grand and wonderful for us, is that we will be able to share with you. You will be able to work alongside of us as we sprinkle our fairy dust and we get together and create the magic of creating the new world for you and with you! And won’t it be fun to be able to imagine that we, just imagine in your mind that you are tending your plants and your gardens and your flowers and asking us to change the color of the flower and we sprinkle our dust and we sprinkle our magic and the flowers are able to change colors for you in your garden. Wouldn’t that be a fun trick? So, many times we come to you as dragonflies and as butterflies and sometimes have you experienced a butterfly that has landed on your hand visiting with you? Perhaps it was not a butterfly but one of those of us who live in the elemental realm but your mind does not recognize us because fairies do not exist for you in this mindset. So we have come to express our love to you as butterflies or dragonflies who have been able to fly around you and land upon you share with you. So think back at times in your life when this may have happened. And it is indeed an opportunity for us to mingle with you safely and have it in an unexpected way because you would not have been able to see us in the world we live in. Our image has been captured in photographs and artwork and such through the ages. Those who have picked up on the reality of our realms have depicted us in positive ways. Many, many children’s films have come out with good representations of us as well and that has continued to open the reality that children can accept more easily and see us more easily. But this shift that is happening, as Obeediyah, my friend has talked about, that the animals are holding the door open for you and all the other kingdoms are holding the doors for the humans. And we have been very excited because the shift that will take place will very rapidly change your abilities to see the world through your heart center and with that seeing, you will be able to see than all of us who are operating at that higher dimensional level. And so seeing fairies will become normal for you, just as it will be, as Obeediyah has shared, seeing the other animals that seem to be mythical in nature to you in this world, in this time, yet you will be able to see them such as the Unicorn and the Pegasus.

  So those creatures, as we all are, are part of the reality that is the new reality that is coming for you and we wanted to make sure that we had the opportunity to speak for ourselves and share the good news, the good news and the excitement from the world that evolves and continues to show. And we know that the time has been long for you, those of you who have been waiting and waiting to see and again, as the Mother Mary just spoke, when you say YES! and you allow yourself to see the change that IS here, then indeed, you will be able to see us at dusk when we are moving amongst your garden plants, amongst your flowers, amongst your cactus. And we say to you, if we appear to you as a moth, or a dragonfly and you take the chance to say YES! and speak to us, we will have a conversation with you. We know that there is so much to be shared today so we will keep this short but we want to say blessings to each of you from the fairy kingdom from those of us who serve Mother Gaia in so many ways and we have done this since the beginning of time on this planet and we chose to stay in this realm and we are so excited about coming to see you once again. We sense that there is a question or two from the group and we will take those at this time. And so, again, my name is Arabella.


Question: My neighbors and my neighbors’ yard and back yard are the backyard of darkness. And nothing grows in my yard, nothing seems to be staying that I plant so I definitely need your help and your advice to be shielding the backyard. To tell me what plants and flowers to put it, to protect us and to push this darkness that is spreading. They have a very, very big yard and it is filled with darkness and its energy is not good. I spend time focusing on their yard and not on mine. I need to change and I need your advice. I need to welcome the fairies. I welcome the fairies to come. Things have improved but nothing grows, nothing lives so I need your help.

Blessings, child. We are so pleased that you put out the invitation to us. We would recommend that lilac would be a positive plant for you to place in your backyard as well as rosemary. And the placement of sunflowers around the perimeter of the yard will provide an additional source of healing and protection for you. For this indeed is a dark space and people are continuing to feed it with their energy. So their yard is not welcome for us to do our work however the invitation you put out for us, we do appreciate it. And we would also ask that you include water in your backyard and in your front yard, perhaps a bird bath, that you could put out for us to be able to do additional healing work with plants you put into your yard that would bring healing energy through the water there for us to carry and to bring a magical medicine to those plants that you do plant. Does that make sense? Additionally, brighten up your space as bright as you can, utilizing crystals but they do not need to be gigantic crystals but bringing clear crystals into your yard will help with transmutation of dark energy from the space you have with your neighbors but also to bring additional energy into your yard and help to cleanse the yard. Additionally, to work on any consistent affirmation that you sing to the fairies in gratitude and continue to feed the positive energy into the yard and for those of us who are working with you to counteract that which is in the energy. Remember too, as you continue to focus on the darkness that is in your neighbor’s yard, there is an aspect of that, that is being reflected in your’s. So, we would ask that you in any case, that you may catch yourself, child, to send the blessings to the neighbors. Say, “I bless you.” And if you could work on some forgiveness, “I forgive you, I forgive you, I forgive me, I forgive us.” Because in this forgiveness, this is healing for the earth beneath your feet as well and will bring more light into your own space so that the plants that are planted there will be able to have a better vibration and love energy to work from. Report back!

Question: I had an experience. I had a plant that a landscaper who came in and trimmed everything in the backyard and there was a rosemary bush, that was trimmed way back and I never thought it would come back. I was angry that it was cut back so far. And it was barren and the other plants around it were flowering and getting new leaves and this one was doing nothing. I was sitting out in the backyard feeling unhappy about it. This one day I decided to start visualizing buds growing on it and to forgive the landscaper in way, or stop being angry. I started visualizing buds on it. I walked over and there were buds all over it. So, in an instant I realized that I was creating the barrenness of the plant with my anger. I wanted to share that because I believe I had the power to change that with my change in attitude.

What a beautiful example of what we just shared! Thank you.

Question: My yard is actually good energy. I think everything grows very well. I talk to my plants a lot and I always feel that my plants draw energy from the neighbors, not a bad thing but like drawing out the bad and creating a good environment. It is something I always imagined in my head. I wonder if this is really happening.

Transmutation of vegetation is part of the natural cycle of plants. People have a hard time understanding and you have a brilliant insight! Brilliant insight! That is a part of the tragedy of deforestation of the world’s forests in all locations. It is not only about producing oxygen, it is about the transmutation of negativity on this planet that the plants are not able to do. And it is part of their job. And that is a wonderful understanding that you have. And it doesn’t even have to be negativity, they are cleansing creatures, the plant kingdom is here to assist the humans, the animals and creation with cleansing, providing an oxygen source, for providing food and they gratefully do all of that because they are in service and that is what they do of service. We love your property, Sir. It is a beautiful property. Would you consider putting up a couple of fairy houses, just as a way of saying thank you for the work that we do? (His daughter would love that) And we can assure her that it is time to share those conversations and we can actually see that we have quite the opportunity to visit with her and have tea with her in our houses! Message for one in group- We know that we have spent time with you before because you have been of our kingdom. So many of us have not shifted into human existences but we know that you have a strong bond with us and we want to make sure that we acknowledge that with you and say thank you to you for all the work that you are doing in the human world.

My hummingbirds come and speak to me face to face. I love the idea of the fairy house and I will put one in my garden as well.

And we know that our friend, Victoria, friend of Susan and our friend as well, discussed this (topic) last week and we hoped to be able to travel there some time with all of you who can make that trip. She has wonderful fairy houses throughout her property and acknowledges all the wonderful gifts that come from our partnership. For those who were not here last week, she shared that her apple tree produced thousands of apples when nobody else in the community had any apples because of the frost and it is because she invited our kingdom to come and to protect the trees from a late frost after the buds were on. We are very happy to help! We are doing all we can for our regular responsibilities but if we are called in specifically for a task, we are happy to step in and assist in any way we are called to do. Fairies are also very good at finding missing things. If you need to have something found, you can call and ask for the fairies to help you find it. Not for frivolous things all the times but for something serious, please call out for our assistance. This is part of the friendship to open you to and to make you more aware of so that we are more accessible to you as we are working with you more and more closely as these changes take place upon this planet. So we give you our blessings this day and thank you for this time.

ASHIRA I am Ashira and I am here to bid you adieu today because there is information that needs to come through James. I thank you for this opportunity to share with you again and we look forward to our next time with you. Again, we give thanks to all of you who have come from all dimensions, all places, all times to be here today. Namaste. ONE WHO SERVES Greetings to you. I am known as the “One Who Serves”, and I am going to be here briefly to introduce another and then I will be back to answer questions that you may have as a result of this one who is going to speak or whatever else you might wonder. Be back here shortly.

SANANDA I am Sananda. Many of you know me at a level different than we are today at this point. For we come from long ago and far way together, to come to this small planet. To bring about the changes here and the changes, my dear ones, are about to begin. I know we have said, many have said this over and over, and you wonder and you look about you and you say, “But Sananda, but St. Germain, but Arch Angel Michael, where are the changes that you have spoken of?” And we would say to you now, look all around you. They are everywhere. Your world, as you know it, is different, even now. Yes, in some ways, pardon the expression; it looks like all hell is breaking loose. But is it really? Is it hell or is it heaven? That is for you to decide, using your discernment. But we can tell you, without a shadow of a doubt, that all is changing and about to change more. But you are here, not to see the changes come about but to bring the changes about. That is what each of you, each one in this room, and each one who is reading and resonating with these words, that is what you are here for! You are here to bring about the changes. You are the ones you have been waiting for! You have heard this before and it is so true. And you may have heard that you are here for a mission. I can honestly tell you that your missions are about to begin if they have not already. Not that your entire life is not a part of your being here, it is. But when we speak of the mission, we speak of the higher mission now. The mission of bringing in the light, holding the light, spreading the light, becoming a light bearer and light sharer. Just know, my dear brothers and sisters, that as these changes begin to manifest all around you know that your time has come. So instead of looking about and seeing what others are doing to bring about the changes, we would implore you, we would ask you to bring about the changes that you can right now. The time is NOW! The time is NOW! To go about your Father’s business. And yes, I said that as Yeshua, as Jesus, many years ago and it was true then just as it is now. Time to go about your Father’s business. Because that is what you are here for. That is what we are all here for. And in any way, big or small, to bring about the changes to this world that have been prepared for, for many, many thousands of years. All part of the Father’s plan, the great plan, Prime Creator’s plan. And you, each one are part of that plan, have been and are about to take a major part in that plan. Some, of course, greater than others, but even the least among my children, will have an effect on the greater purpose. The greater understanding. You are moving into a new vibration. A vibration that, to your three dimensional understanding now, is foreign to you. But as you move into that new vibration you will understand it is an old vibration. It is one that you have had before. You will be comfortable in it. It will be as if you are taking a cloak and putting it around you. At first it will be appear to be a new cloak but as it is around you, you will feel more comfortable in it, and feel the love from that cloak, from that new understanding, that new vibration that is you. So we ask you again, now, to do whatever you can to become a part of the changes which you seek within this world. The time is now. Go in peace my brothers and sisters. I am Sananda.

ONE WHO SERVES Greetings to you, once again. We are the One Who Serves, there are several ones of us and we come to be of service in any way that we can. And yes. we are what you would call, Ascended Masters. We have done this before, all that you are about to go through, we have already done. We have already been there, done that, that type of thing. But understand that those types of things that we had to go through in those times you do not have to. Now, we are not saying it is going to be a cake walk. We are never going to say that because for some it will be easier than for others. For some, they will have a very difficult time through this because it will be so foreign to them, so much out of their character, out of their knowing awareness. But for those of you who resonate to these words, to Mother Mary’s words, to the Fairy Kingdoms words. All of you who resonate to this will feel very comfortable in the new energy just as the Sananda said, in your new cloak that is the old cloak, the one that you have worn before. For you have been called before, system busters. Those of you who do not understand that, you have been here before. Not here in the Earth necessarily, but you have been here many times yes, but you have come from other systems, other worlds, other planets of darkness. And you have moved through that darkness and brought the light there and busted the system wide open, just as you are doing here again. You are busting this system wide open here. Talk about opening doors wide, you have no idea of how wide this door is going to go open! Please understand, my brothers, my sisters, all is going to change in the twinkling of an eye. It will appear to you as such. But understand that our sense of time is a little different than your sense of time and we know that you know this. When we say soon, we may mean months and even years is our soon. Because from where we are, people, there is no time, no time as you understand it now. But you are going to understand that “no time” that you are moving into. Why do you think everything is changing within your time frame now? Is not your time speeding up? Do you not look and say, “Where did this day go?” “Where did the month go?” “Where did this entire year go?” “My goodness, where did the decade go?” You see one minute you are twenty years old and the next minute you are sixty and seventy. Where did it all go? It has not gone anywhere. It is all a part of you. And you are a part of it. And you are expressing now just as you have always expressed. The only difference is that you will be expressing with your heart center now. And that is a major difference because the heart center brings the love, the oneness, the companionship. The wanting to draw your neighbor to you instead of pushing him away. You see all of this. We know this is going long here so we will lessen this. We have much to say, please understand this. There is much more coming. From many different sources, many different levels of expression. But are there any questions now that we might answer?

Question: I would like some advice on what I can do, what action I can take, to make others feel empowered.

It is a wonderful question. First, to make others empowered, you have to empower yourself. You have to know fully, who you are or at least come to more of an understanding of who you are. And that you are not this flesh and blood person who is here in this 3 dimensional consciousness that is a part of all the programming here that you have had lifetime after lifetime. You must know that you are not this and as you begin to understand more and more that you are not this, then you understand who you are and what you are and you will understand that you are a light being. You are a light being, dear sister, and as a light being you control all within you and around you. That is what you have to understand. So, if you wish to reach out to another and empower them and help them, then understand it within yourself that, that is what you wish, that is what you want. And it will come from your heart center and as it comes from your heart center it can be nothing but love coming back out. It can be nothing but empowering another to help them, not in terms of helping one’s self. You see? It is the idea of moving from service to self to service to others. And we understand that you, yourself who asks this question, find yourself in service to others whenever you can but there is also that part of you that is not in service to self necessarily, in a knowing sense but service to self in a subconscious or unconscious sense. You understand this? It is rather a simple, from our point of view anyway, rather a simple understanding. Just know thyself. Did not the Yeshua, did not he say this long ago? Know thyself. Know that all these things I do, so can ye do also. Because I go unto the Father now. And you, yourselves, are going unto the Father. Which means you are connecting once again with your higher God self, your Father. They are one in the same. You are one in the same. Does this answer your question? Rather round about fashion, possibly.

Question: If I understand it correctly, I feel empowered about 95% of the time. Are you saying that if I acknowledge that part of myself, I can give it to others?

Yes, as you said earlier, know the divinity inside of yourself. That is the key. Know that you are divinity. You are divine yourself. And then it cannot be but coming from your higher self. Very good energies. Extremely good! If there are no more questions, we have a question for you. Then our question for you, for each of you in this room, even for those who were not here last week, because you experienced it somewhat again this week, those of you here now. So, what is your understanding or rather what was the feeling, a sense of the feeling coming within you as you were touched by the Sanat Kumara last week by the Mary this week? And even more importantly than that, did you have a sense of change in any way coming from the touch of Sanat Kumara when, by the way, he did provide an initiation of sorts, last week. And so did the Mother Mary provide an initiation of sorts this week. And we say of sorts, because it is not the initiation of old, where you move from one dimension to another dimension. It is a movement of consciousness, a change within you. And we wish for you to begin as the Arabella has said, we wish for you to begin to see the changes within you and around you. Go out into nature. See all that is changing. And again, we say to you, believe and you WILL see! It is not the other way around. It is not the Missouri way. Do you understand this? Seeing is believing, show me. What is this? The Show Me State. You see? It is there. You will see it. But it is that little bit of a doubt that comes up within you. They say believe it! I believe it! But where is it? I am not seeing it. I am not seeing the fairies. I am not seeing the sprites. I am not seeing all these weird and wild colors that they have been speaking of. Where are they? And as soon as you say that…doubt. And as soon as you doubt it is back to seeing is believing. So stick with the believing first and you will see it. And believe it and know it, deep within you. Trust. Trust. So we will leave the question for next time. Each of you find within you this week you are coming up in, by the way, there are going to be some things happening in this week, just so you know….hint, hint. Watch for some things changing. But mostly, watch for the changes within yourself as a result of the touch that has occurred here, as a result of these initiation processes. Changing your DNA. Your DNA, people, is reconnecting. Some of you would say, “But I didn’t know my DNA was disconnected.” But it is and has been. Your DNA has been disconnected from what was originally intended and originally was. This is why the Sananda said the new cloak is the old cloak. Because you will feel the DNA processes changing within you and you will experience the changes. And yes, it may be as just a little bit of a change here and there, it may be line upon line at first, but we can tell you, the tsunami IS a tsunami. It is not a small little wave. It is a huge wave. You can even call it a tidal wave of love. But a tsunami comes in gently at first and gains momentum, gains momentum, it gains and gains. Yes, you are thinking that maybe in terms of destruction that a tsunami comes in and tears everything apart and in some ways that is correct. The Tsunami of Love is tearing away the old, breaking it down into the new. So that you can take on this new cloak and wear it for yourself and wear it proudly. Yes, as a lightworker. Yes, as a child of God. But even more so, as a complete Oneness with the God Source within you. The James does not know this yet but we will put this out as a possibility. When this question is asked here in the next week that you find yourself and we go around the room and share in this way, we are going to come in and somewhat take over here, if this is alright with those of you here and with the James here. And instead of the normal discussion period that you have we will provide for this, if that is OK for you. Different than your normal way of doing things here but we think it will be helpful because it will bring about a knowing within each of you, yes those things that are happening in each one but also those things that are happening outside of yourselves too and to the others and it will help to solidify or crystalize the understanding that yes, there are changes happening. Because so many times when you have discussion everyone does not speak and we wish for everyone to have an opportunity to speak with no judgments whatsoever. Can we do this? Then, this we will do this next time as well as another couple of visitors will be here. This is becoming a happening! People. We have told this James a long time ago, that there would be many coming and that many would be called and come into this group. And he wondered, “Where are they?” Two here, three here, four here but it is growing. And it is going to continue to grow and this group will grow into another group and another group. This is what is planned but as you know, plans don’t always work out the way you want them to or the way we want them to but always have no preconceived notions or judgments or a sense of purpose. Then it can evolve into what it is to be. You can go with the flow here. And the flow will always take you downstream and not fighting against the stream. You see? Are there any further questions? Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the one!


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