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New Magickal Planes Now Created

Home  30 November 2014 - 3:06pm | anarchistbanjo Channeler: Anarchistbanjo Here is an important update on astral events. But first I would like to summarize what has happened to this point. In October the new 3D crystalline hologram became activated and Gaia’s stalled ascension resumed. This new crystalline hologram made short work of the astral sewage blocking further progress and soon integrated with the other already ascended levels creating a new 10D crystalline hologram. Humanity finalized its split into either new elves or new humans. Most recently the energy connection the new humans had with Gaia was completely severed leaving them only their spiritual connection. The severance of these earth connections resulted in an intensifying of “collective bonds” and the further empowerment of “social institutions” that have no basis on organic reality. The world of the new human is ruled and empowered by rules, regulations and laws. It is the world of the hive mind. This period from the November new moon till now has also seen new energetic connections being made among the new elves as they try to find their Divine Counterparts. This is seen as a grace period that will last until the energies of the new year begin coming into Gaia’s Unity Grid after the full moon of Dec 6 and reaching their peak at the winter solstice. This sorting out and making new connections has been taking place on the spiritual planes as life lines are created that will act as bridges between Divine Counterparts. Last evening Nov 29,2014, this process completed and the new blueprint for the connection of Divine Couples passed from the spiritual planes to the magickal planes for physical manifestation. This involved the creation and activation of an entirely new magickal plane that was completely severed from new human clutter and interference. The solutions require Divine Counterparts to thread their ways through this new human clutter and become free of it before they can unite. This will take some time and will not be easy but the astral itself is empowering this effort. To be honest some solutions have indicated that some Divine Counterparts will only be united after the death of their physical bodies and they are united in 4th density. Others have found solutions that will allow them to become united within this lifetime in crystalline 3D. In any case solutions have been found and all is in readiness for the global activation of the new 10D hologram at the winter solstice and Christmas. And this is to be launched with a massive display of light and love. The ascension process is nearing its completion with 2015 being the first year of the new 10D hologram and marking the completion of the “new elf” pattern for Divine Counterparts. A final note on the new humans. This will mark an extremely difficult time for those new humans that have difficulty conforming to the new societies rules and regulations. It will see many souls begin to fragment in their inability to fit into these new energy pathways. It is vital for everyone to not get pulled in to the emotional and mental crisis of others during this time. There is nothing they can do. The time for all that is now past and we are emerging from the birth canal.

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