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My trip to Colorado

I just got back from Denver and Boulder.  My husband asked me if I wanted to go, and at first, I said no.  Then I remembered how each time he asks me to go anywhere, there is alwasy a highter purpose for the trip, whether he knows it or not.  I did some research on Colorado, and there are energy vortexes everywhere as well as American Indian heritage.  I have been working on clering my ancestory carryovers from past lives, as well as my family of origin lately.


So I get there and we work, then we get to take a day trip to Boulder where there are, you guessed it, Giant Bolders, and within the boulders are veins of quartz, and there are pieces of quartz everywhere.  I climed upon a giant boulder with a quartz vein and put my hands and feet on the quartz and immediatly began to release my ancestory carryover issues.  The slaughter of the american indians, the  wars of the mexicans and american indians the blood, regret, guilt, shame remorse, you name it.  Ev erythinge my ansestors have carried through the lives, decades, etc. I got to release and let it all go. 


In healing earth energy, I am guided exactly where I need to go, mainly by my husband.  When I got home I was still vibrating.  If you ever have a chance to get to Colorado, you will feel the vibration of the state.  It amazing.  I brought a few rocks home, and they have a powerful vibration and I use them in my meditation. 


My husband has a new trip planned in september.  It is in Scottsdale, AZ, OMG, I am finally going to Sedona.  Stay tuned.



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