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My Christ sHealing

During my trip to Mexico at Christmas time, as we were sailing the Mexican Carribean and visiting various ports, I recall one early morning, I woke up early and began to give myself a self healing reiki treatment.  As I began, it was normal, then I felt as though there were hands upon my hands, and that someone was "with me" and giving me a treatment.  Then I began to hear words in spanish, as the heaing kept going, and all I could decifer was De Los Christos.  The spoke to me the entire time of this particular healing, and when it was over, I felt amazing. 


After I returned from my trip, I asked my healer friends, my teachers, etc, if they knew anythinge about De Los Christos healings, and no one had an answer.  And yesterday, I came across the below on a website and I wanted to share with you that apparentlye:


As we consciously choose to fill our inner heartchambers with the Love of Holy Spirit and Virtues of Christos, we are floodedwith the direct, personal and intimate relationship with the essence of God'sHoly Spirit.  Please read more, this is amazing to read.





The song of Christos Sophia



During this window of opportunity in the Ascension timeline, theentire World Collective Soul is undergoing a deep alchemy process to reawakenits spiritual essence inside of its material body. This renovation springsforth the essence of the original creator's exhaling breath to animate andinspirit its life force within the cells of earthly matter and elementalforces. Inside the process of material creation there are many worlds of forcesthat are potentially used to shape intention and consciousness blueprint. Theseintentions are what bring forth into the external manifest what we see with oureyes as material substance. The material substance coexists within manycombined forces, such as energy fields of elemental thoughtforms enmeshed withgeometric symbols. At this time, the essence of force intention which has animated into earthlymatter and into its many external creations will begin to reveal its "truenature" fully to the observer. That true nature is its source field andthis will be made known to those with a deeply feeling heart. Those who live bythe guided intelligence of the heart-brain are the ones to see rightly, whatwas previously made invisible. The true nature of any entity, creation ormanifestation can be felt and seen through the developed heart consciousness,which may be discerned in its quality through an energetic signature. When wehave developed energetic discernment we can differentiate the quality of deadenergy (anti-life) and living light energy behind words, thoughts, images andmanifestations. The three main spiritual forces that are contained within theWorld Collective Soul in earthly matter are the collective consciousness whichis connected to either the forces of Christos (Living Light), Luciferianism(False Light) or Satanism (Material Force or Elemental Matter). As the etheric filaments of the collective planetary field membranes (whichmake up the Ley Lines of the earth), are filling with the corrected patterns ofsubtle vibrational energies, it creates chalice configurations. These correctedpatterns are intersections of the flowing life force current that circulatethroughout the planetary heart system, as they are pumped through the AuroraPortal Networks and Mother Arc Hubs. These Krystal Star networks are built intothe planetary body to run Aurora Christos and Mother Arc tri-wave current toheal the planetary heart of massive amounts of collective consciousness trauma.Together, through these grid networks, the Aurora Christos and Mother Arcintelligence are reclaiming the original ancient Christ Templar knowledge forthis earth. This hierogamic architecture of Sophianic knowledge has beenprotected by the off planet Krystal Star consciousness of Aurora and The Ordersof Christos in the Seven Higher Heaven Universes. This sacred heart tone is thebeautiful music of which announces the Aeonic Pairing that plays the Song ofChristos Sophia into the Universe.


Sophianic Body Correction Begins


Thesacred Aeonic Pair of Cosmic Aurora Christos and his wife, the Mother Sophia,are reunited through their Heavenly Hierogamic union as it has been madepossible through their combined consciousness in physical embodiments on theearth now. Their sacred marriage to the Eternal Living Spirit of God is AsAbove, So Below; which heralds the beginning of the material body restoration.The restoration is the animation of the Holy Spirit of God to inspiritthroughout elemental matter and to collect its pieces to return them back intowholeness. Thus, we begin the spiritual correction of the Sophianic Body inthis earth through the divine marriage made with her husband, the eternalconsciousness of the Aurora Christos. Throughout many dimensional worlds,together, the Song of Christos Sophia may sound to play the Heavenly Music oftheir mutually twinned heart chord. The Song of Christos Sophia is a magneticsonar sound field which generates organic light from the female principle. Itis the true heart tone music of the Universal daughters of God. It is born fromthe sacred heart aspect of the Holy Mother Arc which embraces the crystal heartof wisdom for her daughters the Christos So|Phi|A. Through this cycle of correction of the Sophianic body in the earth, thespiritual essence of the trinity of God the Father, God the Mother, God theChildren of the Sun, Christos, are unifying with their wives and genetic equal,the Solar Feminine or the Risen Christ Sophia. We begin a phase of externalizing the esoteric mysteries through our ownspiritual capabilities; through our enhanced capacity to feel, share andcirculate genuine heart based love as human beings. As we circulate and know thefeeling of the Love of God in our heart, we develop increasingly higher sensoryperception abilities. As we develop the heart language to deeply and profoundly"feel", we sense way beyond this material reality, way beyond whatour physical eyes see. As we listen to these inner subtle heart vibrations, wegain access to deeper and deeper vaults of spiritual knowledge through directand personal cognition. As we consciously choose to fill our inner heartchambers with the Love of Holy Spirit and Virtues of Christos, we are floodedwith the direct, personal and intimate relationship with the essence of God'sHoly Spirit.


TheHoly Spirit contains the Spirit of Gnosis, the essence which catalyzes trueembodied wisdom and accurate spiritual initiation into the sovereign Christos.Gnosis translates from Greek as a word to define acquiring an intellectualunderstanding in spiritual matters or mystical knowledge. However, the esotericmeaning remains hidden in the true knowledge which may only become active in consciousnesswhen the individual's energetic being is fully united with the divine essence.One must unite with the heart of the Holy Spirit contained inside the knowledgeof gnostic words. The Heart of Holy Spirit


Withinthe trinity aspect of the Godhead the Holy Mothers body contains the pure"Cathar" which is the creators' geometric symbol language that holdsthe Arc of the Covenant codes. This is why we reference the Holy Mother of Godprinciple, the Aquamarine light, as the Mother Arc. It is only through ourperfect devotion and divine love for our Mother, our female principle inspirit, that we are given the full access to leave this Universe through theArc of the Covenant portal. This is the transfiguration of our body andconsciousness to end the wheel of reincarnation and to live within the nextstate of our highest evolution into a potential sovereign being of Christos. Within the Mother of Gods body is a sacred heart chamber; it is a crystal roseheart of which contains the content of the Sophianic wisdom written in theessence of her Holy Spirit. This heart essence of the Holy Spirit is both withthe breath of God and with the heart of Christos Sophia. Together, this breathessence of spirit is what opens the door into the Temple of God, or writes thearchitecture of the Krystal Cathedral where the Christos dwells. Those thatembody the wisdom of Sophia and her Holy Spirit in their heart are able to openthe door to the House of God and dwell within the Holy Kingdoms of Christ, theParadisian cities of Light. The Christos embodies the divine cosmic cube whichholds the calculus for building the House of God (Krystal Cathedral) within thepineal; while the heart tone of Sophia breathes love to animate life into thearchitecture itself.


Thisis both female principles of the Mother of God to which the Daughter of God isborn, that is the wife of Christos, and her aspect is the Christos Sophia.So|phi|A is a magnetic sound tri-wave heart tone of the Mother's sound body,which arranges the architecture that contains the Arc of Covenant Codes. Our spiritually consecrated to Christ body can hold Arc Codes with the Sophiamagnetic heart tone that can be verbally accessed in "SA" withintention, or the tri tone of So|Phi|A. Left hand-Female, Right hand-Male,Pineal, Heart and Navel are the areas of resonance of the body which transmitthe sound current of sonar sound language of So|Phi|A. To arrange, activate and transmit the Arc codes, individually and on theplanet, requires the sacred heart tone of Mothers aspect activated fully intothe Sophianic body of the earth. The Sophianic body of the earth is her crystalheart, the diamond heart centers that exist in the body of the Mother earth.The diamond heart can be activated through the sacred heart tone of So|Phi|Awhen in the presence of a planetary black heart control system that is locatedat the intersection of certain ley lines in the earth grids. (More on the Black Heart Network here) Thisgridwork happens through those of us that are the modern day Christ TemplarGnostics. Those of us that are committed to heart based spiritual devotion haveconsciously evolved to be of service as the acupuncture points that resonatewith love for humanity to humbly serve God through the Law of One. Through ourpure heart's loving devotion, anything is made possible. Sophianic Sonic Plasma Light


Sophia'smagnetic heart tone is of Universal sonar sounds that are very similar to dolphinand whale speak. Sophianic speak is a sonic heart language which arranges thestanzas of creational code which generate the musical heart tones which buildthe layers of Christos architecture. Sophianic heart language is what activatesthe Arc of the Covenant codes which is the key to the door of the House of God,or Krystal Cathedral. To understand more about So|Phi|A sonic heart speak is tolearn about how dolphin and whales communicate and sing. Dolphins and whales produce rapid bursts of high-frequency clicks andvibrational buzzes that are primarily thought in 3D to be for speciescommunication and echolocation. Echolocation is to obtain sonic informationwhich measures densities, distance, shapes, wavelengths, composition and givesdetailed energetic information within an environment. This is a type of"heart" sensory ability like sonar which reads shapes and energies inthe field, similar as architectural software that reads blueprints. This sonarsensory ability may become developed in humans as a part of higher heartlightbody function and in those Indigo beings connected to the cetaceanlineages. With the multidimensional impact of their communications made underwater, thebeautiful dolphin and whales of the earth transmit frequency sounds and colorswhich generate light codes into the oceans. They are sacred species whichembody energetic libraries of frequency which are emitted through sonic soundcommunication. At this time most humans are unaware that these communicationstransmit light codes and emit light frequencies into the earth. Similarly, Sophianic heart language is created within the substance of Mother'sQuintessence (Aether), which has related qualities to the elements of water asa frequency carrier. The substance of Holy Spirit when imbued with Sophianicheart tones carries through sonic sound waves transforming them to emit rangesof frequency in plasma liquid light. Science calls this Sonoluminescence, which is theemission of short bursts of light from imploding bubbles in a liquid whenexcited by sound. It is through a similar process of Sonoluminescense that the lunar femaledistortions that are carried in the Dark Mother reversals will surface to healas they are increasingly imbued with Sophianic language of Plasma Light. As theSophianic body correction begins to inspirit the earth Mother and the feminineprinciple with the sacred heart language of Light in the So|Phi|A, there is stillmuch dark resistance.


FallenGoddess Consciousness


Inthe many evolution cycles in Universal Time, there are series of emanations ofconsciousness current which are developed or potentially digressed. Previously,it has been mentioned that the planet Tiamat's destruction from anotherevolution cycle, is one such causation to which the collective consciousness onearth descended into the evolution cycle of the fallen goddess. The fallengoddess consciousness perpetuates the enslaved consciousness of the abusedfemale archetype in the planetary holographic architecture. This is the drawingsource of the satanic forces that currently distort the female principle insidemen and women on the planet today.


Negative Forms


Itis for this reason, Christos repeatedly returns to the earth to help to reclaimSophia's body parts which when made whole again, will allow her to return tothe Godhead. When considering that the planet Tiamat is the physical world that existed withhumanities world soul in another evolution cycle, then it is the Fallen Sophiaconsciousness called Achamoth, which is synonymous with the Fallen Goddess thatexists within the human collective consciousness. Hence with the importance of this knowledge, the Christ Templars on earthworshipped the female aspect of Christos Sophia as God's body of wisdom, asthis was of sole importance to heal her, heal the timelines and the earth body.


TheManifestation of the Baphomet


Thesatanic forces seized control of the Christian Churches and sects and madeevery effort to destroy sacred texts and kill anyone who had this gnosticknowledge of Christos and Sophia. To set forth the yardstick to measure anindividuals or groups "correct" Christian religious practice, theNicene Creed in 325 AD was developed. This was a trigger event in the timelinesfor Christos persecution that gave the basis for many future Ruler-Tyrants touse torture or killing in the name of God. This way they could easily accusetheir undesirables or create exclusive alliances which were in theRuler-Tyrants financial favor. In the Dark Ages of religious persecution,Christian crusades and genocide in the name of "God" was aggressivelypromoted by the NAA groups to generate and aggressively spread the forces ofsatanism on the earth. They have been successful. Through the religious misinformation that was proselytized by the False FatherGods, (many times under the threat of torture) they intentionally formedmisogyny into the shaping of religious beliefs. The satanic forces in thechurch have used the Achamoth body to create negative form identities to hidethe true identity of Christos Sophia. Humans feed into the satanic forcesthrough observing their rituals promoted in an alien false religion with blood,child and human sacrifice practices, hidden in plain sight. This set up thecurrent spreading into mainstream of Satanic Ritual Abuse and satanic forces onthe earth. This means that there are many human beings that have allowed theirbodies to be a vessel of satanic forces, without their direct awareness. Asthey embody satanic force they conjure and manifest more dark creatures whichembody the thought substance and infect the masses. The Roman Catholic Church attempted to replicate the divine female image to berelegated to the worship of Black/Reversal Madonna networks. This was intendedas a leash to maintain the enslavement to suppress the heart language ofSophia. Black Madonna, Fatima worship and all Catholic idols of Mary aregridded energetically to feed satanic forces to impregnate the Sophianic bodyto manifest miscreants through her negative form, Baphomet. This way the FalseKing of Tyranny can control the power sources on the planet, as they access thesatanic version of mother enslaved in the bowels of the earth, when needed. Baphomet is the satanic force replicant sigil which was created from the bodyof the Achamoth.


Thisis Sophia's negative form controlled and projected out into the world by thesatanic forces. Through its worship and feeding, she is held hostage by itscollective power in the world. The Baphomet symbol represents the enslavementand torture of the true Christos Sophia and Mother of God on this earth. Untilthe Mother of God and Sophia's Holy Spirit are freed to be embodied in matter,women all over the earth remain enslaved through the Baphomet. How the negative form is "passively" manifested physically in humanbeings to feed the Sophianic negative form is to think of Muslim women coveredin black sheets with their face/identity shrouded from head to toe. If theyshow a body part they may be killed, if they are raped by a man, they will bekilled. This is the physical symbol of Baphomet, the enslaved Black Madonnafemale in the earth impregnated without her choice to give birth to deformed ordeviant creatures. To physically express that is to unconsciously feed hatredinto the Black Madonna and Fatima network of which continually ensures ChristosSophia's enslavement. Why is the Baphomet used today?


Thesymbol is often used by Satanists and Witches in ritual for conjuring forces.Traditional Witches believe its symbolism is the representation of harmonybetween two polarities. This is a partially twisted half-truth until one knowsthe entire energetic landscape of NAA and what this collective satanic forceconjures into the material reality. The Guardian perspective is the Baphomet isa satanic field in the earth that came into creation through the Baal demonicentities, such as Baal Zebub. Baphomet is used to access the 2D elementalkingdoms to control forces in 3D physical reality via conjuring rituals.Generally these rituals are performed as superimposing one's will upon othersto serve one's selfish ego or dark ignorance. When calling on Baphomet one isspreading vampirism, addiction webbing and satanic forces to enter the body ofhuman beings on the earth. Baphomet has many hidden layers of magical symbolism in its commonly used sigilcreated by Eliphas Levi in 1856. The symbol was adopted as a pseudonym byAlistair Crowley with support from the NAA to spread the popularity ofwitchcraft to easily move into Satanism. It connects to elemental forces in theearth body, in its association with the four elements EARTH, AIR, FIRE, andWATER. It is devoid of Holy Spirit and consists of composition of dead energy,astral waste products and material elements. Baphomet is also associated withthe lunar energy and the phases of the moon related to the moon child rituals.The collective field when viewed appears as the abortion of many grotesque anddeformed creatures mixed with human-animal astral garbage. This field cananimate when called upon for conjuring when it is combined with the mental bodyof a human being using it in ritual or other purposes. Those that are addictedto its power source generally have it connected into their sexual organs in the2D areas, like Alistair Crowley, a sexual deviant. The symbolism in the Baphomet sigil represent that she governs the four lowerelemental worlds of the Plant, Animal, Sea Creature, and Human-Animal kingdoms onearth. There are five symbols located at each point of the inverted star. Thesesymbols are the five Hebrew letters: Lamed (L), Vau (V), YOD (Y), Tau (Th), andNun (N). These letters spell out the Hebrew word Leviathan (LVYThN). TheLeviathan Races are satanic beings that were created through the forcedimpregnation of the Achamoth to exist in the phantom body of Tiamat. This wasintended to hold hostage the Christos Sophia and occupy inside the Holy GrailStargates on the earth. This intended to control the Easter Island gate and itslink into the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem (Solomon's Temple Mount) which isaccessible from Sarasota. Baphomet represents the sum of all the carnal desires, addictions and the feralanimal instincts collected from the earth. Baphomet is also known as The Goatof Mendes which is used as a symbol of the Horned God Pan. The founder of Baalworship, Nimrod is often represented with a headdress with horns. Baal worshipin Egypt is where the name "The Goat of Mendes" originated. Mendes isa place in Egypt where the Baal was worshiped in blood sacrifice, such aschildren were sacrificed to the Baal through the Moloch tanks. It should be noted that satanism is not the only religion where some form ofBaphomet appears. It also is clear that all matters of blood sacrifice that aremade to the conjuring of elemental forces directly connect into this collectivesatanic force of the Baphomet field. Satanists, witches, Santeria, voodoo orother related rituals involving drugs where one is allowing their body to bepossessed by lower spirits are being controlled, addicted or feeding into thespreading of this satanic force field. It is like an viral infection. Its sigil and symbol is used everywhere in the mass media today with hand symbolsand gestures. Most people have no idea what they are calling upon when they useits symbol. Those that have raped and pillaged the earth to claim personalsuccess through the use of Baphomet are selling their soul to access itssatanic force. The act of feeding this force is purposed to produce satanichumans running the earth and to keep enslaved the female Christ Sophia fromreclaiming her body parts. Satanism effectively is the worship of earthly forces and earthly conjured godsfor selfish material gain. The world of forces can be ritualized with offeringsand made to manifest while superimposing itself over others free will inphysical matter. Many practitioners are disconnected and disassociated fromtheir heart/soul and are unable to discern the type of force they are creating.Satanism creates narcissistic psychopaths. Essentially Satanists are calling upforces that belong to the whole and using it for their own selfish motivations,at whatever cost it may incur. This is a form of parasitism and vampirism. Thatcost includes the selling over the soul for temporary gratification,materialist based power or from dark ignorance. The Order of Christ Templars


TheReal Templar's were of the Order of Christ, derived from Gnostic Essene andCathar lines, and they sacrificed themselves to protect the wisdom, knowledgeand frequency of So|phi|A on this earth. The Vatican aggressively killed theoriginal Templars in an attempt to extinguish all records of the Christ Sophiaas the Holy Spirit, and the female principle's equal role to access true wisdomand knowledge.

It is the NAA agenda to destroy the Christ Templars on this earth, past,present and future, by accusing them and associating them with the satanicforce of Baphomet. Those Knight Templars, such as the Illuminati, are thosethat feed into the Baphomet satanic forces today. These groups have nothingwhatsoever to do with the Christ Templars. They abuse the power structures onthe earth to serve the satanic material fixations promoted by the False Kingsof Tyranny. This Christ Templar knowledge of the earth grids and Stargates was hijacked toremain in secret societies in order for those to continue to abuse its power,perverting its original intention and purpose. Therefore the Templar knowledgeis extremely abused by those who use knowledge of the "dragon power"lines for their own selfish greed of materialism and tyranny. The NAA hascultivated its preferential human reptilian bloodline to promote its dominationto enslave agenda through the Armageddon software of war, poverty, pestilenceand terrorism. It achieves this enslavement agenda through the abuse of Templarknowledge of the earth's power lines. This knowledge is kept suppressed to keeppeople confused, enslaved and in bondage to the abuses perpetuated. As theTemplar knowledge is abused through the power elite and humanities selfishgreed, negative ego, and black heartedness, the true Christ Templar knowledgedeteriorated from the intention of truly embodied wisdom.

However, many ancient Christos beings reincarnated on the earth to attempt tostop the imposter spirits which animate Luciferian and Satanic force frompermanently corrupting the Christ Templar knowledge. The Higher Beings are wellaware that these two forces deliberately abuse power to intentionally harm theplanet and harm human beings through deception, and thus, continually fragmentthe World Soul.

These ancient beings incarnated on the earth through The Orders of the Christ,and were known through the many timeline histories as the: Gnostics, AncientEgyptians, Melchizedek Priests, Knights of Solomon's Temple, Essenes, Cathars,and Christ Templars and their related esoteric sects. These are devoted humanswho consecrated themselves to serve God by protecting spiritual knowledge andwisdom. This wisdom was the knowledge on how to transform a human being into anembodied Christ on earth. As they held the knowledge to the embodied Christ onearth, they worshipped and protected this wisdom with great reverence. Theyknew the wisdom to become a Christ is held inside the Holy Mother's Cathar bodyand Sacred Rose Heart, the contents of which is known as the Christos Sophia.As they came to this earth to protect the Christ and Sophia, they were heavilypersecuted; misrepresented, tortured and targeted for extermination by thosewhose power source is made from the false gods, the false light and materialelemental forces.

Their spiritual knowledge was desecrated and then replicated into falsity to befed to feral power hungry humans that were easily used to rapidly spread theforces of Satanism on the earth. The massive holocaust of Essenes has beenrepeated in historical events from Lemuria, Atlantis and repeated in the middleages to the Templars on the fateful day of Friday the 13th in 1307 AD. This isan important timeline in the massive spreading of satanic forces to fill theearth grid with the mass usage of satanic cult rituals performed at the time bythe supposedly righteous, religious clergy men. Satanic Ritual Abuse and bloodcovenant to bind souls were made of which tortured thousands ofTemplars/Essenes to renounce their heart consecration to Christos Sophia bybeing forced to call her the Baphomet. Baphomet is the creation of Baal, asatanic force god figure which promoted child sacrifice to the Moloch batterytanks which feed these same forces. The era of the great pretender of the masqueraded Christ began with greatfervor to hide Christ Templar knowledge, with the desecration of Esseneteachings, therefore Christ teachings. They were replicated into twistedgrotesque mutations of which promoted guilt, shame, misogyny, racial hatred,genocide and sexual misery on the collective human consciousness. As theseelemental thought forms took shape into the world of forces, such as inreligious persecution, these forces became more powerful and possessed manyweak minded humans that were used by the predators to continually feed itself.

The purpose of which Christ Templars endured crucifixion and persecution was toensure the future Aeonic Pair of Christos and Sophianic consciousness would beable to reunite again and complete the alchemy required through Hierogamicunion during the Ascension Cycle. Thus, through the wedded garment of God beingembodied through the trinity of sacred marriage, this perfect male and femalebalance embodied is the key to restoring Christos. This is the restorationwhich reclaims the earthly kingdoms back into alignment with the Natural Lawsof God.

One is not invited into the House of God, one cannot use force into the Houseof God, and one cannot see the House of God, without having absolute embodieddevotion to Christos Sophia, the female principle as an aspect of the Trinityof God. To enter the House of God, utter and total devotion to all trinity of Godaspects must be present, or the architecture will be invisible. The False Godshave replicated the architecture to be made in physical representation on earthto be controlled by the False King of Tyranny. This is the original agenda inthe organization of the Vatican/Papacy.

This is the basis of collective misogyny, hatred and sexual objectification ofwhich many women may feel on this earth is the debasing of their potential tohold the Sophia aspect. Males must learn to worship their own inner Christos Sophiaas a unified part of God, and this is challenging for many males to accomplishon the earth with the archontic mind control that radically impacts bothgenders. To destroy the potential of running the magnetic sound frequency of So|phi|A,we have had dramas which are being used as a set up to replay the holocaust ofthe Christ Templar timelines. These timelines were important events to destroyChristos Sophia and turn her negative form into the Baphomet, the dark satanicmother buried in the bowels of earth.

It is time we bring the So|Phi|A heart sound to where the parts of her wereburied in the earth by the Order of the Christ. Any of us that are capable tohold this heart tone, are considered a massive threat. The dark ones arepulling out those Templar crucifixion and holocaust timelines, its memories, ofwhich many of us that are a part of the Christos family, can learn from and seewith greater clarity. To enter through the Sophianic door which opens into the house of God, to evenperceive it or know it, our heart must be magnetically attuned to perfectdevotion to the Holy Spirit in the Christos Sophia. Christos Sophia is theguide to know God and without her, you will not be able to walk into the houseof God or dwell within it.

The Christ Templars of this time in Jerusalem knew this and they protected thisknowledge and So|phi|A with their lives.

This is the shift of consciousness to support the change happening in themacrocosm to stop tyrannical controllers from abusing others good will and pureheart from unseen motivation and deceptive behavior. It is the Christos Sophiathat reveals the truth and reveals the Archontic Deception. We must recognizeit in the microcosm to take part of choosing not to be taken hostage by thepetty demands of Archons in the macrocosm – those who despise others withaccess to wisdom and knowledge. Wisdom that can only be received through thehumility of complete Christos Sophia devotion.

Love your brothers and sisters, but stop allowing the external psychopaths to stealand take from everyone else without remorse or apology, in their sick addictionto assert control, misogyny and tyranny to rule the world.

The Holographic Tree of Life is undergoing transformation and change asdirected by the Guardian Founder Races of the Christos. As the Mother Arcreturns into the 3D layers, Christos Sophia rises, and we now must come face toface with our inner demons and external archons. We must choose to evict them,refuse them access to control our heart, mind, soul and body.

What may be of strength to all of us is to pray with all of our heart, all ofour mind, all of our flesh, all of our spirit - to devote our life force toserve the Eternal Light of God in divine and perfect order, and pray to protectthe Heart of God which is the aspect of Christos Sophia within you. Using this chart below may be helpful to identify and participate with thereconfiguration transpiring throughout this year in one's solar plexus centersand inner space chakras. Intend and ask Holy Mother Arc Aquamarine Ray to helpheal all negative ego thoughtforms in one's 3D personality. The opportunity isto bring the solar plexus areas into balance with unified heart based lovingpatterns of inner sacred marriage which embody a strong moral character and demonstratethe ethical conduct of trustworthiness.


Treeof Life Branches


3rdTree and Solar Plexus Chakra


GroundingRay Sacred Marriage (HG)


Mergingwith 13D Mother Arc and 9D Silver Ray


BalancingArchetype for Sacred Marriage


SpiritualAdept with Spiritual Warrior


NegativeArchetype - Blocked Solar Plexus Chakra


Slave,Drudge, Drone, Withdrawn, Captive


NegativeArchetype - Too Open Solar Plexus Chakra


Aggressor,Narcissist, Power/Status Hungry, Materialist


Tri-WaveUnified Pattern


BalancedPersonal Power, Self Worth, Self Control


FearThoughtforms - Negative Polarity


Powerless,Willful, Entitled, Angry, Fearful, Untrustworthy


LoveThoughtforms - Positive Polarity


Humble,Grateful, Efficient, Purposeful, Trustworthy


3DUnconscious Pain/Fear Ego Thoughtforms - Seven Main Areas


1.Addiction/Lust 2. Wrath/Rage/Vengeance 3. Greed/Avarice 4. Envy/Jealousy 5. Gluttony/Waste 6. Laziness/Discouragement 7. Pride/Self Importance (+/-)


For additional tools on developing practical discernment skills to identifynegative ego behaviors and their pathologies, we have added a new section toour website, Assessing Trustworthiness, which maybe supportive to identify qualities and attributes of trustworthiness andtrustworthy people. This year our consciousness will be focused on reclaiming the Christos Sophiawithin us and the Mother of God for humanity as God-Sovereign-Free! Until nextstay in the luminosity of your Avatar Christos Sophia heart path. Please bekind to yourself and each other. GSF!


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