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Moving Beyond Mediocrity

Moving Beyond Mediocrity Ascended Master, El Morya’s Weekly Message ~ November 04 – 11, 2014 received by Julie Miller November 4, 2014 From a very young age you find yourself walking in a direction not chosen by you, but a direction you have been appointed to follow to fit a certain norm or way. At first you are directed and encouraged by your parents, but your direction then becomes encouraged with use of persuasion and tactics that work from other caregivers and teachers until you develop your own mind, learn where it is you want to go and are mature and responsible enough to promote yourself onto a path that is different from the one you first began. It is important to make time for yourself, to reflect upon the reasons and the why’s you do what you do, such as: Are your actions the result of years of external mental conditioning and arrangements? Do you understand that these mental conditioning and arrangements hold your personal power? In order to find your own direction, to know what it is you want to achieve, without being influenced by others, you must be able to regain your personal power and use this great inner power and strength that is powered by your heart to understand from within where it is you want to go in life. What are your short and long term goals? What plans have you devised that you are willing to commit and follow through? Are you at home with all your perfections and imperfections? Are you honest and truthful with yourself at all times? Do you pass blame for your own inadequacies or judge others instead of working on your own issues? There are so many questions you can ask yourself and each one already comes with an answer and many answers offer new directions. It is up to each of you to figure out from taking time to get to know one’s self, where this path of this incredible journey is to take you. There will be mistakes made, but they help you to learn how to improve where the fault may have been. Life is all about trial and error. You learn from your mistakes, not from making everything perfect all of the time. Over time, you learn how to positively interact with others, to not step on people’s toes purposely and to be gracious and thankful for all the encounters that come your way. Your journey of self-discovery and self-cultivation is something that will not be completed in a day or two, or even in a few weeks or months—your journey of knowing who you are and making the necessary changes along the way requires a life-long commitment and dedication to yourself and putting your best foot forward each and every time. All this stems from exercising your personal power, learning not to abuse it, not to give it away and when to implement it during different and difficult situations. Your personal power can easily be given away during any interaction you may have had or from following any group of people or an individual in order to fit in, to seek popularity, for recognition and so forth. When you give your personal power away dear ones, you are creating a blockage in your own path, hindering your ability to move forward and to reach successful outcomes that are positive and empowering. You cannot reach your full potential if your personal power is lingering somewhere else. Society, parents, educational centers, and even places of worship can influence and condition your self-worth to the point you underestimate who and what you are as a person, a blessed child of God. There are many people that walk among you that seek attention for validation, for approval and for permission to be where they are, they subconsciously help to deepen these conditioned appointments instead of freeing themselves. It is important to walk your own path, with your personal power intact, to be complete as you are with all your strengths and weaknesses. No one else can be you, and you cannot be anyone else no matter how hard you try. You owe it to yourself to recognize your feelings, your wants, and your wishes are valid and important and do not require approval or validation. If you believe in something as being true, then it’s true to you. If someone doesn’t accept you for who you are and for what you believe in, if you must always justify yourself, then maybe it’s time to find another support group…to make connections with people that appreciate you for being who you are, and will support your interests and growth and development changes that come at various intervals through challenges and life-changing situations. There is not a person out there in your beautiful world that has not believed themselves to be less than what they actually are. They have felt themselves pushed and devalued more than once and it doesn’t feel good. You are not a tiny goldfish swimming around a tiny fish bowl going in circles, waiting for little tidbits of nourishment and attention. You are more than capable of nourishing yourself not only with food for your physical body, but to provide nourishment for your entire self by exercising appropriate attention to yourself through self-love and self-care. Only you can break free from any conditioning. It is an inside job, one that will take you on a great journey of self-exploration and self-discovery. It is one that requires a little bravery, but we know once you begin and you start to unravel more of your true and authentic self, then you will empower and encourage yourself to keep going. In no time you will regain your personal power and become one with your whole self through acceptance of every aspect that makes you, uniquely you. All that you have learned from parents, caregivers and teachers is for the most part outdated. There is always something new to learn and to grow from. Nothing ever stays the same. Even if you try to force changes from happening in your life, outside of you, life is still moving forward. What your beliefs are, where your focus is, is what is important. If at any time these are challenged and you are willing to change some of your beliefs, ways and practices then dear ones that is entirely up to you and you make those changes only when you are ready. You are not meant to stunt or limit your initiative, creative flow, or hinder your ability to think beyond your comfort zone. You are meant to fly, to soar where your dreams have been taking you, to try new things, to learn what you don’t like, to be ALL that you can be and to love yourself as you move from area to another, making minor adjustments here and there. The only person at the end of the day you are to answer to is yourself. If you can honestly say that you have done the best you could and you maintained your personal power in all instances, then that needs to be enough. If you know you could have done better, or wished you made a different choice or said different words or even chose different actions, then dear ones, you have something to work on. Every day you provide yourself something to work from and to further develop. There is no reason to find any moment of your day to be boring when there is so much you can do to fill your day by appointing yourself as Master of your own path and deciding what you can do at every moment that is of the highest of good, that stimulates your thirst for knowledge, and feeds your heart and soul at the same time. There is always need for rest and rejuvenation. And through these down times, there is solitude to become one with, to wrap yourself up in and allow such quiet time for reflection and for wisdom to develop from all that has transpired. Don’t accept any aspect of your life to be mediocre. You don’t need to wait for approval from someone else when choosing a new direction or way of being. It is always nice to seek advice from a friend or family member, but no matter how sound their suggestions may be, it is you that must live with the decision, it is you that must walk the path based on your own choices. And if something goes wrong, there is no one else to blame. Simply accept responsibility and rejoice that there is something to learn from. When you become more accountable for your journey, then you are able to apply more personal power to your life and where this journey is taking you. We encourage you to ensure you have all of your personal power intact and if you don’t because it’s still being held up by anther, then reclaim it by expanding your perception, forgive yourself for allowing your personal power to be taken by another and allow your beliefs, values, interests and way of being show you a life that is exciting, where you make the choices and fulfill each dream, ambition and goal you were meant to. Let go of what was, and embrace what is here with your entire being present in all aspects of life from the inside out. And so it is… I AM Ascended Master, El Morya through Julie Miller

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