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More for the asking- Healing our pain....

I received this from my friend, who is an etheric healer: I asked her about our physical pain and how it relates to our emotional and spiritual pain, etc: read on- 

I do think guides push us, loved ones and God.  God is pushing (releasing) new energy which leads us to a higher vibration and in that higher vibration, negative cannot survive (including diseases and such).  So people that do not work to get out of negative and their old ways (3D) of doing things, will suffer.  He is done with all the suffering (pain, despair, hate, guilt, greed, doubt, sadness, fear, etc) so he is taking us up to: Love, peace, happiness, oneness, confidence, freedom, worry free, free of sickness, etc (5D).  The earth moved to 5D in Dec and we are in the process of going there too, it just takes a change in thought and the willingness to release old ways and habits, to feel peaceful again and realize we are working toward 5D.   People can be healed so much faster and easier then in years back.  All you have to do now pretty much is agree to let the negative thoughts, grudges, and such go.  (Also when we let it all go and forgive someone, their spirit shows up and thanks us).  It used to take years prior.  One of the reasons it took so long to release prior to this past Dec was because with our free will we were supported 100% in anything we did and thought.  Including negative thoughts and behavior. The universe just knew to love and support us in anything we wanted to create, be or believe. NOW with this new energy and moving into 5D, negative is not supported.  God is taking that away.  He will not support anything other then Love, peace, happiness, etc.  That is why people that are very much in their Ego will have a very hard time until they level their ego to the size of support is was meant to be for us. Most Ego is SELF and letting it go is ONENESS.  

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